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| December 8, 2011 | 24 Replies

It seems after we posted about a new N9 FW being available on Navifirm, many claimed it to be Pr 1.2, others a bug fix for PR 1.1. This post is to settle the dispute. Sorry for an image that looks sketchy, it is all I can reveal without sharing the developer’s details, but the email this was contained in has been forwarded to me, and it is legitimate.

Firstly, V 22.2011.44-2 is PR 1.1.1, which is simply a fix for PR 1.1, aimed at the Middle Eastern market. This supposedly fixes a bug caused by Arabic language support. So to fully clarify, PR 1.1.1 is V 22.2011.44-2 which adds Arabic support for the UI. Secondly, I was tipped from a dev who wants to remain anonymous, that their app was tested by Nokia (during Store Publish testing) on RM-696 CE (RM-696 is N9, yet CE is typically used for “Community Edition”? Codename for N950?), running PR 1.0, PR 1.1, PR 1.1.1 and PR 1.2 (V 30.2011.47-1). This version info for PR 1.2, corresponds with the screenshots from the original leak we posted about a few weeks back.

For those who have not yet seen the various posts here, and around the internet, detailing the changes to come in PR 1.2, here they are;

  • In Settings > Applications, update has added a “Manage Applications” button.
  • The interface now separates the camera flash options, from the other options available.
  • In the video recording UI, flash icon is separated as well.
  • The buttons have a new style.
  • In Settings > Display, there is a new settings option given to Colour Profiles.
  • Gallery has a new option for face recognition.
  • In an image, opening the Options menus now has an “Insert face” feature.

If you have PR 1.1.1 and have noticed any differences other then Arabic Support, let us know in the comments section below.




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