Video: Lumia 800 Scratch Test

| December 9, 2011 | 19 Replies

“Gorilla Glass” When a phone comes along with those two magic words you know someone out there is going to try and see how effective it is, perosnally I couldn’t imagine doing that to a phone (My N8 that is- It’s been bumped alot but I still wouldn’t dare scratch it on purpose). Thankfully there are those that are braver than me (and actually have a 800) who are willing to test it out so you dont have to Enjoy:

Hint: It holds up quite impressively

Now how about a polycarbonate scratch test, any takers?? Jay?

Source: Via S60inside


Jay: I’ll add my comment here:

I’m possibly the roughest user for phones. I don’t believe in scratch tests that use knives or plonk coins. It’s gritty pockets you have to be aware about. Tiny grains of dirt and sand will cause more damage to gorilla glass than the sharpest knife.

I think I scratched my Lumia’s glass in 48 hours. Barely visible thinner than hair scratch. Same with N8. Trying to keep lumia in a pouch but it’s awkward. Might buy a flippy case like Steve.

The metal at the back is highly prone to scratches if you don’t have the case. Due to the pillowy nature, that is most prominent and the phone will rest on that when on a table. If someone moves the phone across said table it will scratch.

The polycarbonate is very tough, though I’d suggest as with the screen just to keep them protected with a case. They’ll look nicer in the long run, and with handsets as beautiful as the Nokia N9 and Lumia 800, they deserve some protection.


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