Nokia Store Gets Nosy About What Version of S^3 Your Phone is Running.

| December 9, 2011 | 16 Replies

Tom just tipped us that when selecting your mobile on the Nokia store after choosing a phone (under select your phone) you get a new pop-up as seen above that asks if you’re running Symbian Belle or Anna/Earlier. Interesting twist as Belle hasn’t seen daylight on any of the phones I tested this on (N8, C7, E7), so is Belle really not coming till next year? Loads of little signs and hints seem to have me thinking it’s close than we think. (Wishful thinking?)


Thanks again Tom.



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  • Andycoydwilson

    I’m running leaked Belle xxxxx607 on my n8 so I hope their not using this to police us and block usage or app downloads!
    Let’s hope it its as you suggest, getting ready for official Belle!

    • XFCE-Desktop

      After flashing my N8 with Belle Delight firmware I get the message:

      We’re Sorry
      Nokia Store is currently not available for your device.

      Please check back as new Nokia devices are being added frequently.

      • Stound

        I think this acts as a shield to block flashed unofficial firmware, thus u cant download anything from store

        • XFCE-Desktop

          I solved it by installing the beta QML Store client from Beta Labs and it’s working perfectly now!

  • Tom

    Thats what got me thinking as well. Also if you choose Belle it says that almost no apps are available for most of the phones, except for the C6-01.
    I can’t wait to run my E7 under belle.

  • smartfonefan

    we all live in hope but with no official word one way or the other its hard to know….at least it is coming though going from symbian 3 with anna to symbian 3 with belle will be like getting a new fone or changing to a new one all good. PS can’t wait to run my E7 with belle and hope they (Nokia/MSFT) have plans for a Nokia E7 type Windows fone with all the belle’s and whisltes

  • reptile

    What if you have neither?

    • Tom

      it only does it with symbian^3 phones (n8, e7, c7 etc.) so if you have a symbian s60 v5 or v3 it will not ask you that. Is that what you were asking?

      • reptile

        I meant what if you had a symbian^3 phone that doesn’t have anna or belle.

        • Patata

          Symbian Anna OR EARLIER (as the screenshot states)? 😉

  • lordstar

    Remember when dannycanrock posted on the dailymble forums and he said that we should be ready for belle in a week or 9 days or so? I think I read somewhere that he’s working for Nokia…

    What if Nokia initally planned to release belle this month but someone just stopped the plan? I mean there were a lot of signs that belle was already finished. The leaks, appearing on navifirm, belle running on previous s3 handsets, nokia website with the coming soon update…. And then suddenly Nokia announced that it would come by early 2012.. What gives?

    • xyz

      Hmm, ive to repeat what ive already said in another thread:
      The latest – offical leak from navifirm! – was pretty unstable on my phone. Sudden freezes, battery drain and several little bugs made me believe it might be better to wait some days for the release… better late and awesome.

  • Juan carlos

    Still running anna… No message here…

  • Ole

    Belle may be released very close to Christmas as this will ensure that it do.nt disturbe the Christmas sale for the new Nokia phones. That would be good from a businiss view.

    • Rex

      I agree with Ole, they want to sell Windows phone at the moment… People want Symbian and they are pushing Windows…

  • Tom

    I am not so sure about that. If someone wants to buy a new phone for Christmas, and they want a Nokia they will most likely go for the Lumia, or if they really want symbian they will buy the new 701 or 603.
    This update is mainly about keeping the existing customers happy.
    I don’t think releasing belle will stop people from buying new phones if they already intended to do so. The only effect it might have, is make the existing customers unhappy which is effect might make them move to a different company.