Nokia Pulse Updated for Symbian, WP & Web.

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Nokia Pulse, sort of Nokias social check-in/photo/message sharing service which was released a couple months ago has now been updated for Symbian Windows Phone and the Web version. The Update can be grabbed over at Nokia Beta labs, it contains mainly stability updates and little UI tweaks, but the Symbian version has increased support for newer versions of QT (Full change-log available below).

Get it here:

Personally I’ve never tried the app as I saw no real need for it in my daily routine, but I think I might actually give it a spin now.

Symbian – new version 0.91.21

  • Login – fewer Nokia Account login prompts
  • Notifications – more reliable push notifications
  • Keyboard – various bug fixes including stuck CAP lock, frozen cursor, delete key stops functioning, and we also added split-screen feature
  • Interoperability – compatible with latest versions of various Qt components, especially important because upcoming versions of Nokia Store (3.2.044 or greater) use a new version of a dependency that is not compatible with the previous Pulse version 0.91.6

Windows Phone – new version

  • Improved application performance, stability and user experience by adding the photo upload progress bar. It is especially useful in slow connectivity cases.
  • Bug fixes related to locale preferences for various regions that caused posting failures.

Web – updated

  • Quicker respond time for posting items/comments
  • Participant list loads quicker
  • Fixed various bugs, especially for Mobi UI to provide a better user experience



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