Nokia Preparing for “Operation Rolling Thunder” at CES This Year

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CES, the Consumer Electronics Show which kicks off on Jan 1oth in Vegas can’t get here soon enough, especially for Nokia who plans to have a huge presence there, as a hit CES expo is surely the best way to worm your way into the US market. According to a Nokia US spokesman Chris Weber:

“We will be launching a portfolio of devices in the U.S. across a range of price points, user experience and operators” Weber said in an interview. The rollouts are referred to internally as “Operation Rolling Thunder” .

Whatever delicious goodies Nokia have in store for us leaves me wondering what other devices do they have up their sleeves that we haven’t even dreamt about, Weber also said:

“We’ll have a very large presence and it’ll be clear that Nokia is back in a quite strong way in the U.S.”

Putting the two statements together we should be able to expect at least 3 or more devices? A flagship device at the higher pricing spectrum (900/Champagne??), a Lower priced phone which is obviously the 710 (set to be released after the first day of CES/ Jan 11th). But if you read between the lines you get the feeling that there’s a carrier exclusive device out there, probably something for Verizon/ AT&T to run along with their true 4G/LTE (Maybe the 719???).

The one part that intrigued me was the “range of user experiences”, the way I chose to interpret this was that there will also be some Symbian devices (to cater to whatever Nokia fans want) and the ‘experience’ is a High-End camera phone/N8 Successor, which should (and probably is) a separate phone than the flagship device; as stuffing a flagship device with a expensive camera that not everyone would appreciate would just raise the price unnecessarily. Less then a month to go, C’mon time speed up already!

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