Lumiappaday #29: Tools for WP7 demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

| December 15, 2011 | 9 Replies

#29) Tools for WP7

Price: Free



Developer Blurb:

 Tools for phone 7 is like a swiss army knife. Although for sale most features work even in trial mode. Parchment tools includes tools like level, seismometer, light, tipit, dice, list, alarm, fcall, scientific calculator, GPS tracker, ruler, money converter, simple calculator, password generator, handwarmer and more. I found that I kept doing all these little tools and simple applications for windows phone 7 and with a limit of only 10 apps deployed to a dev phone it justmade more since to wrap them all up in a single package. Like many applications on phone 7 this app uses a panorama metaphor to get to all the elements. Swipe through all the ‘slides’ and select the app you want by touching the apps icon.

Rating: 8.5

Design: 7

  • This is a plain stripped down application with a background that looks like parchment, the font in keeping with the sort of handmade style it’s going for.
  • There are 23 tools listed alphabetically, with each one going for their respective basic plain design.
  • There is a panoramic tool that converts this list into organized groups in a panoramic metro UI. I like the look of that better and I think it might be nicer if the whole UI was like that.

Usability: 8


  • The app is one long list of different tools listed alphabetically.
  • All the tools are self explanatory by their title and are all straight forward to use.
    • Airhorn, Bench Mark, Calculator, Converter, Dice, False Call, GPS, Heat, Keep Awake, Level, List, Massage, Morse Code, Panorama, Phone Book, Password Generator, Ruler, Screen Light, Seismometer, StopWatch, Teen Repel, Tipit and xCalculator
  • On the toolbar of each tool is a help button that gives you instructions in case you don’t know how to use it.
  • Perhaps give the option to pin certain tools to the start page to make it quicker to use?
  • A few of the apps I find really useful – a ruler tool (which you can calibrate to help give rough estimation of measurements) a stop watch,  a password generator, a dice, and a converter. Things like a calculator I already have built is or list I have an app for so I don’t use them. There are others that will have less universal use, e.g. Air horn, Massage and Seismometer.

Performance: 9

  • Fast start up
  • ‘multitasks’ aka no resume wait
  • Pretty fast navigation, as you press something most open pretty aka as soon as you press it, but there are some delays on others (by delay, I mean my lack-of-patience-for-lag 1/2 second opening times)
  • All tools work and the app is stable, no crashes or lock ups.

Price: 10

  • Free with a banner at the top.


Nice all in one tools app.


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  • stag

    Private video :/

    • Jay Montano

      Thanks for the heads up,

      Sorry, YouTube is an ass sometimes. It pretends to say it’s changed the titles/tags and have updated the link and then reverses everything.

  • Patata

    Jay, I know and I understand, that you want to test the apps that you are interested in and that you prefer to use, but honestly, can’t you see that testing only those mediocre at best apps most of the time doesn’t show Windows Phone and Lumia in a good light?
    How about showing some more amazing apps? Something that shows why Windows Phone is an improvement over Symbian / Meego.
    Or do you really think that we are missing those bad apps when switching from Symbian to Windows Phone that you have to show us that wp can offer the same kind of crap? 😀
    Isn’t it your intention to help (as far as you can with your blog) Nokia to be successful with their new strategy? (Guess that is why you are posting things like that vote for the best smartphone 2011 etc.)
    I think it would be helpful for that to show something more “wow” instead of “omg… its Ovi store crap on WP” 😉

    • Jay Montano

      Hi Patata, thank you for your insightful comment.

      Yes, you are totally right. It would be much better if I could only review the best looking applications on WP.

      I think I have shown a fair amount of different styles of applications. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to try and do an app review everyday because you know what, it takes so much time to do each one and I can’t do the heavy applications justice.

      I know how much you hate Windows Phone as can be seen in all your comments where you come in randomly to just put it down. You deny being a troll yet in threads like these, you will comment on something completely unrelated just to make WP look bad because I don’t know, that makes you feel better.

      The fact is, there are tons of amazing Windows Phone applications. I might not have time with my schedule just to show them (nor the finances to keep just buying the paid ones). How about you cut me some slack?

      I don’t think you might be missing the “bad apps” but you are certainly missing the really good ones if you’re on Symbian. I don’t need to prove myself or WP to you Patata, who ever you are in your anonymous internet cloak.

      My intention is indeed to help Nokia be successful. I am showing something I could never do on Symbian which was to show an application a day. You might not like them but I do and if you think these are bad, what on earth do you think of the apps on Symbian? I thought I have put a lot of effort in filming, taking photos, taking the time to review. I didn’t just want to go, “here’s a cool app” and be done with it. I wanted to make content.

      Also I want to point out a difference to you. Whilst I may not show only the best ones, there are other blogs showing amazing apps for Windows Phone.

      What other places show Symbian apps? Rarely do we see them, camb078 did the majority of reviews. I tried to find some but couldn’t find that much. Show me. Show me before February 11 the tons of sites demoing Symbian apps. Show me.

      I don’t know what it is with you. Every single comment I read from you is just filled with bitterness. I’m really sorry you feel that way.

      I’m doing the best I can to share a wide range of applications that I have found and I liked. They aren’t always the visually most appealing but what they do they do really well.

      I don’t think anything I will ever show will please you unless I edit the phone to look like the N8 is doing it. You comment as if I have not shown apps which look great and would be an improvement over Symbian or MeeGo. I think 1) the sheer number and variety of good apps available far exceeds your decent list of MeeGo/Symbian apps combined.

      Crap? Well I think I have shown some nice looking apps too. I’m sorry you don’t think so, but then again, it’s Windows Phone and you’re always so uptight about it that makes you ratty about anything WP related (yet deny that).

      Here’s some of what looks great that I’ve demoed. The difference in the list is that’s me demoing it. There are thousands more from others.

      Due Dates
      Amazon Kindle
      Coin Toss
      Healthy Chef
      Surf Cube 3D
      Hangover Helper
      Lazy Worm YouTube
      Tune In Radio
      3D Brain
      BBC News Reader
      Xbox Companion App

      Give me a list of all the great looking applications on Symbian. Go on.

      So, perhaps you have missed them but do check them out. I think they look great. I will try better to show off some of the games during my free time and in between revision. I would love to spend all my time just showing the great apps and great games but unfortunately I have many other commitments, this isn’t my job.

      I think I have shown a decent number of great apps, and varied ones at that.

      • Jay Montano

        BTW, Just noticed a better version of this app. I’ll do a review of it another time.

        • Patata

          “BTW, Just noticed a better version of this app. I’ll do a review of it another time.”

          Another reason why it might be a good idea to use lumiaappaday to show of some apps and make separate tests (and taking a little more time for them) 😉
          Thanks anyway

      • Patata

        Is it so hard for you to just write a reply without continual calling me a wp hater / troll or whatever?

        “I don’t know what it is with you. Every single comment I read from you is just filled with bitterness. I’m really sorry you feel that way.”

        How is your reply any different? Such a long reply, but most of it isn’t really related to my question, more about why you think that I hate WP that much and would prefer Symbian etc.
        Don’t get me wrong, one thing I really appreciate is the fact that you always take your time to reply to someone even it is, in your opinion, a troll like me, but can’t you just try to reply as if I wasn’t a troll who hates wp that much?

        Yes, you spend a lot of time making this reviews, but if you look at this “Tools” app you’ve tested here… you have probably spent more time making this review than the guy(s) who developed this app but still you gave it a relatively high rating of 8,5.

        How about spiting it up?
        You could use lumiappaday to show some random apps as you did already in the past, but without any rating (at least no total rating)
        and in addition add a lumiaapptest / review category in that you test a few of the apps, taking more time for them, in a lower frequency as appaday, maybe only when a review is ready to get published?

        But ok, I guess its pointless for me to make any suggesstions, I bet all you read here is *troll* *troll* *I hate Windows Phone* *troll* 😉

        • Jay Montano

          I’m just basing my reaction to you in the number of comments you have left here. Such as the one about the WP concept idea where your comment had nothing to do with the concept but to put WP down by sharing a link showing a vulnerability (which was posted about on this blog).

          Apologies if you are not, it just seems that way, you know by definition: Troll, commenting offtopic negative comments to spark discussion. Or persistently negative ones.

          I do appreciate your other suggestions. I will due to the increased work load have to reduce the amount of time spent at each Lumiappaday. I didn’t want to review apps that I had barely used in case there was something I missed and not sell its featured but it might have to be that way, at least folks can decide for themselves later.

          I guess it is lumiappaday so an app to share and talk about might be enough.

  • david

    Find an app like Security Toolkit in iphone or android if u can, TROLL.