Lumiappaday #29: Tools for WP7 demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

| December 15, 2011 | 9 Replies

#29) Tools for WP7

Price: Free



Developer Blurb:

 Tools for phone 7 is like a swiss army knife. Although for sale most features work even in trial mode. Parchment tools includes tools like level, seismometer, light, tipit, dice, list, alarm, fcall, scientific calculator, GPS tracker, ruler, money converter, simple calculator, password generator, handwarmer and more. I found that I kept doing all these little tools and simple applications for windows phone 7 and with a limit of only 10 apps deployed to a dev phone it justmade more since to wrap them all up in a single package. Like many applications on phone 7 this app uses a panorama metaphor to get to all the elements. Swipe through all the ‘slides’ and select the app you want by touching the apps icon.

Rating: 8.5

Design: 7

  • This is a plain stripped down application with a background that looks like parchment, the font in keeping with the sort of handmade style it’s going for.
  • There are 23 tools listed alphabetically, with each one going for their respective basic plain design.
  • There is a panoramic tool that converts this list into organized groups in a panoramic metro UI. I like the look of that better and I think it might be nicer if the whole UI was like that.

Usability: 8

  • The app is one long list of different tools listed alphabetically.
  • All the tools are self explanatory by their title and are all straight forward to use.
    • Airhorn, Bench Mark, Calculator, Converter, Dice, False Call, GPS, Heat, Keep Awake, Level, List, Massage, Morse Code, Panorama, Phone Book, Password Generator, Ruler, Screen Light, Seismometer, StopWatch, Teen Repel, Tipit and xCalculator
  • On the toolbar of each tool is a help button that gives you instructions in case you don’t know how to use it.
  • Perhaps give the option to pin certain tools to the start page to make it quicker to use?
  • A few of the apps I find really useful – a ruler tool (which you can calibrate to help give rough estimation of measurements) a stop watch,  a password generator, a dice, and a converter. Things like a calculator I already have built is or list I have an app for so I don’t use them. There are others that will have less universal use, e.g. Air horn, Massage and Seismometer.

Performance: 9

  • Fast start up
  • ‘multitasks’ aka no resume wait
  • Pretty fast navigation, as you press something most open pretty aka as soon as you press it, but there are some delays on others (by delay, I mean my lack-of-patience-for-lag 1/2 second opening times)
  • All tools work and the app is stable, no crashes or lock ups.

Price: 10

  • Free with a banner at the top.


Nice all in one tools app.


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