Qt 4.8.0 available (and pics of the Qt teams!)

| December 16, 2011 | 27 Replies

Qt 4.8.0 was released yesterday featuring Qt Platform Abstraction, threaded OpenGL support, multithreaded HTTP and optimized file system access, making Qt apps even better by the day.

Please check out the Qt download page over at:

Feedback can be left at the Qt bug tracker:

  • Qt Platform Abstraction (QPA)

 QPA restructures the GUI stack to enable easier porting of Qt to different windowing systems and devices. More info on: Lighthouse has grown up now.

  • Threaded OpenGL support

Enables those of us that are not OpenGL-ninjas to render OpenGL from more than one thread concurrently. More info on: Threaded OpenGL in 4.8.

  • Multithreaded HTTP

HTTP requests are now handled in a separate thread by default. This should make application guis smoother, as networking will no longer use the main event loop.

  • Optimized file system access

The file system stack received some heavy lifting under the hood. The result is better I/O performance, achieved by reducing the number of system calls performed for I/O and by better use of cached data, when available. The improvements in performance can be seen across all platforms.

Here are the teams behind it – possibly the only type of troll you’d want to meet in real life, the Nokia TrollTech Qt teams.


Berlin Team

Brisbane Team

Munich Team

Oslo Team

Source: QtBlog

Thanks prashant  for the tip!



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  • Deep Space Bar

    and elop pretty much gave most these guys the big FU…?

    • Jay Montano

      I think they hired more Qt people.

      • Deep Space Bar

        i hope so

      • gullygod

        What is QT? is it developers tools, a platform, or…

        I live in the US so Nokia is new to me.

  • ggj

    why nokia still keep qt?

    • XFCE-Desktop

      Next billion strategy. Windows Phone won’t cut it for the next billion.

      • GordonH

        If Nokia really wanted Developers “interest” to remain in QT then they should have given a more detailed roadmap.

        • Jackson

          There is, at every recent conference.
          And on the Qt sub-site/s…
          CBF’d digging it up for you though.

          • GordonH

            I meant some clear (not imaginary) roadmap of future qt devices.

            • Jackson

              Happy digging, the info’s out there mate.
              Just because it’s imaginary in your mind, doesn’t make it so 😉

              • GordonH

                You still don’t get the terms “clear” and “developer interest”.
                I say this all out of experience with developers not my imagination.

                • Jackson

                  I know exactly what you’re getting at.
                  And I repeat; it’s misinformed/misplaced.

                  • Jackson

                    But, you don’t have to take my word for it.
                    Totally understand why you wouldn’t if I’m not going to provide info.

                    I just know your original claim was overly simplistic.
                    If you want to learn exactly why, that’s up to you.

  • lordstar

    This will make the qt platform more competitive. Let’s just see if developers are still willing to make apps for qt.

    • ggj

      make app using qt?

      • Nrde

        like kde desktop environment, picasa or Skype you mean?

  • manpreet

    i think qt will eventully become new os ie next disruptions.

  • James

    Heh, my home town Brisbane/Australia, I’m shocked!?
    Looks like a pretty large one too…
    Only Oslo looks like it might be bigger.

  • GordonH

    Really hope QT gets to “live on” properly.

  • Bashed

    Do I need to download this stuff or will it just come with apps?

    • Yas

      4.8.0 not available for Symbian. As per announcement there is internal project in Nokia to port 4.8.0 to Symbian, but no timeframe given. Current information says only 4.7.4 should be used for app development

      • Razor

        what makes you think his Qn had anything to do with Symbian?

    • Razor

      It’s a development environment/API’s.
      Qt Apps, & Maemo/Symbian UX’s are derived from it.
      You don’t d’load it with anything…

      • Bashed

        Thanks all.

  • H0r5t Gu3nt3r

    Please gimme a Tutorial how i can install this on the N8!

    gimme the links ( SIS Files ) and a Video about this

  • xNokian

    I believe Nokia Belle is based on Qt 4.7.4 and it will be updated to 4.8 sometime next year (according to the post). Qt is a great platform, though Creator sux, it is even inferior to Nokia’s Carbide (except for gui tool) and not even close to Dev Studio or xCode. Regardless, if they want to position it as eye candy for poor people it will likely work but will have appropriate margins.