Awesome Looking Weather Widget for Belle on E6

| December 17, 2011 | 13 Replies

A nifty looking weather widget was just leaked from the official Belle firmware (Kudos to the guys over at I think this is the widget for the official Weather/Map application (similar to the my position widget which also only works on on Belle); If my Google translate isn’t rusty you’ll need to be running a E6 with the leaked/hacked version of Belle then just install the .sis file provided at the source (sadly the widget will not work on Symbian Anna/earlier; and probably won’t work on other Belle devices due to screen ratio issues). Personally this is one widget that I’ve been wanting for some time, till now I’ve been using Accuweathers home screen widget but I find it a tad bit buggy, plus this looks loads better.


Download here:



(On a side note I don’t think this is available for any other Belle releases no? I have yet to see it on any of my N8s CFWs; hopefully it’ll be available quite soon)


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  • goosepig

    Yes very nice hope it comes with official Belle. Location would be nice too.

  • Bbybv

    Underated e6 and n9


    this was ported by the guys at dailymobile. works on the N8.

  • Heh..

    Woulda be perfect with the translucent mod ;P

  • keist

    LOL! What’s awesome about this? This is sh*t compared to the weather widget in Htc Sense and SGS2.

    • Rock


      Looks like a fake HTC Sense Widget.

      • SLAYER

        how many ways can you make a weather widget?

    • weirdfisher


  • sadude

    this works on belle N8 however only in C nof F

  • Nagol

    I only saw one video of the E6 on symbian belle. But I need to see more for different things like browsing, music, etc. all those things but I feel its getting closer and I can’t wait for it to offically leak.

  • Mapantz

    I found this to be a horrid widget. The port didn’t work correclty on my N8, every time you wanted to move the widget, my phone would freeze until you locked/unlocked the phone. You also couldn’t choose any locations. I prefer the Spb widget, far superior.

  • XFCE-Desktop

    I wanna see a ton more widgets on Symbian Belle. Is there a guide on how to make your own widgets somewhere?

  • mussiexxx

    the weather widget has now been made transparent at dailymobile