Lightweight QtWebKit-based browser, Orange Helium by Orange Labs.

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There’s a new Qt browser from Orange Labs called Orange Helium. Orange Labs began working on this around 2010 ad the result is a light weight Qt WebKit based browser.

At the time Orange Labs was working on this, the only mobile port of Qt Quick was on the Nokia N900/Maemo 5 so that’s where development was targeted. Orange devs were trying as much as possible of QML working on experiments comparing QML vs C++ performance.


In just a few short weeks, the browser had reached a decent enough maturity and developed a couple of candidate UIs. The browser was demoed on the MeeGo CE for N900.

The app is light and simple but still a useful browser.

All who are interested can follow (and participate in) this open source project at:

Source: Qt Blog

Cheers Jim for the tip!



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  • Aliqudsi

    I would think since it’s from Orange themselves that the main point is compression of sites to save data charges no?

  • MyNokiaLife

    Got it! No not this app,but Nokia Music on my N9 in the U.S. where we can’t get Nokia Music but the app comes pre loaded. Thanks to another nokia fan site he says go to settings and change your language to uk, then set your language to uk in music store then go back to settings and change your language back to us english. I love Nokia Music. It was one of the reasons I bought the phone. The music store only asks for your language once. Have not tried to pay for music yet. NOKIA FOREVER!

  • N8-01s

    Why not for symbian anna,belle ?
    Symbian is always lose in browser speed test and it dose not have a better browser ?
    But in all other things symbian is better than ever

    • Stound

      I think sumbian is C++ based and is being converted to Qt Not sure though

      • amoshydra

        Hmm.. Qt is cross platform isn’t it? and Qt is just a framework which should work, if Symbian is already supporting Qt framework right? Correct me if I am wrong.

        • it may just not be optimized for Symbian yet, or may need more processor.

  • Neo

    Is it available for Nokia N8? Or will it be in future? Pls reply.

    • et3rnal

      Yes, there is a Symbian built from what i’v seen in the code 🙂

      anyway we need some one to built it “tried but no luck (nob)”

      u can try this one also qtwebkit based 🙂