Microsoft and Nokia were in talks to jointly bid on RIM?

| December 21, 2011 | 46 Replies

Did you hear the hubbub about Amazon supposedly being interested in buying RIM? What’s that got to do with a Nokia blog? Well it’s quite big news but something closer to home is that apparently Microsoft AND Nokia were going to make a JOINT bid on BlackBerry makers RIM.

According to WSJ, Nokia and Microsoft were both flirting with RIM. Now this time last year, Nokia were in discussions with all three already but for a different sort of partnership. We all know what happened there. This time, Nokia and MS were supposedly going to make a joint bid for RIM says ‘people familiar with the matter’. lol.

What’s to gain from this? Patents? Key BlackBerry services? What additional special treatment would Nokia get being a joint owner? Interesting things to speculate. Quite likely not to happen.

From what I’ve read on the Amazon-RIM stories, RIM’s board wants RIM to get back to its own feet on their own, capitalize on remaining assets rather than be taken over.

Source: online.wsj via winrumours

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  • Keizka

    Now that would’ve been seriously interesting.

    • Shmerl

      I’d say it would be seriously disturbing.

  • i kiss my dog

    three sinking ships lol

    • jk

      you better kiss something else.

    • Marvin

      It’s like trying to build a Ferrari from two trucks and a Suzuki Alto

  • kan

    Rumour and speculation to drive share price up and encourage foolish investors to take a punt.

    RIM as far as I know is only being sued by Kodak but that case has been delayed until September 2012. RIM patent portfolio is about 3100+ patents.

    Amazon has invested in Android with the playbook. MS does not need another hardware maker.

    • Sun Down

      Pretty much how I see it. MS doesn’t really need another hardware maker now they’ve got Nokia. RIM sounds like quite a bitch to be dominated despite it’s grip over the patents.

      • zonk0r

        yeah, but … if they bought out RIM, then who would be the new enterprise king?


        • migo

          They’d need to integrate BB’s security into WP7, which they probably couldn’t do any quicker by buying RIM than by working on it themselves.

    • nn

      Given the way MS is managing Nokia, I think they will need another HW maker, and very soon.

  • migo

    Nokia would be the logical choice to make a blackberry replacement, if MS buys the software end of it, and Nokia makes the QWERTYbar Windows Phones with BIS/BES/BBM and such support.

  • DGui

    E Series reborn Nokia & M$ gets ‘proper’ email app & services, large IM platform and a larger market share, not to mention the data services…

  • Paul Grenfell

    Ah..noooo.. Here i was thinking, of jumping ship to BlackBerry,,

    • KC

      Wouldn’t be a bad choice. BB OS 7 is really fast and smooth and App World gets better every day.

      Plus RIM is taking a path that is quite different from Nokia. RIM isn’t going to put all it’s eggs in one basket when it comes to it’s ecosystem. They are building a strong ecosystem on their own, and it will only get better now that they are ditching BlackBerry Java for some proper development tools.

      RIM has only had one problem. Execution. They have made some very smart purchases, TAT, GIST, QNX etc… and have all the pieces to go toe to toe with anyone but they just haven’t been able to put them together in a time frame that is acceptable to today’s market where Google redefined product development cycles.

      It’s not iOS that hurt RIM despite what everyone keeps saying. Just like what’s been slaughtering Windows Phone, it’s Google’s ability to pump out a new version of Android every 6 months that actually has HUGE improvements over the previous versions. It’s Google that’s defining the market not Apple. Why do you think iOS growth has stopped? It’s because of Android. Why do you think Mango wasn’t enough? It’s because of Android. Why do you think OS 6.1 (AKA OS 7) wasn’t enough? Because of Android.

      Apple only releases one phone per year and maintains legacy support for older models, RIM had a product development cycle that was to slow. Window Phone is in the same boat though they do seem to be picking up the pace a little but the hardware requirements limit their appeal to as differentiation is nearly impossible.

      If RIM could get their software development up to the pace set by Google, iOS and Windows Phone would be doomed. RIM like Apple isn’t as effected by the hardware Arms race because RIM like Apple is the only company making their phones. So RIM like Apple can afford to have hardware that is merely on par but not market leading because there is no alternative if you want a BlackBerry. Windows Phone CAN’T do this and for growth Microsoft NEEDS to loosen the hardware requirements as many manufacturers are competing with identical Windows Phone software.

      RIM has the potential to disrupt the Market in the same way Apple did. But they like Apple will always only have around a 20% of it at the best of times if they pull off a comeback next year.

      Windows Phone will always be a niche player. They took the wrong pages from Apple’s playbook and they will never have the love of other OEM’s as long as they have their special relationship with Nokia. Samsung and HTC put out a couple Windows Phones a year, but Android will ALWAYS be their priority no matter how rich it makes Microsoft in Royalties.

      RIM still have a very loyal fan base, and a great deal of potential for future success. But they’ll never be number one in the market again. That war has been won and Android is the victor no matter what Apple, Microsoft RIM or Nokia have to say about it.

      Symbian users will choose Android or BB OS 7 and next year QNX based OS 10. They won’t go iOS or Windows Phone in any significant numbers. Only those two offer something similar to what Symbian was.

      I can theme my BlackBerry. I can manage and control the content on it in any way I choose using any method I choose. I can install hybrid OS’es on my BlackBerry and change elements of the OS I Don’t like. I could do that on Symbian to. Android to. I can’t on Windows Phone. I can’t on iOS.

      Adroid activations increasing from 500 000 per day to 700 000 per day n 2 months with no sign of stopping shows that the market is choosing the Android approach and NOT the iOS/Windows Phone approach.

  • yay

    The state RIM is in now, would have been the state of Nokia right now if it hadn’t been for Elop.

    • jk

      Agree 100%.

    • troll

      not many ppl understand that.

      • migo

        Yeah. I don’t know why RIM’s board of directors haven’t fired Jim & Mike (or at least one of them).

    • j

      aha? rim is making profits and bringing anew os next year. (and they have lost a lot with their playbook)

      and nokia? they are making losses have then no os declining marketshare and nobody knows who is going to buy windows phone nokias. what a bright future!

    • kan

      There are similarities but on the surface only. Nokia and RIM greatest error was inaction in light of the disruption from Apple and Android.

      Elop took over 17 Sep 2010 – Nokia share price 9.96, yesterday closed 4.80

      RIM share price on 17 Sep 2010, 47.78, yesterdays close 12.90

      Nokia was always better positioned once it had a clear strategy of what it needed to do. RIM was a one trick pony.

  • nokfan

    I wonder how many commenters here are astroturfing for Nokia & MS because any bad morsel of info triggers the shameful activities by the said companies:

    • yay

      That’s a pretty ridiculous article. He found 2 people who are linked to Nokia on a topic about Nokia?

      No kidding, Nokia has over 100.000 employees, you expect them to never visit any tech site?

    • Keizka

      So you are going to generalise two employees on said companies to the workforce of, in Nokia’s case, more than 100k? And in MS case for thousands?

      Way being ridiculous.

      (Let me guess: now you are going to go and call me an astroturfer).

      • nokfan

        yay and Keizka,

        how come you two’s comments are so similar in content (up to the 100 k employee stuff). So is this the gist of how you were instructed to respond?

        • yay

          This has nothing to do with the topic anymore, so I’ll be short, I am not Keizka, I don’t work for Nokia, I love Nokia and you need to lay off the champagne bubbles. I wish people were a bit more supportive of Nokia on…a Nokia site! <3

          • migo

            No kidding. Some of the people here are just crazy.

        • keizka

          Because quite frankly it’s a goddamn big point in the whole fiasco. You honestly think I would even be allowed to post all the speculative and outright hostile stuff I occasionally post about Nokia? I didn’t quite love the company the moment my N900 broke and the bastards decided to give me E7 as replacement…

          By the way, you continue being ridiculous. Might I interest you in some quality tin foil so you can build extremely effective hats that block all those nasty MS/Nokia brain altering radiowaves?

          Ah, and as for “disclaimer”, I’m not yay either. I generally like Nokia, even though they’ve managed to annoy me more than once. Way less than Samsung or HTC or Apple, though.

          • nokfan

            chill dude. never said you guys were the same. only that your lines of defense were suspiciously similar. in any case, why are you so upset about my original comment? i just quoted some article. and you all go berserk? if no ties to ms or nokia, why?

            • keizka

              I •might• have some shares in aforementioned corporations. Also, I dislike when someone insinuates me to be something I’m not.

              Mind you, typing this comment on optimus7 and already annoyed with virtual qwerty…

  • troll

    so your being a fucking pathetic asshole then?

    Here we have a reviewer that have not touched the 800 reviewing it based on specs alone, two people that gave him the finger because its wrong and..

    We have you. The asshole who cant stand anything positive being written in any form for wp or Nokia. go fuck your self bro.

    Nevermind the total disregard of journalistic standards! When there is a chance to attack Elop, Nokia, wp screw standards right?

  • troll

    so your being a fucking pathetic asshole then?

    Here we have a reviewer that have not touched the 800 reviewing it based on specs alone, two people that gave him the finger because its wrong and..

    We have you. The asshole who cant stand anything positive being written in any form for wp or Nokia. go fuck your self bro.

    Nevermind the total disregard of journalistic standards! When there is a chance to attack Elop, Nokia, wp screw standards right?

    In reply to the so callem Nokia fan.

  • karam

    nokia bidding? they are loosing money like an oil pipe, where would they get the money for bidding? I hope it is not the TH Elop dragging nokia to another deep shit. there is enough pain.

    • migo

      MS has the money. Nokia would likely only get a part of the pie if it were to go through, which would likely be making the hardware, so they’d end up getting some of the patents, and probably the keyboard design as well.

    • keizka

      Last I checked they had some 10ish billion euros in reserves, but who am I to say anything. Check the damned quarterly reports.

  • j

    ah microsoft wants to destroy the next company to get windows phone fibally to a success?

  • nn

    Not that it’s something unexpected, but nice to have confirmation that MS and Elop were on the path to “alliance” a long time before February.

    • Jay Montano

      It was also with Google. RIM, Google and Microsoft. The time frames are about now I guess.

  • dfs

    this is clearly a prove that nokia is a division of microsoft now. what is the interest for nokia??

    • migo

      No it’s not, you don’t understand what proof is. Look at the Nortel bid. You think that Microsoft and Apple are in an alliance?

  • inept

    Nobody of substance is going to bid on RIM because it’s a total dog. They have virtually nothing worth buying at anywhere near current prices. RIM will carry on burning assets to try to rebuild itself without doing anything of substance (in the same fashion as Nokia did – rearranging the deck chairs) and might eventually get bought up by a foolish private equity firm or something at rock-bottom prices.

    • migo

      Google would, simply for the patents, although I suspect they’d want to wait until they’re cheaper too.

  • SS

    I am pretty sure that Blackberry will convert to Windows phone before end of Q1-2012.
    in what way this will be executed, i dont know.
    BB is on the brink on collaps, total collaps.

    Anyhow, Nokia is not interested in BB as they already have a clear path now and they will be a player whhatever happens to the death of BB.
    WP is the way for BB to go, othewise they will be takeb care of the undertakers, perhaps bancruptcy before Q1 2013. BB is very much almost a wrecked tanker without a compass.

    • migo

      It won’t be that fast, they’re still doing quite well globally. They could probably stay alive for another 3-4 years as things are right now.

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  • Shmerl

    Microsoft buying anything will hurt everyone, since Microsoft is a patent troll.

  • Chris

    I think the RIM buy could aid with the American market. RIM is obscure and unknown in the rest of the world.

    I think it would be yet another mistake as it would exemplify the distorted view over the value of America for Nokia.