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Nokia N9 doesn’t do widgets. It takes on a different usability set of menu, multitasking and notifications.

But it seems folks are still wanting Widgets and have done exactly that.

Well, it’s apparently an app so not exactly a streamlined integrated solution, but perhaps better than nothing and good to illustrate the concept. It was created by gioni88 from MeeGo forums who said:

I got a bit disappointed when I realized Harmattan doesn’t provide a way to use the old fashioned desktop widgets I was used with N900. Since UX cannot be touched, I tought to create an application which offers a sort of platform to run widgets.

And some background on how it works:

Widgets can be added and dragged, theirs position is saved and restored at next application startup. 

There is a canvas of 480×3200, flickable, and so not like on N900. Background is 480*1200, and there is a parallax effect to fill the canvas.

The best thing is about the widgets: they are just qml files! I have created a Widget component to handle the dragging, the saving of the position, the multi istancing (yes, I have also implemented a sort of differentiation between the same type of widgets), the showing of a settings sheet, the showing of a background.

More details can be found at the forum:


Thanks incognito for the tip!


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