Digitimes predicts 6.2% marketshare for Windows Phone in 2012. Symbian lumped in with “others” for 18.1%

| December 26, 2011 | 88 Replies

Not exactly sure what the research is (sample size, demographic) but Digitimes has predicted that Windows Phone will grow to 6.2%, amassing 40 million shipments in 2012. That’s not even half of Symbian’s 100M plus sales from Nokia alone as Symbian can reach very, very low price points that we are still yet to see with Windows Phone.

Nokia’s push on Windows Phone truly begins in 2012 as they look to properly address the high end as well as bringing WP to lower price points. I think by 2012, Nokia are  also aiming to make the majority of WP shipments.

Digitimes’ Research puts Symbian in the “others” pile that makes up 18.1%. That includes declining BlackBerry and well others.

Source: Digitimes via WMPoweruser

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  1. MDF says:

    my dream job would be to be an analyst

    make assumptions all day and get paid lol

  2. Alex Kerr says:

    What do you Jay and others make of the report that came out very recently stating that Nokia Lumia had only a 0.17% share of the smartphone market in the UK, that looks only to double in December (0.34%)?


    and, furthermore, only 2% of Europeans in the market for a smartphone are interested in the Lumia: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/12/21/us-nokia-idUSTRE7BK0SM20111221

    I do think it important that in the continuing stream of Windows Phone news this site publishes, that it considers the less positive stories as well. Readers will appreciate you being realistic and honest.

    • Jay Montano says:

      I think that the survey is a load of bullshit. 2% interested. Out of how many that even know it exists? iPhone and Android are household names. Lumia only just got announced and released.

      Also I think sampling 5000 folks and extrapolating the whole UK sales from that? Hmm.

      Let’s just wait for Q4 results to see actual verdict for Q4 2011, and then compare with Q3 2012 to see what differences a high end Nokia lumia 900 and more makes. Lumia is totally new, there’s no previous branding reputation to build on. The default options right now is just iPhone or a top end android (aka Galaxy something)

      I would say the same had they talked about N9 and the amount interested. They don’t know it exists. But show it to a consumer and let them play with it and they’d like it enough to buy it.

      These folks are the same who predicted iPhone would not get anywhere and that it was too late for Android. These people are idiots who throw darts on a wall of random predictions. The same folks who based failure of lumia on declining google trend data, even though now it’s much higher than launch, and much higher more quickly than previous Nokias. Obviously now that’s a positive for a Nokia that won’t mean anything.

      As mentioned above, I too would love to be an analyst so I can get paid for making up baseless or heavily twisted conclusions. Alas, no, I have to revise neuroanatomy now.

      • BellGo says:

        Well what I think would be interesting to compare is, the N8 sales with the Lumia sales.

        I am going to be blunt and claim that if Symbian sold more, then going with WP was a mistake. (And even if going with WP was a good choice, simply killing Symbian and MeeGo will never be anything short of horrendous)

        Just some thoughts.

        PS. Comparing the sales of Lumia and N9 will also be very interesting.

        • Viipottaja says:

          Sure, those comparisons will be interesting. However, they might be quite misleading as the phones are somewhat different and the OSs at different points of maturity/”life-cycle”.

          The N8 was the (camera) flagship device of a very mature OS with a high market share (although rapidly declining), tons of other devises for the same OS and fairly good recogition (in particular in some markets), mediocre marketing, and was availabe in a very range of markets and carriers. Retail store staff probably did not push it very hard either. Mediocre reception in the media.

          Lumia 800 is the flaghsip WP for Nokia (but partly due to there not being more models out yet), but little to no market penetration and low recognition, with good carrier support and marketing but no availability in most markets. Retail store staff likely to promote a bit more. Good reception in the media.

          N9 is what was “supposed to be” the high end and new OS. No other models out. High appeal to the tech savvy, heavy users, but no market penetration and low/no recognition of the OS in the general consumer mass. Some carrier support, wide availability but no availability in several key big markets. Marketig varies by country a lot but in general no big push. Retail stores not likely to push it to consumers. Media reception extremely good but always with the caveats of “dead OS”.

          So very much apples to oranges… I think we will have to wait at least until Q2 2012 results come out before any meaningful conclusions can _start_ to be drawn.

          • Just Visiting says:

            @ Viipottaja…Very good (and viable) points!

          • BellGo says:

            Good points indeed.

            But I am sure that you agree that the radical all out move for WP was a mistake? (Meaning killing everything else for it, announcing it so early, etc.)

            I personally don’t think that that is even debatable, it simply was a horrible move to do.

            • Punching Bag says:

              It had to be done, before it was too late.

              Symbian will live on in asha and others. It’s not like all that work and intellectual capital is being thrown away, it will be incorporated into the future, whatever it may be.

              • yasu says:

                “It had to be done, before it was too late.”

                Please explain.

                I remind you that since that wise move, killing its current product, Nokia’s smartphone shipments are collapsing, profits are gone and there’s no evidence that the replacement can pick up the slack.

                WP is supposed to sell 40 million next year, and Nokia must share those with other OEMs, no where near enough to sustain a company of the scale of Nokia.

                Over to you.

                • Punching Bag says:

                  Don’t be a dick.

                  I bought a Nokia 700 for someone for a Christmas present (I’m a masochist), and I had plenty of time to play and learn all about the notorious Belle.

                  Even with Belle, Symbian is still a mess. There’s haphazard shit all over the home screens. I spent 5-10 minutes trying to figure out how to add contacts to that bar that says “tap here to add contacts” and finally gave up, assuming it only meant to add widgets below it, to the rest of the screen.

                  Having used an N9 for some time now, it is even clearer how elegant it is, how much of an achievement it is in spite of the Symbian team who tried to kill it, and how screwed up Symbian STILL is.

                  • yasu says:

                    > Don’t be a dick.

                    A personal attack? Promptly moved to /dev/null

                    IOW, your justification for the premature killing of Nokia’s main smartphone platform without a proper replacement up and running, with the collapse of smartphone shipments and posting of losses boils down to the fact that you don’t like Symbian (which is fine, BTW, it’s not for everybody – neither are your tastes universal, by the same token)?

                    • Punching Bag says:

                      It has nothing to do with ‘not liking symbian’

                      It has everything to do with it growing into an incredibly fragile platform that can no longer be updated in a timely manner

                      If they were able to update it quickly, do you think they would be in this mess?

                    • yasu says:

                      >It has nothing to do with ‘not liking symbian’

                      Reread what you wrote. It’s about you not liking/figuring out Symbian.

                      As I said, it’s OK, it’s not for every one, and neither are your tastes, likes or wants universal.

                      >It has everything to do with it growing into an incredibly fragile platform that can no longer be updated in a timely manner

                      One major update a year like any other OS.

                      >If they were able to update it quickly, do you think they would be in this mess?

                      Depends on what you called “this mess”.

                      The blame for collapsing sales and loss of profits go straight to Elop’s feet: as long as he didn’t open his mouth, Symbian sales were increasing, Nokia was making profits.

                      If you have contrary evidence, feel free to post it.

                    • Punching Bag says:

                      Sure, the c5-00, an extremely well designed and underappreciated device

                      The buggiest phone I have ever used.

                      100% Pre Elop

                    • yasu says:

                      >Sure, the c5-00, an extremely well designed and underappreciated device

                      >The buggiest phone I have ever used.

                      Too bad.

                      >100% Pre Elop


                      What does it have to do with the fact that smartphone sales collapsed and losses were posted when Elop EOLed the platform without a replacement up and running?

                    • Punching Bag says:

                      They already had collapsed

                    • Viipottaja says:

                      Well, the shipments (i volume) were dropping heavily already in Q1 2011, i.e. effectively before the strategy announcement (I doubt the mid Feb announcement had much of an impact on the shipment numbers in Q1). Q2 continued the drop, in part due to the strategy annoucement, but to some extent also e.g. due to the fact that the overall Chinese smartphone market dropped by 8% in that quarter (accordig to Strategy Analytics). And in Q3 sales leveled off, and actually increased very slightly. Will be interesting to see if the stabilization continue in Q4 or whether the heavy declie continues – my guess is that in certain markets its relatively stable, in others in free fall… :(

                    • yasu says:

                      @Viipotaja & Punching bag. From http://www.engadget.com/2011/05/06/idc-smartphone-market-grows-80-percent-year-on-year-samsung-sh/

                      >Nokia, despite announcing its intentions to move from Symbian to Windows Phone as its primary smartphone operating system, maintained its leadership position in the smartphone market. Demand for Symbian-powered smartphones remained strong within its traditionally strongest markets of EMEA and Asia/Pacific, and the company continues to announce more devices running on Symbian, including the E6 and the X7. Still, as Nokia transitions from Symbian to Windows Phone, it may find itself in danger of ceding market share as the competition ramps up smartphone production.<

                      Q1 2010 21.5
                      Q1 2011 24.2

                      Note that Nokia was still on top at the time.

                      Now, if you have a problem with the figures, take it with IDC.

                    • Jay Montano says:

                      Great presentation of numbers Yasu.

                      Not down huh?

                      “Q1 2010 21.5
                      Q1 2011 24.2

                      Note that Nokia was still on top at the time.

                      Now, if you have a problem with the figures, take it with IDC.”

                      Q4 2010 – 28.3 million.
                      Down from Q4
                      Q3 2010 – 26.5 million
                      Oh still down from Q3

                      Q1 2011 then seems lower than Q4 2010 and Q3 2010 as others have mentioned and you have denied.

                    • yasu says:


                      Comparisons are done YoY since shipments are subject from quarterly variations (Nokia’s Q4 is traditionally strong, while Q1 and Q3 are generally weaker).

                      Q1 2011 +12%
                      Q2 2011 -30%
                      Q3 2011 -37%

            • Just Visiting says:

              @BellGo… I don’t agree that it was a mistake that Nokia made WP their primary OS. Frankly, it’s great that consumers will finally get to experience, Windows Phone – a very engaging UI AND UX – on Nokia hardware.

              And even though you think it is a mistake, the decision has been made – WP is the primary OS, and will continue to be for quite some time.

              You can still get your Symbian fix – plenty of devices out there for you to choose from until 2016. That you are unhappy that Nokia is making Symbian/Nokia OS devices available to you for the next 4 Years – FOUR whole YEARS – is beyond me! You could die, or be killed, within this time frame, so really, there is no need for you to continue to harp on about Nokia’s decision.

      • stylinred says:

        hmmm so predicting positivity isn’t a load of horseshit but negativity is… ;)

        • stylinred says:

          oh, imo they’re both bs not until we see some numbers

          4th quarter numbers will tell us how well the advertising campaign has gone and how well initial impressions have been

          1st-2nd quarter will give us a better picture of more of the same

          2nd-3rd we’ll have a definite picture of hit or miss

        • Jay Montano says:

          I wouldn’t call this that positive either. I said in the post I have no idea where their research is from however the other survey and analysis is quite an extreme.

      • deep space bar says:

        wp7 in general

      • fghdfdfgh says:

        Open your eyes, Jay. Nobody wants WP7. It’s over year on market and it’s share is falling not growing! Nokia will add few percent to sales but WP7 will never be important on the market. This OS sucks, it’s for dumbs. And we all know that dumbs are the margin.

        • Bloob says:

          Yeah, but they’ve been paying quite a lot for iPhones, so there’s money to be made there…

        • Jay Montano says:

          “Nobody wants WP7.”

          Nobody knows they want a WP7. Not yet. WP7 doesn’t even exist as an option because it’s not something they’re aware of.

          The OS does NOT suck. It might for you as you have other requirements, but it is decent and can be for many if given half the chance. At least be fair on that. Like Maemo, WebOS, WP is a great OS that has not been tried by many because of the oversaturation of Android and iPhone (and poor, poor attempt of sellers to sell the device. Nokia gave no help to N900. Palm/HP just nudged Pre. Samsung/HTC couldn’t care less about their WP devices. They always put their Android handsets first).

          I said before in early days of iPhone that there will come a time when iPhone and Android are so strong, it will be very hard to fight them. Nokia had do come out with something and stop their expansion. I thought they did it with Maemo 5 and N900 but then Nokia took a break, gambled Maemo for MeeGo, delayed Maemo 6 and crapped it all and have lost it for Windows Phone. I’m not happy with that at all, but looking past that as a Nokia fan – and it’s made easier by the fact that it performs what it says really well. However it’s doing that in a time when iPhone is constantly getting stronger, android too and Nokia well you just cannot guarantee that their next phone will be better than the previous hardware wise. Whilst 4S is not that big of a change over 4, it’s still an improvement. Nokia phones are a lottery. What happened to my 12mp huge sensor? Not in N9/lumia? What happened to my HDMI out? not in N9/lumia? They keep on setting amazing standards and chucking away their advantage in the bin. The biggest of course was sadly Maemo 5. The solution was there. They crapped on that and deservedly are in this shitty state they are in now. Stupid Nokia.

          • fghdfdfgh says:

            Mostly agree with you, but one thing…
            As Nokia fans we should promote and support Nokia’s OS, not Microsoft’s. MeeGo is Nokia OS, WP7 is not. You know and I know that N9 is much better option for Nokia fans that want to change Symbian for something else. We should shout WE WANT NOKIA’s OS and maybe they will hear us and understand they made wrong decision. There is still time for change. Lumia is a mongrel.

            • Jay Montano says:

              Well that’s where we differ.

              Nokia will not change and reverse such a vital decision because this blog says so. Even if I did want them to drop WP (and at this stage, no, no I don’t. I have USED WP, and I LIKE WP. I’m sorry, but I actually do like it and don’t just like it because Nokia is using it (though it is the only reason I gave them a try). It’s not perfect and has much more to do to develop.

              To reverse a decision right now would RIP Nokia apart and kill them right now. The products Nokia are producing with Lumia are good products. They can continue to make great products with Lumia.

              BTW, equating good product with sales is not that simple. You can’t just knock something down that isn’t selling and say it’s because it’s crap. Maemo 5/N900 was not crap, webOS Pre/touchpad was not crap. N9 is not crap. There are so many factors why a product may not sell and it’s not because the product is bad. Maybe for Symbian fans it is no where near being the right product. May be for those who hate Microsoft and Symbian/MeeGo was the antithesis, it’s a total insult that Nokia now focuses on WP. It’s a shame, yes.

              I would ideally want Nokia to continue and execute the Lumia WP plans but continue developing Swipe and related products.

              • fghdfdfgh says:

                “I would ideally want Nokia to continue and execute the Lumia WP plans but continue developing Swipe and related products.” – and if both are given equal support, promotion, programmers’ resources and new models on the market that would be fair. Let buyers choose. But Elop has chosen instead. You are on better position because you are OK with his choice.

                Where we differ the most is that I use Nokia’s OS and you use Microsoft’s OS. ;) At least I see you understand my point and I start to understand yours. :)

                “Nokia will not change and reverse such a vital decision because this blog says so.” – I guess you are more powerful than you think. :) (For me) it’s too bad that you like WP7 but I will not change it.

            • Jed says:

              So you want an OS just because it’s made by Nokia? I know you’ll backtrack out of that statment by saying something like WP7 bad dur dur dur. But yah…

              I don’t know why everyone complains. You have WP7, Symbian, and Meego all sporting awesome Nokia hardware. Pick your poison, shut the fuck up, and move on (everyone).

              I know know, “But if Nokia focused all their time on Meego imagine how great it would be.” Yes it would be great that WebOS would have another friend to play with in the OS wasteland (Meego is great, I love my N9, but it didn’t work for WebOS and it wouldn’t have worked for Nokia). It’s the diversity that enables http://www.mynokiablog.com to cover so many topics, and allows so many idiots to come together and circle jerk in the comments.


              • dsfgdf says:

                When I buy a Nokia phone it’s natural that I want it with Nokia software. For Symbian users MeeGo is natural continuation from the same deveolper and manufacturer. So, don’t compare WebOS to MeeGo. MeeGo had milions of potential buyers waiting in the queue and they are lost. I complain because Windows Phone is the one to play with WebOS in OS wasteland.

                • Just Visiting says:

                  @dsfgdf…dsfgdf says: “For Symbian users MeeGo is natural continuation from the same deveolper and manufacturer.”

                  Not for me; and I think it is safe to say that I am not alone on this :)

      • nn says:

        OK, so some memory refresh?


        “Exane BNP Paribas questioned 1,300 consumers in the Lumia 800′s initial five markets earlier this month, then narrowed its sample to the 456 which declared an intention to buy a new smartphone within the space of the next month.”

        And these are the “2.2 per cent of surveyed buyers firmly intending to purchase the Lumia”.

        And I would say this is hard number, not some bs market prediction.

        And about the UK sales numbers:


        “A sample of UK mobile phone sales for November 2011 obtained by mobile phone price comparison site Mobiles Please show that the Lumia 800 is struggling with only a 0.17% market share”

        “Statistics based on sample of 5,377 UK mobile phones sold online across major UK retailers and networks in November 2011″

        “As far as December 2011 is concerned, the indications are that the Nokia Lumia 800 has improved its sales performance by doubling its market share but according to sample statistics it still stands at below 1% which must be short of where Nokia would probably like to see it.”

        Again, these are numbers directly from sales, albeit preliminary. Certainly more to the point, than screenshot of bestsellers page from some random shop. For their previous numbers see same data from last year:


        “Windows Phone 7 has got off to a sluggish start as far as our customers are concerned, accounting for just 3% of smartphone sales and a little under 2% of overall sales through MobilesPlease.co.uk and our network of partner sites that share our data feed.”

        Seems quite spot on in hindsight.

        • keizka says:

          456 is way too low of a number to base any analysis on a market of more than 200 million potential customers. Just saying.

          • nn says:

            Read it carefully, the number of participants is 1,300, which is perfectly normal for that size. Also I don’t think this is first survey from BNP Paribas ever, so it’s likely they solved the problem of proper sample size a long time ago.

            • keizka says:

              It still is hardly in libe with a market of the size I mentioned. That 5k survey has a lot more credibility.

              Also, do note they narrowed the sample.

              While I’m certain they have done surveys before, that one survey was done in five different countries. That’d mean they questioned 260 people from each country on average, and of those, again on average, 91 declared their intent to buy a device.

              Now, tell me whether that number is big enough to analyse for example Germany that has over 80mio. inhabitants? Or France and UK with over 60 mio. both?

              • nn says:

                Uh, sorry, but survey stats doesn’t work that way. It’s like arguing that they narrowed the WP7 buyers sample to too small sample of 10 people (2.2 % of 456). Also, you can’t divide the sample like you did, because this isn’t five separate surveys from five countries, but one among population of these countries as a whole and people in different countries certainly don’t behave totally differently.

                Actually, mobilesplease stats are probably weaker, I would bet that their partners doesn’t represent whole uk sales channel properly.

        • Punching Bag says:

          yasu I cannot read your quotes!!! Please use these “>” things if you insist on quoting

      • Aleve Sicofante says:

        You’re not addressing Alex Kerr’s question. If you believe “these people are idiots who throw darts on a wall of random predictions”, you shouldn’t publish any of their “bullshit”, but you insist in publishing only what puts your favourite whatever in good light.

        I understand this is a fan blog, and that’s OK. But earning credibility can’t hurt you. So you either publish no predictions at all, or publish a balanced selection of those available out there. (Or keep publishing what pleases your view and lose credibility more and more.)

        BTW: 5000 samples for a surver is perfectly fine. Do you think TV share is build by asking every viewer in the world…?

        • Jay Montano says:

          Hello, thank you for your concern about our credibility. It seems you are new here if you think I only post positive things about Nokia.

          You are correct to that whilst since this is a fan blog, I am actively looking for the positive side in all Nokia related news. Or will at least comment on my bewilderment at how bad something at Nokia is going.

          Sorry for the short reply to Alex, I literally was standing in the rain rushing to reply and probably had not posted an appropriate comment.

          My beef was how much surveys and analysts seem to skew the results they come up with. This is not a WP thing, this is what they do almost every time there’s something Nokia related.

          • Aleve Sicofante says:

            I’m not new. I’ve been reading you for months now. I can see you love WP7, you have a logical bias towards it and that’s fine with me, but my point still stands: publish pro and con predictions and analysis and you’ll be more credible. Praise pro analyis while bashing con analysis and you won’t get very far on the credibility issue.

      • Aleve Sicofante says:

        (I’m reposting this. For some reason the post didn’t get published.)

        You’re not addressing Alex Kerr’s question. If you believe “these people are idiots who throw darts on a wall of random predictions”, you shouldn’t publish any of their “bullshit”, but you insist in publishing only what puts your favourite whatever in good light.

        I understand this is a fan blog, and that’s OK. But earning credibility can’t hurt you. So you either publish no predictions at all, or publish a balanced selection of those available out there. (Or keep publishing what pleases your view and lose credibility more and more.)

        BTW: 5000 samples for a surver is perfectly fine. Do you think TV share is build by asking every viewer in the world…?

        • Aleve Sicofante says:

          Please delete my former re-post and this very post. Somehow my browser cheated on me and now I see the post did get through.

    • Viipottaja says:

      Just so as to stay as accurate as possible (with the limited info we have on the survey), wanted to note the Paribas survey used the terminology “firmly intending to purchase” for that 2%. I may be mistaken but to me that reads more like “I will buy it” rather than “interested in”.

      If the survey was constructed like most surveys are, there are likely other categories after that e.g. “will consider it”, “may consider it” , “would not even consider it”. Unless they just gave a list of phones and said “pick the one that you are firmly intending to purchase” which I doubt as that would be a bit of strange way to construct a survey questionnaire.

      • Jay Montano says:

        Yes and from that everyone extrapolates that it is a failure when really the conclusion others reporting is either retarded or purposely deceitful.

    • laalaa says:

      that 0.17% share is based on data collected from a single website… i wouldn’t draw any conclusions from a single site, but maybe that’s just me.

  3. fghdfdfgh says:

    Dream on, Microsoft.

  4. dss says:

    I feel like they won’t show us specific numbers per device, it will be more like what they did with the Symbian^3 1st gen phones last year, combined sales of all handsets that use the OS. So.. Lumia 800 and 710 will be likely combined.

    We really never got a firm number on how many N8 phones nokia has sold to date.

    I think that is because there is nothing to brag about, Samsung publishes specific number for the GS2 because, well.. because its selling very well.

    • fghdfdfgh says:

      Nokia sold about 3.5 miliions of N8 in first quarter.
      “Faucette said checks with retailers indicated “disappointing” sales so far and that the total number of phones sold to customers, as opposed to shipped to retailers, could total no more than 500,000 by the end of December.”

      • Viipottaja says:

        Hi, I have seen that number so many times and I don’t doubt its right, but could you please show the source of that estimate?

        [ps. as I said above, I think you are trying to compare apples to oranges.. not sure if there is any good comparison.. perhaps comparing to sale of other WP OEMs in those same selected markets would make some sense, but even that is not very sensible given that WP sales have been and to some degree still are close to zero at this point]

        • fghdfdfgh says:

          Type ‘nokia windows phone sales’ in google:
          - “Uh oh. Nokia Windows Phone sales estimates slashed.”
          - “Nokia Windows Phone sales set to disappoint”
          - “Initial Nokia Windows Phone sales could be a disappointment”
          - “Windows Phone sales drop precipitously, says Gartner”
          - “RIM BlackBerry and Nokia Windows Phone Sales Sputter”
          - “Nokia Lumia UK sales ‘highest ever’ but analysts cut forecasts”
          - “Analyst predicts low Nokia Windows Phone sales”
          - “Nokia’s ‘last-ditch’ Windows phone stumbles – sales crawl behind Androids, iPhones and even BlackBerries”

          “Digitimes has predicted that Windows Phone will grow to 6.2%” – is it a joke?

          • Viipottaja says:

            Ok.. that has absolutely nothing to do with my question above or the comment in the brackets. But thanks (not) anyway! :)

  5. XFCE-Desktop says:

    Damn you Eflop for burning the platform before you had something to replace it with!!! Damn you to hell!!!!

  6. jody says:

    imho, nokia will benifit from the clout and force of microsoft, most especially if msft pushes wp7 to the extreme, i mean really fight it out and support it for five years regardless of the marketshare. i believe that in the long run, msft may be able to gain a respectable marketshare of its own.

    • ggg says:

      five years?

      Ms can survive next five years but nokiam cant

      • fghdfdfgh says:

        That’s the point. MS will exist without Nokia but Nokia is dependent on MS. Now Nokia works for Microsoft and if WP fails…

        • Punching Bag says:

          yasu, why do you keep changing your fake name? It’s already fake, why do you need to keep changing midstream?

        • Average Joe says:

          If WP fails, they could switch to Android very quickly. They have all the Linux expertise needed to do that (assuming that Elop hasn’t fired them all); in fact Nokia were pioneers in putting Linux on a phone. And remember there’s the Meltemi thing going on in some secret underground cave.

          The problem is that it won’t be the case, because I think that Microsoft would buy Nokia in a single bite, taking advantage of the low price of their shares, before that happened.

          Nokia’s investors would approve that, because as the recent events show, they’re more interested in getting back their cash once and quickly instead of building a solid company with a strong future.

          • jody says:

            that would be an outrageous idea! but something that could be a drastic last minute remedy when pushed to the wall.

            why can’t they just make mobiles using android, wp7, and SWIPE OS ???? they could easily attract people with their designs

          • Just Visiting says:

            Puhlease! Android is vomit – just a mix of yuck, that is NOT worthy of Nokia hardware.

    • karam says:

      “imho, nokia will benifit from the clout and force of microsoft, most especially if msft pushes wp7 to the extreme”

      do you see any benefits from MS right now? open your eyes, you will see loses, slashes, firings, factories closes and business units sold.

      “i mean really fight it out and support it for five years regardless of the marketshare.”

      dude, in five years like 2011 there will be no nokia at all.

      • jody says:

        ‘right now’ is still a transition period.

        in the long run is like 3-5 years, i mean if wp7 as a platform don’t take off (respectable marketshare) then nokia is screwed, but i believe that msft is a survivor of a marathon, and in the long run will get a respectable and viable marketshare, and Nokia MUST SURVIVE this difficult time of transition, and i guess it would via selling of cheap symbian phones.

        • karam says:

          haha, the marketshare decreased by more than 50% since the anouncement in feb and it is estimated to be only 1/3 of what is used to be b4 that by the end of the year. did wp pick up any share? no. so do you see any transition made? no
          this is not a transitional period. it is a period of hostile takeover

          • jody says:

            transition of users/people from their current OS maybe? we dont expect those who bought android phones or iOS phones last year to ditch their phones ASAP for a wp7 device. its a difficult/painful process for nokia yes.

  7. jody says:

    it’ll be difficult years for nokia indeed,

  8. JD! says:

    LOL… He is showing WP in the diagram but ignoring Symbian which sells more than WP and putting it in others?

    Another MS sponsored analysis! Posting these things makes us think you are MS biased Jay…

    • Jay Montano says:

      Symbian is almost always, annoyingly, ignored in majority of OS analysis. Blackberry isn’t there either. Frankly, I don’t care what you think. Carry on insinuating what you feel.

      • Aleve Sicofante says:

        You don’t care what he thinks? Wow.

        He’s “insinuating” what a few other readers have already seen here: showing only the positive side of something is pure fanboyism, which I understand is a little different of beying a fan journalist. What will you be Jay?

        There’s a very easy fix for this: go out there and check the many reports telling good AND bad things about how Nokia/WP7 is performing. Leave out those ignoring any OS that does matter today (like Symbian or Blackberry, precisely) and bring the rest in. That will give your readers a balanced view and a lot of respect for you and this blog.

        Just a sidenote: WebOS is dead because you can’t buy a WebOS device today and so no one is being sold. Symbian and Blackberry are far from dead. Devices using them are being sold by the millions right now. Calling them “dead” is just a way of saying their future is very dark, but no serious study would ignore the huge market share they still enjoy.

        • Just Visiting says:

          @Aleve…I already respect Jay and this blog :) If you don’t, leave. Simples :)

          Many of us here are informed enough; and many already visit other sites to get different perspectives on WP and/or WP/Nokia.

          Just a sidenote: WebOS is dead because, after being on the market for years, the userbase, not to mention their app store, is TINY, and has nothing to do with the Pre 3 not being released!

          • Aleve Sicofante says:

            I’m fine knowing this site has not an adult and serious perspective about the news it publishes. I wouldn’t consider myself “informed” by reading it though.

            Of course this is not the only source of information on Nokia I use. Would be childish doing so, given the owner doesn’t want it to be a serious news place (as he claims below).

            • Jay Montano says:

              True. Read my other reply to see much more.

              I do this because I like Nokia, because it’s fun. I don’t as you say, want to be a serious blogger.

              Apologies if you aren’t ‘informed’. There are many other places for you to go.

        • Jay Montano says:

          For goodness sake. I have answered you already. Why are you bringing this up again? Maybe i said I don’t care because I just can’t be arsed to answer this type of question/accusations again and again and again.

          I am not claiming to be a journalist. I am not claiming to be a professional news site, far from it. This is a fan blog. A fan blog. A FAN BLOG! I do what I can to report as much news as I can and focus on mostly positive Nokia news because I want to promote positive Nokia news. I will not be ashamed of this or feel guilt that this is somewhat less credible because I like sharing positive things happening about nokia more than the negative. I am not on a do-all tech blog. I am on a fan blog.

          What part of informal you you not get? Also do you know that we also post negative stories? I don’t want to write it again as I have already replied about this topic. It’s really very demoralising when I have to reply again and again and again on the same thing. BTW, did I call Symbian dead?

          • Aleve Sicofante says:

            It’s up to you if you prefer to be a fanboy than a serious blogger. I’ve told you enough.

            • Jay Montano says:

              Thanks for insights. Yes, totally I would and am a NOKIA FANBOY. I AM A NOKIA FANBOY. I still can see when they mess up and I will talk about when they mess up, they aren’t perfect but I will always look upon them positively and in hope.

              Thanks also for pointing that out what I need to do to be a SERIOUS BLOGGER. The last thing I want to be is a serious or pro blogger.

              Dude, this is just something I do in my spare time. It’s not a job, it’s not a commitment, it’s just something I do because I like doing it. I enjoy the informality of this fan blog about Nokia. To turn it into something it’s not would put me off blogging.

              I see a story I like, I post about it. If I can latch on something and can put my own words to it, I post it. Sometimes I don’t fully understand certain stories or don’t feel motivated to write about it and I can’t. That’s got nothing to do with a story being positive or negative, I just prefer to write about things I have a little understanding about or find interesting.

              Then there are other times when I just don’t see the story because there are so many going on – or put them in drafts and don’t ever get to finish them.

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