Time Lapse app for N9

| January 1, 2012 | 6 Replies

For all of you artistic camera-phile N9 owners out there, there’s a new app for you over at the Nokia Store: FastMotion Timelapse Camera, developed by “Harald Meyer” the same developer who brought us Camera Pro for the N8 (Bringing 12X zoom & 30fps AUFC- before the update).

FastMotion timelapse recorder turns your Meego device into a timelapse (fastmotion, time-series) video recorder. Timelapse videos can be created both from the live camera, and from previously captured pictures (e.g. loaded from gallery, and complete folders).

Other features: full HD 1080p recording support (not playable on N9), 720p, custom sizes/dimensions/bitrates, white balance, auto focus, HDR mode (pictures only).

I don’t really get what they mean by “1080p recording” how is that possible on the N9?? or does it just mean that the time-lapse is saved in 1080p format even though it’s 720p quality?

Regardless this is one app I’d love to try out, anyone feel like lending me their N9 (you might not get it back).

Get it for € 2.00 here:

Thanks for the tip Prashant :]


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