Nokia Conversations hints at LTE, faster processors, brighter Flash…

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Nokia Conversations is hinting at future Nokia devices and have stated some vague yet still revealing info. Some possibly just to throw out there as general talk on future devices (though obviously no point Nokia focusing on future technologies in 2012 that THEY CAN’T BRING otherwise that would be stupid, no?).

  • “The processor in your phone at the end of 2012 will be faster than the one in the phone you’re holding today” (well, I bloody hope so. I hear snarky comments, “because it’s going to be an iPhone/Android” :p) Seriously though, whilst Nokia hasn’t strictly needed dual core for their Symbian, MeeGo, and Windows Phones to run “well”, they could be so much better if had more power. There is as discussed below the balance  between processing power and battery life. As long as you can push it over a day then to heck with it. It might just be for bragging rights but Nokia, you need it. It might not affect the over all performance or improvement is negligible. But in 2011 you missed out on dualcore. Are you going to play the failed catch up game again in 2012? (BTW, look how smooth Belle is on beefier processors and GPU compared with N8. Look how much faster Lumia is over previous generation Winpho. And first gen winpho are already incredibly smooth and fast. )Dual core is on the table for Symbian. Who knows if Nokia will surprise an bring dual core for S40 😛 (like why does it even has 1ghz right now? :p). For Windows Phone, well that has to wait for when WP will support that apparently. As you’ve seen though, comparable to dual core devices how optimised WP is, how smooth it is. Imagine a similar spec’d Android choking.
  • “It will also receive and transmit data a lot faster.” LTE.  More below.
  • “If Nokia could make software more efficient, then they would slow down the clock and claw back lost battery life” (e.g. the sub 1GHz Nokias.) Though more efficient processors could also be better on the battery, no? Ideally I’d like 2 days, but not at the expense of having a deadbeat processor.
  • “A brighter flash for our photographs might be a better cause” (yes, well bring back XENON flash dammit! LED lit photos are terrible. And don’t give us one or the other. LED is useful as torches. I use mine all the time. And no, I don’t want a brighter LED unless you make its photos light things as brightly as the N82. )
  • “Or higher frame rates in video recording” (yes, would eat up battery and make size of clips bigger but it does help reduce motion blur. Try sweeping a camera set to 24FPS and doing the same on one set at 60fps. Notice a smoother motion on the latter).
  • “Or perhaps a personal projector?” (Would be nice. I highly doubt Nokia could bring this).
  • “… better data rates through the realisation of technologies like LTE are the most exciting.”  (Nokia bigs up technologies that THEY will be bringing)
  • Cloud Computing, cloud apps – less drain on battery eating processors.
  • More location stuff.

The real winners of the mobile technology future are probably already with us, it’s just that they lack the final piece of polish or aren’t yet being used in the really clever way that will seem totally obvious once someone has actually thought of it.

True. As Nokia said with N8, it’s not technology, it’s what you do with it! All these years having the best features of any smartphones – yet, it’s not technology, it’s what Nokia should have and could have done with it but didn’t. *Facepalm*

Cheers  : Kaizer Allen  for the tip!


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