#N9Hacks: Theme Changer (App)

| January 4, 2012 | 7 Replies

This isn’t really that surprising, that we see Themes for the N9. There is an app, suitably called Theme Changer, that allows you to apply custom themes. It is not without its issues of course. The first major hurdle was emoticons. On theme change, the emoticon files get corrupted, but there is a simple enough fix.

Currently, I have seen about 6 themes pop up around the developer community. Although the app is extremely simple to use, putting the theme files into the correct folder does require some terminal work. (Gain Root access, then enter CP -r home/user/MyDocs/theme/ /usr/share/themes/)

I should mention, there are other ways of installing themes. A few devs have packaged their themes with install scripts, so a simple terminal command is all that is needed. Soon, they will packages them as .deb files and it will be even easier.

Download this app from the Apps For MeeGo App Store , by simply searching “Theme Changer”. To get themes search forums such as TMO and FMC.

As usual, direct any questions to me either on Twitter or in the comments.


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