Nokia’s 2012 flagship, what should it have?

| January 4, 2012 | 153 Replies

There’s been plenty of discussion recently on specifications of upcoming Nokia devices.

Realistically for 2012, what does it need to be a FLAGSHIP.

We might define that differently so here’s what I expect:

  • The best of all other Nokias
  • Effectively compete on specs with 2012 competition
  • The best over all experience (specs on paper is good, but I don’t want it to be crap in real life)
  • What specific things are you looking for in the software?

What is needed to make the Nokia flagship of 2012 stand out and be adored and lusted for?



I thought I’d add this in case it might be asked again.

Yes, flagship needs to be one device:

 Nokia needs to stop diluting all of their achievements into a million unmemorable devices and make something as groundbreaking again as the N95.

They have an arsenal of weapons at their disposal, they have an army that outnumbers, yet they choose not to go full force.

I am NOT saying however that there should only be one device. Once you have a flagship, THEN make specific models that target other areas.

But give the consumers a choice that if they want it all, they can pick the top. At this day and age, Nokia needs to realise that people are no longer choosing between Nokia X and Nokia Y. They need to pull up their socks and create a damn flagship. They said before in their new naming scheme of Nseries, Eseries, Xseries (to just numbers) that they shouldn’t tell us consumers how to use our phones. Quite right! Give us the top end phone that should I want it to be my camera phone, my gaming phone, my browsing phone, my messaging phone etc, I don’t need to bloody buy different phones.

Nokia can still make several great devices but they need ONE flagbearer. That is a flagship and it is something I believe, as a Nokia fan for so many years NOKIA WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND NOR DELIVER. 

Prove me wrong, Nokia. Prove me wrong.



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