Founder of F-Secure, Risto Siilasmaa to be named as Nokia Chairman?

| January 5, 2012 | 22 Replies

A couple of years ago, there were rumours that Jorma Ollila, Nokia’s Chairman (previously CEO before OPK) was going to step down. In May then of last year, that was confirmed when Nokia was apparently searching for a replacement.

Nokia has apparently found one in Risto Siilasmaa, founder of F-Secure, the anti-virus and computer security software company. Siilasmaa is now the head of Nokia’s board. Nothing is yet confirmed.


Hannu Rauhala, senior analyst of Pohjola Bank reckons, “It’s quite logical that Risto is going to be the chairman because he knows Nokia and he knows the software industry. The future in mobile phones will be software focused. He has the suitable background for the job”.

BTW, what’s this about…on Nokia Conversations and an Interview with Mary McDowell, “…whether the company is ready for its first woman CEO”

Something quite metaphorical in having the founder of an Antivirus and security software (often found in Nokia phones) to be chairman of a company some say is headed by…a trojan. No, I’m not that way inclined to believe that but I’m sure some find the funny side in this situation.


Thanks Antti for the tip!


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    I loled hard at the last part. :p

  • Weirdfisher

    Nokia should do some serious virus scanning

    • Elopolypse

      Stephen Elop is the virus! LOL!

  • Elop’s recent note “…as long as I am CEO” may indeed mean something. His task was to do the dirty work. We will see.

    The good thing is both Siilasmaa and McDowell are technically competent. The bad thing is shareholders may force Nomia to just completely abandon smartphones and focus on the cheapest phones only.

    • But if such thing happens, their smartphone division will not just dissapear. It would be sold to somebody.

  • can’t be helped

    kill that short and fat trojan

  • ashok pai

    Trojan, hell yeah! but you did say it, even if you didn’t mean to 🙂

    Elop might be the best thing to save Nokia for all that we know, who knows, these CEOs have a different perspective, so good for Nokia if it works out well. but for an average symbian fan like me… well sadly, WP7 isn’t going to be it.

    • troll

      +1. android might have more apps and more powerful processors but symbian is still something of a soft spot for me. =(

      while i understand it might save nokia going to wp7, but its not a phone ill personaly buy.

  • TrollKnightRises

    LOL finally Nokia have found out a equilibrium….Mr.Trojan horse as CEO and Mr. Antivirus as chairman 😉

    • incognito

      He, he, a good demonstration of wits… +1

  • incognito

    Some might also claim that there is some poetic irony of having the F-Secure founder as a chairman of a company that decided to bet it all on a company well known for their security screwups in the past, and to which F-Secure owns the reason for its existence 😉

    On a serious note, if I was Jorma, I’d be trying to get away from Nokia as well – while there are certain benefits in the now unlikely scenario of Nokia returning to the #1 spot, the risk is too great. Being a chairman of a board that chose two incompetent CEOs in a row (and not sacking them when the first signs of their incompetence started to show), which resulted in the clusterfuck Nokia is currently in, is not something I’d want to put in my CV, or memoirs. Also, if the far-fetched rumors of `Nokia to be sold to Microsoft` have any merit, you don’t want to be there when that happens as it might bring the whole board under a criminal investigation. Cue the rats and sinking ship analogy…

    • TrollKnightRises

      I guess thatswhy those 3 NFC specialist guys left Nokia last month

      • Jay Montano

        But aren’t people always coming and going from any company?

        • Keizka

          Yup. I wouldn’t count on just three engineers in a workforce of over 100k myself…

        • incognito

          Yep, but sadly, Nokia has lost a hell a lot of high-position people (a CTO, NFC guys, profilic salesmen, OS strategies…) in the past year, far more than any of their competitors…

          • RJC

            Yes, and what I’ve heard from the inside is that a lot of talented coders have left Nokia after Feb 11. People really were angry for Elop and drew conclusions. And then there are also those that just got the boot.

            It would be great, if some journalist would research and make a story about Elop’s rule in Nokia. Especially this sudden jump to Microsoft’s lap. A documentary and an article series would be nice. What an interesting read and watch that would be. 🙂

  • Stound

    From the Conversations Article:

    “Nokia’s head of Mobile Phones, Mary McDowell, talks to Karen Bartlett about mobiles, murder mysteries and whether the company is ready for its first woman CEO”

    The last sentence has got me thinking, would the day that smartphone could put up against p & S and some Digi cams will be over ? will this be the iPhone and iOS race ?

  • Jaydee

    And the plot thickens.. Great soap this here..

  • N00-00

    Or maybe the Nokia stakeholders are now trying to flush out the Trojan with this? The Antivirus guy will sit over and governs the trojan. So he can flush it out when the trojan does any violation to the organisation..

  • ashok pai

    I don’t like the F-secure product that was on my E7. not good. So, now I see the relation with the default anti-theft being F-Secure

  • bronzedragon18

    Hmmm , interesting , looks like Elop is on his way out , great to hear ! The changes to Nokia ( e.g. Meego , N9 , Symbian 3 ) were underway before Elop came on board . I agree that he was there to do some dirty work . Hmmm , a female Nokia CEO …

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