How Did HTC Pull-off a 16MP Camera? (Eldars thoughts)

| January 9, 2012 | 81 Replies

Ok so I’m supposed to be studying but all the buzz around CES is making it extremely difficult, regardless for those of you who haven’t heard HTC have just announced during At&ts CES conference that they will be releasing the ‘HTC Titan II’ accompanied with a 16MP camera. Which by the way makes the original HTC Titan which was released less than 3 months ago obsolete, bummer for you. Now I know that it’s not about the number of megapixels, the real deal is the size of the sensor, the lens the way it was designed as well as a million other things (which I learnt form Damian Dinning- the man behind the N8s camera). Fact is most people only understand the 16 is larger than 12 or 8 megapixels; therefore it must be better (not likely with some of the image samples seen above- Courtesy of TheVerge)


Now according to Eldar (our favorite here at MNB) the only way HTC pulled this off is by getting special ‘Camera APIs’ from Microsoft that weren’t available to any other WP developers?

I don’t think that’s true considering Nokia were promised more exclusivity and customization but you never know, point is the heat is on Nokia now, the N8 successor better be amazing (and it seems to be).

*Side note: Sony also released an Android phone the ‘Xperia Ion’ rocking a 12mp camera and 1080p camcorder (personally I think this is larger threat than HTC, considering Sonys track record for cameras).

Any thoughts?


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  • Bandrews

    The sooner manufacturers and consumers stop chasing pixels and realise that the quality of the sensor and the optics are key to a good photo, the sooner we’ll see really decent cameras in phones.
    How many users will be blowing up prints to full 16MP res? Exactly – most will end up on Flickr or forums.
    Quality not quantity, people!

  • Abhay

    Now there are rumors for Sony Xperia S:

    – 1280 x 720 4.3-inch display
    – 12MP with 1080p video

  • the game

    Lens Carl Zeiss make the difference, and if it is true, is more understable that with the current version of WP is a little difficult make a device with 12+ camera, so for that reason Symbian is still the only SO that has Nokia to make a N8 successor.

    • Dave

      People look at the Carl Zeiss branding (and it is primarily branding) as if it automatically makes the camera better.

      And Zeiss does not deserve to be put on a pedestal for imaging quality – they’re good, but they’re definitely not the best, in fact very far from it.

      Its not about the branding of the lens, its about the attention to detail. HTC have never (or rarely) done anything beyond the basics in mobile imaging, whereas Nokia have tended to do their best to get it right (N9 and Lumia being the main recent exceptions).

  • snofloake

    It’s almost as if this was released as a spoiler knowing that at some point Nokia would try to release a high end camera centric smartphone on WP being one of the few ways they can differentiate on the platform. But but they wouldn’t do that would they, welcome to being an OEM Nokia – last to market is last.

    Even if it isn’t very good (and let’s not forget the HTC Titan has been considered the equal or better than Lumia 800 even by Steve Litchfield)it will have served it’s purpose for HTC by stealing the thunder from Nokia and diluting the impact of their flagship which almost 100% won’t exceed 16MP.

    • Dave

      Lets not forget that the Lumia 800 doesn’t really have that good a camera, its far behind what has been in the N8 for what seems like years.

  • Bosh

    Well, this is comming from the guy who said that the N8 camera was not good, and it turned out to be the best camera even after more than a year of it’s launch.

    I believe the N8 successor would be as stunning as the N8 was when it came out, Nokia has no competition when it comes to camera flagships 😀

  • Mario

    Sounds like the same deal Nokia got with WP7, they can differentiate, and their innovations have to go to all the manufacturers.

    Not impressed with the pics, btw.

  • MDF

    titan 2 samples

    looks good especially the macro

  • HTC is damn serious about ruining Nokia. First, stealing the people from Nokia World in London. Second, promising Beats Audio for Windows Phone. Third, a 16 MP camera in WP? Seriously? Their main business is Android. This phone should’ve been eating its Ice Cream Sandwich instead. I guess the “ham, tomato and cheese” folks should brush their teeth. New tactics, please.

    • Matias

      Err, so are you saying that other manufacturers should not be allowed to compete with Nokia and make better products? 😀 Seriously, Nokia needs the competitors to keep them on their toes – just look what happened with Symbian when they thought they could rule the world with it.

      • That’s not the point. I mean, HTC supported Windows Phone from day one but didn’t take it way too serious until Nokia announced the partnership. I remember their first few HTC Windows Phones were like “meh.” Now, they’re aggressively pushing it.

  • Matias

    Looking at the photos of the phone on Engadget I noticed that there is a considerable bump on the back of the device, behind the camera. This might tell about a very large camera unit – a bigger sensor than in original Titan perhaps? Btw, the original Titan also has quite large and reassuring cam unit and yes, the pics are great 🙂

    • Svetlozar Simeonov

      I disagree with you. That little ring around the camera lens is an eye candy, far away from “considerable bump.”

      • Svetlozar Simeonov

        Ok, never mind. I saw it. But it’s still nothing serious.
        BTW do all HTC uses the same back covers? So ugly, so old.

  • pjasinow

    The camera market last year was affected by phones sales. Thats the market direction both andriod and apple will chase this year while poor nokia are selling their os. It could be another bumpy ride this yr, hearing windows are slow to market and nokia lost symbian by being slow to market.
    It could be back to the drawing board and employ 4 people for meego/maemo and go swipe.

  • Rock

    GSM Arena posts of the Titan actually look good, was hoping to mock since its HTC but so far so good.

    • Keizka

      Look at the corners, especially in the pic where there’s shadow.

  • AngryPenguin

    So there goes another Nokia competitive advantage.
    N8 is more than 1 yr old … They could have preserved the lead if they had focused on what they do well instead of messing with WP

  • b4b4.4l1

    Let’s wait for Nokia N8 successor to come out, then, we talk 😉

  • stylinred

    didnt samsung have a 14 or 16mpx camera already a few years ago? it was exclusive to the korean domestic market

  • nokia and 9

    ’HTC Titan II’ accompanied with a 16MP camera. Which by the way makes the original HTC Titan which was released less than 3 months ago obsolete, bummer for you.

    What about owners of Lumia 800 which was also announced just couple of months back at Nokia world. Launch of Lumia 900 has made it obsolete.

    Please before commenting on anyother, check what Nokia has done.

    • Duffe

      Lumia 900 isn’t Lumia 800 the second. It’s different phone with same design. What other different Titan II has than better camera compared to Titan I. Also Lumia 900 is designated for other markets than Lumia 800.

    • Aliqudsi

      The 800 was never released in The US nor was it promised there either, the Lumia 900 till now is exclusive to the US so they are for completely different markets. Please check YOUR facts first.

  • Bases on HTC’s trackrecord on build quality, I’m not the least bit excited about this big sensor phone.

  • Guerrahp

    That picture is horrible.

    • DesR85

      I agree, but the second picture of the same scene is much better, based on the link posted. Wonder why the author didn’t delete that blurred picture (not to mention take better pictures while he’s at it because the rest look bad).

      Either way, I’m still not buying a phone that big. The Titan is pretty big for a phone, and it looks no different for the second.

  • I think Stephen Elop is really selling Nokia’s smartphone division to Microsoft. Their contract to use Windows Phone as their primary platform will last until 2016, and it was announced that Symbian will be receiving update “at least until 2016.” (Don’t expect the at least, you know Elop.) That leads me to believe that the buyout will happen in 2016 or 2017. Pssh, I’ll be back in this article after four of five years to see if my predictions happened.