Nokia N8 successor has curved screen?

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Another day another bit of info from dsmobile, resident Nokia insider, about the Nokia N8 successor. Whilst talking about the upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 he mentions that the next ‘camera phone’ will have a curved screen.

I’m liking the sound of that, particularly since oddly, Nokia has chosen to change the curved screen on the Lumia 800’s big sister, the Lumia 900 to a flat screen with a seemingly horrid raised bezel. Just my opinion though, I despise raised bezels. I hope the N8 successor does not look like another iPhone in a case. AKA, curved rectangle and the Nokia tapered edges. Whilst those tapered edges make it slightly different, it WASTES SO MUCH DAMN SPACE.

That phone should be slimmer. It’s just too fat for that size of the device. Also flat screen makes it look N9 gone bad as I told before. Even the screen is flat but edges should been curved like they are in Next camera phone and it just looks much better.

10mm from middle and small curve to that screen edge and that would be much better. Now it has metal around the screen and that feels sharp. :(

Now he could have been talking about any next Nokia as they all have cameras, and are essentially all camera phones, but to distinguish a model by calling it camera phone suggests it’s the one that will succeed the Nokia N8. Not only is the N8 successor sporting a curved screen, it’s looking much better than the Nokia Lumia 900.


update:  EE asked:

Hey dsmobile, do you know if there will be WP version of the N8 successor coming soon, and if so, is it going to be released at the same time than Symbian version? I think it would be stupid to announce the next stage cameraphone featuring Symbian only. Thanks for all your effort!

To which dsmobile replied

WP8 is what you are waiting then. Microsoft is very slow to make software ready for Nokia hardware. :(

I would not hold my breath for 2012. But miracles happens sometimes.

So, N8 successor is Symbian as previously hinted. Even with Apollo coming possibly in June/Q3 2012, he says we shouldn’t hold our breaths for such a camera in WP. Well that completely sucks. Microsoft seriously need to get their priorities in order and put significantly more effort into assisting Nokia bring their hardware expertise in so there’s something else more attractive about the Nokia Lumia WP phones in comparison to upcoming Androids and iPhone. Where’s the freaking Nokia Stamp supposed to come to WP huh? Ah, of course, ‘coming soon’ -_____-

BTW, as pointed out, I may have misinterpreted the ‘curve’ of the screen. It may technically be curved but just at the edges.


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