Bada to Merge with Tizen, MeeGo lineage so far, far away now.

| January 15, 2012 | 51 Replies


I think when we heard about Tizen, many of us instantly joked how it would also inevitably be merged with something else. And it will be merged with Bada.

Meh.  SVP at Samsung said there’ll be Tizen handsets first but the transition will take time and Tizen will not become Samsung’s main OS any time soon (sure thing, but what happens when it’s named something else? Once Samsung is big enough and at the point where Google might show love only to Moto? Could that ever happen?)

No wonder early Tizen screenshots looks like an ugly Bada/Android skin. Touchwiz them folks to get them used to what’s coming ahead. Sucks for the people who made Maemo blogs, then MeeGo blogs then Tizen blogs, and now what? Badzen? Biden? Blergph! All equally plausible.


What a family tree our famous Maemo has gone through. All to end up in freakin bada. BADA?! Oh well, what counts is still in Nokia. I’ve said it too much but I’ve said it again, we should never have ditched a maemo future at Nokia.

Cheers meh for the tip!


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  • Michael Faro-Tusino

    Maemo was lightyears ahead of anything, if they had spent as much time with it as Symbian. Who knows, current flagship phone in the world may have been N904

    • That’s true. Or at least if they combined Maemo with Symbian, that would be a killer operating system.

      • Deep Space Bar

        that might be what they are doing with carla and Donna for the SoC

    • Pr@$h@nt

      Yes u r right. Damn! they (nokia) were fools at that time. N900
      was the 1st true mob computer. If they’ve adopted maemo as their primary os , android, wp7 wud have not have existed.

  • Noot

    Remember, the government of Korea did say that they wanted LG and Samsung to develope their own OS.

    • dss

      I wonder why…

      The E.U seems to think that not having their own operating system is a wonderful idea.

      • I wonder why Canadians think European countries shouldn’t have their own operating system.

      • j

        because the eu is governed by id**s.
        they talk about europe, but they don’t think of europe.

        in the us a deal like nokia microsoft would be completely impossible. the whole nation wouldn’t accept that a flagship company like nokia will be degraded to a oem for a company of outside the us.

        in the us it would be also impossible that a politician is using a phone from a european company when the us company is in trouble. in austria you can see politicians with iphones and they think they are cool.

        • Bob

          Yeah, iPhones are now really for 14 year old boys and grandmothers. Not cool.

        • Deep Space Bar

          yess US controls the Mobile Market now since they are the Dominant Mobile OS providers for everyone giving them full access to your privacy -_______- i’ve been telling people this for the longest time and they think i’m some troll…..

          Symbian is dying cause it’s EU,same with Meego and Maemo5

          Bada can’t do well since the big guys in the US can’t control/monitor it since it’s not their OS

      • 352×416
  • 352×416

    Funny how Nokia invested a lot of time, money and effort and now Samsung is making use of some of it, and they didn’t need to pay any money.

    • FireDragon

      This is what usually happen when someone tries to be something they are not. 🙂 After seeing what N900 could do I have been hoping to use that kind of power in my pocket too but oh well.

    • btdt

      Samsung will see the light as well. FOSS will never be comercially successful in mobile. Tizen, wizenbazen or whatever it’s called will be another huge fail in mobile FOSS history. Don’t try to tell me android is FOSS because it’s very far away from that

      • 3rp3

        I think it has nothing to do with being FOSS or not. If OS is open source and have apps and support from companies, it will be successful. And it’s exactly same for closed source software.

        But “wizenbazen”, what a wonderful name! :D:D

  • Stephens_Eloped

    Such a shame that Nokia didn’t push hard after the N900. They should’ve forgotten about the awful attempts at competitiveness with the N97, N97 mini, the E series and all the rest of it. Thrown themselves fully behind Maemo and developed (with Intel’s help) a guns n’ fire juggernaut called MeeGo. The N9 would’ve been just part of a supreme MeeGo line up, in full competition with iOS and Android. But it was far too little, far too late, and now MeeGo will become part of some bizzarro OS that doesn’t even tip its hat to the Maemo line up, never mind the N9. Such a shame. Now if WP doesn’t work out for Nokia, what have they got left, apart from the old toffee under the sofa, Symbian? Not a lot.

    • 352×416

      OPK did admit that N97 wasn’t as good as they were hoping.
      The E series are all very good.

  • Heron

    We can all blame Intel for their faults bringing it to delayland, but the truth is, Nokia didn’t do itself any favors sticking full on with Symbian, trying to do too many things at the same time, presenting an extremely fragmented landscape for its users who didn’t know what the hell Nokia was doing. This resulted in Nokia getting less profitable by the day, with its razor-thin margins on feature phones getting it through, but the margins to be made are now squarely in smartphones where Apple and Android have controlled.

    That’s why, despite my excitement over the N8 successor, rumored to run Symbian I feel that this product will take a lot away from the L900, and cause some confusion.

    I wonder what will Carla bring though.

    • If Nokia has released Symbian^1 in 2007, Symbian^3 in 2008, Anna in 2009, Belle in 2010, Carla in 2011 and Donna in 2012 all in open source, Symbian will still be called the king.

  • dss

    Right.. soo.. Samsung has the most popular platform to work with, which is Android, but they still want to be independant by developing their own platform. Nokia, has not one, but TWO platforms, and they choose to be dependant on Microsoft ? Makes perfect sense to me.

    • Viipottaja


      • Meltemi is targeted as a replacement for S40. Unless they slowly make it a smartphone OS.

  • See

    Nokia wil be a laughing stock when tizen become successful and wp7 fails

    • Stound

      ^ yeah right, merging with bada will bring android like UI 😛 it sucks balls im sorry to say

      • Well at least they believe the next smartphones would be featurephones. Aren’t they getting ready for their woman CEO, that is Mary T. McDowell? I really doubt how the smartphone division of Nokia will end up if Windows Phone fails. Seems like everything was planned. They should have kept either MeeGo or Symbian and continuously develop it, just in case everything else fails.

        • lordstar

          I think Symbian is Nokia’s plan b. Symbian will get support until at least 2016, by that time if Symbian is still profitable, I think Nokia will consider extending the development.

          • James

            Doubtful. If WP had never happened…
            The plan was always for Symbian to gradually be deprecated by Maemo6x (meego).

    • joyride

      Nokia and Elop are already the laughing stock of the mobile industry. The WP strategy was a bad joke turned nightmare.

      • troll

        Links please. Or is it buried too deep inside your tin foiled covered brain?i

      • Ha

        Yeah, best on show at CES 2012 is a real laughing stock. US carriers taking Nokia seriously since . . . ever. A real laughing stock. Nokia with a hero device on a major US carrier for the first time . . . laughing stock.

        Must be nice living in a parallel universe.

        • joyride

          Best show at CES 2012? Because of the 900? Hah. Elop is all smoke and mirrors but people buy into it. Big presentations =! solid products. The ones who are laughing are Nokia’s competitors. Samsung is laughing all the way to the bank. Nokia was to introduce the X7 with AT&T last year but Elop canceled those plans. So no, it wouldn’t be the first time. Perhaps you meant the first time for a WP device. Unfortunately for Nokia, few people care about those and the analysts agree. Forecasts going out a couple of years put Nokias WP sales significantly below where Symbian was circa 2010-2011.

  • Sri.

    Windows phone software + Nokia hardware = Incredible machine.

    • jiipee

      + Qualcomm. And the profits go to MS @ Qualcomm or whoever MS decodes to support

  • nilux

    I hope you start a MySamsungblog soon

  • jopancy

    what a stupid idea- merging Bada with Tizen, or even another OS. What good is there in Bada? It’s already a copycat of android, so what exactly could it contribute to the mix? Maybe another copycat android UI. That would be the worst OS to exist if ever the idea materialize.

  • saj

    I hope nokia can further devolop maemo 6+ versions, Qt, meltemi etc. A company like Nokia will always be having a backup plan.

  • Average Joe

    I heard rumors that Intel is giving up on Tizen, too, as their new focus is on Android x86.

  • all this stuff its just another sandbox over linux kernel. who cares what its name?
    its so, so stupid to run html/js/java/.net based apps on mobile phone! so much waste of resources!

    • Bob

      Shortened development time and portability? And most devices this year will bo dual or quad core anyway. . .

      • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

        exactly right. A mobile OS is as good as the support it has from third party devs. Managed code makes it easier and faster for devs to develop apps. If u say unmanaged code is better due to performance why stop there? Why not assembly/machine code? 😛

        • Titanium

          Please don’t speak of something your completely ignorant.

      • what about good native API? so complex?
        dual/quad core? I’ve missed battery life breakthru? gimme a link, plz

  • odin

    Merging two operating systems is not so straight forward. Actually, merging two softwares could be quite impossible. It is easier to build up a house from the solid foundations than try to merge two houses with different groundwork.

    Combining two operating systems is more likely to mean that the resources are combined, i.e. bada resources are sifted to Tizen development. It may also mean that some superficial features are copied from the other operating system, like new Symbian icons resemble Maemo/MeeGo icons.

    • Titanium

      In this case I think the merge will consists on adopting the enlightenment toolkit as the Native toolkit for Tizen.

      Meego = Qt + Linux kernel
      Tizen = Meego – Qt
      Bada = Enlightenment + Nucleus
      Biden/badzen = Enlightenment + Linux Kernel

      • Razus

        The plan has always been to use EFL as part of the mix for Tizen.
        Before this merger was announced…
        Hence I could see this merger coming months ago.
        There’s still Qt support via MeR & SteelRat.
        Alas it’s not part of mainline Tizen “yet”.

        They need to treat Qt a bit more seriously IMO.
        Especially if they want to attract Nokia’s interest via Meltemi.
        Even if they did though, I’m not sure Nokia would jump on board.
        At least in the short-term….

  • nyapinkid

    ijust can say…………

    nothin’ perfect….
    i just wonder why nokia ditched n900……

  • h3csc

    Back then N900 was my favourite and most wanted phone only if the price is lower and support portrait orientation. As everyone said if Nokia developed N900 and not Symbian at that point of the history I bet they will be one of the most powerful OS in the world with iOS by their side. Android could have exist but definitely not what it is today. Back then when Symbian browser is an absolute crap (still crap nevertheless), iOS (not even named iOS yet) browser is so limited (still limited) and Windows Mobile’s Internet Explorer just like their desktop counterpart, N900 with Maemo able to deliver such a powerful and almost desktop liked browser on a phone with full flash support. The amazing thing is that they able to do this under that tiny little ancient processor. Even with 256MB of RAM they are able to make use of vRAM making Maemo the most multitask capable (still one of the most capable) device in the history. If they added a portrait mode and develop a slimmer body for the next N900 and slowly push the price point down, they will change the history forever and ever. Even until today I still look at N900 as a legend, and can’t help but feel sorry for Nokia’s bad decision of that time.

    • Viipottaja

      N900 was arguably already too late and/or wrong positioned.

      They had the 770 and 7710 in 2005!!! They had the 800/810 in 2007!!! Only managed to get out the awesome but bricky N900 end of 2009 – oh boy… And at the time there were stories that adding telephony to the N900 was a bit of a last minute decision and a huge fight within Nokia.

      • h3csc

        I have to say the biggest problem afterall is what happen internally in Nokia that bring them to what they are today.

        Personal preference speaking, although not practical one of the reason I love N900 even until today is the thickness and bulkiness it has. It makes me feels that there are so much punch inside and it feels like a compressed computer in your palm. Together with the kickstands and the camera hatch, I would describe the N900 as a piece of art. I’m a design student btw and I really can’t describe how the N900 feels in word. The N9 although looks impressively well designed but it is a class of its own. It can’t replace the N900 in me. Due to the overused of same design on Lumia 800 900 and N9 it makes the original design lose its appeal and personality.

  • Razus

    Folks make sure your actually read the source article.
    Tis a bit more informative than this MNB post…
    No offense Jay, I realise you can’t always write “War & Peace”.