Lumiappaday #63: Rainbow Rapture demoed on the Nokia Lumia 800

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If you liked the gaming style of #11)Penguin, you’re going to love Rainbow Rapture! This was recommended to us by Xavier Voigt-Hill in our recommend an app section (thanks btw for the suggestions, will cover more on other platforms too when I finish my exams).

The game is very polished, your character is a cloud who has to dive down the slopes and use that momentum to get back up in the sky. However there are some new changes.

  • First, the scenery looks awesome!
  • There’s a rainbow trail coming from your cloud!
  • Your cloud…EATS PEOPLE. Yes. Eats people. (Apparently because he’s unhappy with the state of the world so he’s getting rid of us)
  • If you have a live tile on the homescreen, it tells you how many people your cloud has eaten.
  • Powerups to enhance the game, such as an airship that lets you suck up people whilst in the air, trucks of oil to let you slide across the slopes etc.
  • Rainbow bar to tell you how much ‘life’ you have left. You gain some by being in the air, and you’ll see the rainbow circle at the top right filling up before it fills up that bar.
This game is a whole bunch of fun! You should definitely try it.

#63) Rainbow Rapture

Price: Free or £1.29

Link (FREE):

Link (Paid):



Developer Blurb:

Rainbow is unhappy with the way things turned out down below. He wants a clean slate. Help him wipe humanity off the face of the Earth.

To try the free version, scroll down to the “more from Kindling” link and download Rainbow Rapture Free.



– Slide down hills to build momentum

– Master gravity to get awesome air

– Smash into three kinds of power-ups

– Play new hills every time you start up

– Eat lots of people

– Conquer 45 challenges

– Dominate Scoreloop leaderboards

– Hear Rainbow’s story (instead of ads)



Update 2.0 MANGO

  • – Fast app switching!
  • – Improved framerate!
  • – Live tile!
  • – Ringtones & wallpapers!
  • – Added level 12 & 13
  • – Fixed leaderboard crash bug
  • **offer subject to whims of Rainbow


Design: 10

Usability: 10

Performance: 9 (.5?)

Price: 10



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