Video: Canon EF Mount for Nokia N8 (and sample)

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Do you remember Michael’s Telescope Mod for the N8? He mentioned you could pretty much put any type of lenses. This time he’s made a connector for the Canon EF style Lenses.

It’s just a proof of concept, his mount is made of cardboard, rubber bands and the screw cap of the lens is what’s used to attach it. At the end of the video, you can see some samples and they look pretty good.  I’m liking that effect of manually focusing in and out during video to change between foreground and background subjects when you have a lens like a 50mm 1.8 or similar that have narrow depths of field. The N8 of course is designed to have a very wide depth of field (without being EDoF).


It won’t work to just have a canon lens on the N8 (like the stock photo we use for N8 successor stories).

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  • Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB – waiting for the white one

    The N8’s optics keeps on amazing me but think it is little too late now.. Would have been amazing if Nokia had these kind of promotion when it was released showing the power of the optics.. Wish Nokia had released an accessory like a refined version of this along with the N8. It would have taken a bit more sales from the cameras.

    • Stound

      Then they would have been screwed, look at the 800’s camera its quite not up to par with the n8, and they cant actually make n8 like cameras on wp for now

  • Adam Al

    Again the power of the n8 is shown! I just wish the c7 had a better camera.

    • j

      the camera of the c7 is quite good in my opinion.

      in some cases better that the n9 cam.

  • yoyo

    I wish Nokia will provide an EF mount/adapter for the N8 successor.

    Just imagine pulling out a phone out of your pocket and attaching it to an 600mm lens!

    • Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB – waiting for the white one

      600mm lens? Wouldn’t that be an overkill for the N8?? I would be happy with the 70-200mm lens..

    • stylinred

      itd be nice if some company made a mount… like they’ve got for iphones -_- (check out photojojo)

      • There’s no way they could without sacrificing a bit. My adapter is special because it removes all the bullshit between the bare CMOS chip and the lens. No mechanical shutter, no neutral density filters, no crappy Zeiss lens (I’ll stand by that, it’s not a great lens), etc. – but this is done at the cost of modifying the phone itself. To pull off the EOS adapter for the iPhone per say, they have to involve Fresnel lenses like the camera rig for the film Olive (shot on the N8) … the image is unnecessarily flipped upside down, and you involve more optical elements … it’s just not as slick/simple as what I’ve put together. Like I was saying, mine is different because it’s the most bare, simple conception of this hack.

        That said, maybe I should get something more “commercial” machined up and sell them. Any takers?

        • SaDudE

          I think the end result is awesome…maybe if you could use something less “elegant” than carboard it would be even more awesome as this is not tripod mountable…how about just putting the back hardware on the N8 and glue the adapter to it or attach with screws…you could then mount it quite easily.

          what type of distance do you need between the N8 and the lens itself?

          I love the results BTW!

          • You need probably about 39/40mm from the back of the lens to the N8, and this is to account for the distance from the back of the adapter plate to the bottom of the N8 motherboard, where the CMOS is mounted. The actual “flange” distance of the Canon EF mount is exactly 44mm.

            I have not put the back back on because the piece of glass on the back plate of the N8 is another optical element that just causes light scatter and loss of contrast. Also, if i close the camera “cell” back up, the smaller diameter of the shutter will cause serious vignetting.

            I’ll consider what you said about mounting the N8. Not having a tripod adapter is a serious issue. I’m devoting most of tomorrow to building a new adapter, so I’ll let you guys know what I come up with.

            Most importantly though, glad you like the results!

        • … I’m an idiot, it’s not a Fresnel lens, it’s just a piece of ground glass. This is what happens when you write ranting comments half asleep at 3am. Apologies.

      • Esbro

        Great job Michael!

        I got inspired by the ‘Olive’ movie shot on an N8 and went out and got a Steadicam Smoothie which dramatically improves video shooting results. (iPhone 3GS mount fits best after modification) I’m not interested in disassembling my N8 as it’s my day to day phone but I’d love something like the photojojo attachment mentioned above so I can get a DOF effect. Perhaps it can be simply modded? Anyone tried this?

        I really must start using those new whizzy 3d printers one of these days – make manufacturers of us all! Cheers!

        • Photojojo adapter works by putting a piece of ground glass at the focal plane of the lens, and then the phone takes a picture of that image. This is also how they filmed Olive. I could just as easily have built something like that, but thought the modification route was more interesting for a few reasons, but that’s beside the point here. What we all should be asking ourselves is WHY THE HELL no one has built cheap adapters like this before. I bet you could make em out of plastic and sell em to everyone with an iPhone or N8, whatever for $50 a pop, not $250. Does not need to be metal like the Photojojo iPhone adapter, can just as easily be plastic.

          I’m seriously considering starting a Kickstarter for something like this, since i think it would really help out the cell phone photography community, but I kinda just don’t know where to start.

          (totally unrelated) – speaking of which, where is the cell phone photography community online? It can’t all just be iphoneography blogs… that would be really depressing, since they all seem so shallow and miss the opportunity to be true evangelists for the power of the cameraphone – the device that will soon come to DOMINATE contemporary photography…

    • XFCE-Desktop

      That 200mm lens is probably the equivalent of a 600mm lens on that size sensor.

      • Actually more like 1000mm. Point still stands, though.

  • H0r5t.Gu3nth3r

    mit seiner russischen Scheiße wirste doch nur ausgelacht wenn du damit irgendwo aufkreuzt. Wenn du nicht irgendwie Professionell das Objektiv befestigen kannst dann lass es… und die Bilder sehen irgendwie sehr “bunt” aus… wenn du 60er Jahre Style magst ist das okay aber professionell ist das nicht – kauf dir lieber ne Systemkamera wo du das Objektiv dranschraubst…

    • XFCE-Desktop

      I disagree. This is a fun hack with someone’s old camera that is way more fun to make and costs less than a M 4/3 system camera.

  • Kenn

    IMO, the mount is such an luxury toy, there is no way Nokia will produce it. Should they produce a mount for Canon, Nikon or even Zeiss ZM ??? The life cycle of phones is very short, and they keep changing the design, so they can’t make new mounts every time they launch a new phone.

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  • schwermetall

    Funny idea to use a wracked N8.
    Also interesting is that it seems Nokia have a onboard color correction for the original lens.
    U can see it because sample have a red coloured vignette.

    • It’s not color correction, there is a stamp mark on the CMOS itself presumably from when a machine picked up the chip and put it on the board or whatever…

  • N8&efLens, the autofocus works?

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