Where’s the Nokia Belle coming soon page gone at Nokia Vietnam’s site?

| January 30, 2012 | 25 Replies

This was pointed out a few times in comments and emails, but the Official Belle page that said it was coming 8th February to existing S^3/Anna devices has now disappeared.


It could have just been moved somewhere else but I’m yet to find the moved page.

Original Link:

Cached page

It could be that they’re just updating the page.

Cheers all for the tip!



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  • Luca

    Probably someone was just not allowed to make that page live…

    • Jay Montano

      Yes, that’s also another good reason :).

      • Luca

        If my memory is good, this is not the first time this happen in Nokia… 😉

  • Manya

    Thats nokia
    I hope nokia will take decision to release belle on 8th of this feb
    Nokia is nokia

  • Dc

    Lol here we go again nokia! If they say its not comming 8feb nokia will start to lose alot of customers

  • lordstar

    here we go again.

  • zymesh

    you cant update to belle via FOTA right?

  • Joe

    No worries, Belle will be released on February 8, but in the year 2013. Fortunately Nokia Vietnam has corrected this unfortunate mistake on their part which mistakenly led people to believe that Belle would be released February 8, 2012.

    • ashok pai


      possible, given the mishandling of symbian.

      anyways, the wait is nearly over, but the excitement has died down, and elop is nearly completely successful in driving down interest in symbian

  • Jane

    It would be just nice for them to let us know exactly what is happening with Belle instead of leaving us in limbo…..yet again!!! It’s so frustrating. Hope it’s worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ssdh

    From Engadget:

    Nokia plans board of directors refresh, chairman to step down

    Quote: “New candidates earmarked for the board include Bruce Brown, of Procter and Gamble, Mårten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus Systems and independent corporate advisor Elizabeth Nelson.”

    Is this Elizabeth Nelson the same person that was also on the Board of Directors of Macromedia, Inc. when it was sold to Adobe, that time when Stephen Elop was also its CEO??

    Quote from Forbes: “From 1996 until its acquisition in December 2005 by Adobe Systems Incorporated, Ms. Nelson served in various executive positions at Macromedia, Inc., a multimedia software company, including Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Secretary since February 1998 and a member of the Board of Directors since January 2005.”

    Sounds like Elop is continuously building up his force inside Nokia…

    • lordstar

      Someone’s sabotaging Symbian.

      • ssdh

        not just symbian…

    • GordonH

      Nice info. thks.
      The MS-Nok deal never made business sense.

      • dss

        Not for Nokia it didn’t. For Microsoft ? It made tons of sense..

    • incognito

      He also snatched one of his old colleagues from Juniper as well, can’t remember his name tho… And we all know what happened to both, Macromedia and Juniper Networks…

      Tho I still find the `Microsoft buys Nokia’s smartphone division` scenario quite unlikely. First, Microsoft has no reason to do it as Nokia’s already dancing to their music, and second – it would surely bring out an investigation that might end up badly for the key people in the deal.

      • ssdh

        Nah, it’s gonna be more like, ‘MS buys Nokia’s IP and patents at a discount’ scenario..

        • 352×416

          Nokia and Microsoft have jointly sold some patents to IP Patent fee collecting entities. From memory as part of the deal the could use each others patents that were sold. I would expect more of this to happen.

  • BellGo

    I should honestly count how many times Symbian updates get delayed. 100ish (per week) maybe?

  • anonymous

    maybe they will replace the image since there was an error to the photo indicating the E7 unit twice instead of the C7 for the other one… 🙂 …

  • akse

    So maybe the web page is planned to go live at the start of Feb but went live a bit too soon 🙂

    • reptile

      I SO wish this is why

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  • SB

    Will nokia 500 be update to Belle?

  • MDL

    Belle is available at Nokia care outlets.. De person has informed Tht de update can be done free of cost for phones under warranty and they charge rs300 for phones without warranty..
    They received the software coz the first set of updated belle phones have arrived in India..