Lumia 710 for $39.99 On T-Mobile Web Store

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Eventhough the Lumia 710 was originally priced at a very affordable 50 dollars when you buy it with a two year contract, it’s now on a “Web Only Offer” for $39.99 (Ten whole dollars off!)- offer doesn’t have an expiration date which would make it seem that this is a bit permanent.

At first I thought this was a sign of poor sales, but once you look at the rest of the phones the 710 is the only Mid-Range smartphone that ISN’T free on contract, so this is probably just to help sweeten the deal against the drones of droids…

Cheers MEH, Thanks for the tip.


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  • stylinred

    lol i thought it was for buying the phone outright

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      When i first saw them announce 710 at $50 USD i thought the same. Then i looked into U.S contracts. So much better the way it is run in Australia in my opinion. Contracts often mean device is free.

      • Win8

        At the U.S. Microsoft the 710 is free and the unlocked 800 is coming. It may be the best place to buy a new computer with Microsoft signature series you get a $200 gift cerficate code for next online purchase, which may be a $200 off unlocked lumia 800 in white. Oh Yah!

        I just bought the HP 23inch TouchSmart, only $15 more that Walmarts,plus you get the code and they take out all the junk free trial ware, etc. I talked to a nice salesman from India and he helped out quite a lot. He said the UK site shows the 800 but I didnt ask him about computer deals on the UK site. Nice Asus laptops too.

  • I hope this affects globally. Having a Lumia 710 below $400 here would be a sweet deal for sure.

    • migo

      I just bought mine outright for $286 after tax in Canada. Sub $400 globally is pretty much guaranteed.

  • Buzzinga / jody

    Nakakainggit!!!! Walang ganyang app ang n9 sana may gumawa sa community :okay:

  • Jamie

    Just bought this phone for my daughter. It really is a fantastic phone and much better in person. She loves it.

  • Deaconclgi

    Usually, the web only deals are for an extended limited amount of time and the T-Mobile stores and phone reps cannot match that price.

    What was interesting to me was the fact that there is a desktop dock listed under accessories! Usually, only phones that are expected to sell well get desktop docks with US carriers as most carriers won’t risk the expense of carrying and stocking merchandise that they don’t think will sell.

    I also saw mention of a free starter kit with the purchase of the phone. I’m not sure what that is but I did not get one when I bought my Lumia 710.

    The reviews are also fantastic and people are Loving the combination of Nokia, Windows Phone and cheap prices and that is a long term win.

  • inept

    This probably means that they’re not selling to expectations.

    As I have stated many times before, at this stage of the game Nokia and Microsoft have to move these devices hand over fist just to stay in contact with the competition. They need to sell a lot.

    That’s what they’re doing with the price reduction. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the 710 drop to free w/contract in the next couple weeks. If they could pay people to take these phones, they’d probably do that too.

    They really need high volume here, regardless of profit or revenues or anything. These devices need to get out the door and into people’s hands or they will fail to build critical mass for WP7. 2.5M devices in Q1 for Nokia is a baseline failure test and 5M, unlikely as it is, is the sort of number they’d need to just tread water.

    • Deaconclgi

      This discount has NOTHING to do with selling to expectations.

      T-Mobile always does Web-Only discounts on any phone that they sell at any point and time. From the top tier to the bottom tier. It is a marketing effort to get people that shop online to purchase their devices and services.

      They even have midnight sales from time to time where you can get the Galaxy SII and other highend devices for free. Does that mean those devices are not selling to expectations? No.

      The 710 could go for free for a limited time and that means nothing compared to expectations as I have see big name devices go for free on the Tmo site in the past.

      Don’t always assume a negative reason, it makes you look exteremely biased.

      • migo

        Thank you for some perspective. I could understand Nokia fans being excessively positive, but Negative just makes me think they’re not real fans.

  • Hary

    710 was/is/ and will be free at many other third-party retailers like
    Wirefly, Costco. They all have had it free since the beginning.

    That’s how US market works (except for iphone). Carriers and manufacturers sell at the announced price and third-party sellers sell at a lower price.

  • Just Visiting

    The 710 is a suprising device, in person – I got an opportunity to see one (although it was an unworking demo), but it really is a nice little device; back cover has a nice feel/texture, and it is so thin! I have a N8, and when I picked up the 710 I thought it was thin and tiny, even though the screen is slightly bigger than the N8! I am really looking forward to seeing the Lumia 900.

    I’m glad T-Mobile is giving this device some shine, and allowing consumers to get a quality device at an affordable price.

  • James Scott

    T-Mobile here in California is also offering the 710 for $299.99 with no contract.

    • KeiZka

      Solid price.

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