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Hello MNB readers!

Adding to our Nokia Lumia coverage is my very first Unboxing video (ever) of the Lumia 710. The video itself isn’t anything special and was quickly put together but what is special is the value that the Lumia 710 provides, the build quality and access to content. There are some of us that still wish that Nokia would have chosen a different path to success but if we are honest with ourselves, the Lumia line has done more to re-establish the Nokia brand in a POSITIVE light and put Nokia phones into the hands of consumers recently than any other Nokia strategy/OS in recent memory.


It takes positive steps to reach a positive conclusion. I see people’s perception going from “Ewww, Nokia…don’t they make throwaway prepaid phones!?!?!?” To “Wait…that’s a Nokia! Wow, I didn’t know they made modern smartphones” Nokia needs those that would NOT buy a Symbian, Meego, Maemo device to buy a Nokia device and that is what is happening. As a long time Nokia fan, I am all in for Nokia’s success, no matter what “engine” powers Nokia’s smartphone car. WP7 Technical limitations (HDMI, OTG, SD access)? Yes, but that is why I still have my N8…and N900….and C7…..and 5230…wait…why do I still have the 5230..?

Note on the video: Yes, I dropped the phone! 😛  Gorilla Glass is slippery man!

YouTube Link:

I hope that you enjoy the unboxing video!


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  • Heron

    I personally find the L710 a bit lacking compared to the HTC Radar if we were to talk solely about WP7 phones.

    But for a 1st effort, Nokia is getting it right in many counts, especially Nokia Drive. I do wonder if increasing scale can bring down the cost of polycarbonate so that the newer L7xx series can see the beautiful design language of the N9/L800

    • Deaconclgi

      I wish it had a FFC like the radar.

      Having owned devices with metal battery doors (G2,C7 and N8 unibody) I actually prefer the sturdy, smooth plastic matte constrution combo of the 710.

      It would be nice to have the N9/L800 design language. I for one am excited to see what the future holds for Nokia.

      I prefer the Symbian based Nokia drive over the WP one due to the Symbian ND having the ability to say street names.

      The WP drive has a MUCH better UI with less wasted space AND the ability to make the view fullscreen, removing most UI elements by simply touching the screen. A full screen navigation view is wonderful. I just hope they update the voice files because the lack of street names and the horrid robotic male voice has kept me from using it.

      The WP ND voice is so bad that over the weekend my wife said “Cant you use your navigation (referring to the N8)!!! while balking at the WP ND voice” I said this IS my navigation! She said “Use the OTHER one” LOLOLOL

      But as you said, a well done 1st effort AND in a short time frame.

    • N900-00

      Although HTC Radar seems to be more appealing spec-wise I would spend my money on the Lumia 710. I’m thinking about going to Costco and pick one up without contract for under $300. That’s a good deal.

      • Deaconclgi

        Yes, that is a very good deal. The Lumia 710 also has a faster processor than the Radar so that may future proof the Lumia 710 a little bit more minus the future FFC apps.

        • MDF

          dont forget the radar doesnt have a digital compass
          some people may need this

          • migo

            I’d definitely take the compass over the FFC. I never used it on my N95, don’t see why so many people are clamoring over it as if its absence is a deal breaker after the iPhone 4 brought it in.

      • migo

        Same, stuff like sound quality, build quality and signal strength just doesn’t show up in a spec list.

        • Keizka

          Those are the exact reasons why I have gone and got Nokia phones for years now. No beating ’em (Except 5530 that suffered a broken speaker).

    • migo

      It would be nice to see that design language move downstream, but currently it’s quite desirable, so Nokia should probably milk the profit margin they can get from it at the moment.

  • Just Visiting

    Very good first effort, Deaconclgi! Enjoyed it.

    I mentioned in an earlier post how thin I thought the 710 is, especially compared to my N8. And like you, I like the back cover of this device as well.

    Did you purchase the device from the actual T-Mo store, or did you order it online? I asked because I was wondering if replaceable back covers can be had via the T-Mobile stores (I did not see them on the Nokia USA website).

    • Deaconclgi

      Thank you!

      I ordered it over the phone through Customer Care. I haven’t seen the replaceable covers anywhere officially in the US. I still haven’t seen the other colors in any of the T-Mobile marketing either. I will keep an eye open for them though.

      • Just Visiting


        Wow, I really think a great opportunity for Nokia would have been to include an additional back cover in the box at no additional charge (so what if is an extra $10 or $20 bucks that Nokia would have to eat!!). Anyway, at the very least it would have been nice if Nokia had this accessory available to everyone purchasing the device at the time of launch – I think it would have added even more excitement for the consumer knowing that they could immediately begin to change the flavor of their device and give it a little more flare. Oh well…hopefully, they will make the covers available soon.

        • migo

          Some of them do. I’ve seen some unboxings showing it coming with a blue back cover in addition to the black one. Probably a region by region thing, like some 5230s came with just the plectrum bangle while others had a thicker battery cover that had a stylus silo.

          • migo

            The Rogers one does not however. Just black + black, but I’ll probably go ahead and buy a yellow one anyway.

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