Lumia 710 & 800 Coming to Both Indonesia & New Zealand…Soon

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Some good news for all you Lumia lovers, as seen above the current range of non 4G Lumias is coming to New Zealand and Indonesia soon (February for Indonesia, March for New Zealand).

Let’s talk about Indonesia first, according to a statement from Nokia Product Manager in Indoensia:

“Anvid Erdian, Product Manager Nokia Indonesia stated that Nokia is still as planned in the series Lumia brought to Indonesia in Q1 2012. “Approximately in February”…The price is pegged in the range of Rp 5 million to Lumia 800 and Rp 3 million for Lumia 710.

Interesting because Nokia hardly gives a un-subsidized price tag before releasing the phone, WPCenteral also stated a couple of events taking place in Indonesia in preperation for the Lumias release:

  1. Mesin Waktu Nokia (Translation: Nokia Time Machine), a contest in the form of Facebook app where a user can pick his/her favorite classic Nokia phones, then type in his/her memory about using the phone. The prizes are 5 Lumia 800 and 5 Lumia 710. (redirect to Facebook app)
  2. Nokia Developer Day: Coding 24 hours. This event, collaborating with Microsoft Indonesia, will be held on 4-5 February 2012. Nokia+Microsoft hope to gather 800 developers and challenge them to create 800 apps for Windows Phone in the course of 24 hours. Those apps will then be submitted to the Indonesian Marketplace. A little twist: this event will be monitored by the Indonesian Record Museum (Museum Rekor Indonesia / MURI), the Indonesian equivalent of Guinness World Record, and will be registered as the largest developer coding event in Indonesia if they manage to attract 800 developers. Link.

As for New Zealand the Lumia 710 will be released Exclusively to Telecom NZ while the 800 will be available on Telecom NZ as well as Vodafone NZ, both should be available sometime March so hang in there folks

Source: WPCenteral  1, 2


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