Nokia Carla in bug testing (with Belle) for Nokia E6 #Symbian

| February 1, 2012 | 25 Replies

Apparently the Nokia developer site bugs page, some folks are already testing out the Nokia Carla update (which dsmobile says is like Belle, but nicer).

The link is inaccessible unless you have an account with Nokia Developer. Since we can’t get in to check there might be some doubt as to whether this is real. Regardless of that, Nokia Carla is still coming.….


Note that the device tested is an E6 that suggests other S^3 handsets should also be able to handle Carla too.


Source: Nokia Developer via nokioteca

Cheers Mahesh and Jonti for the tip!


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  • lordstar

    I hope Carla will be available for Nokia 500!

    I wanna ask jay his thoughts on the removal of support for qt 5.0 on symbian. Dsmobile mentioned that donna will belong to a different family, is this somehow related? Meaning Carla gets up to qt4.8 while donna is in an entirely different developer system? Thoughts?

    • I heard that each Symbian will get at least three updates, meaning that the Nokia 500 will get at least two updates more after Belle.

      • lordstar

        Sounds great. Hope that’s true! Though donna is for dual core devices right?

    • et3rnal

      different family = Linux core + same Qt Ui 😉

  • Deaconclgi

    Jay, I logged into my Nokia Developer account and I can confirm that there are several bug entries listing Carla in addition to many E6 Belle bugs.

    Hopefully Belle doesn’t get delayed at the last moment.

  • Deaconclgi

    I need to find out if I am under some kind of disclosure as far as releasing info on the bug. It lists what device they used to test it and when and the firmware version and the level of importance. Time to read the terms.

  • DM

    I have an account and willing to give more information.

    • DM

      Jay for the love of god check your email, I think I found great news !!

      • DM

        Shit, jay can you crop my email out in the tab?

        • MoritzJT

          You’re not out for the new Skype with video Call on Symbian are you? 😉

      • Deaconclgi


  • Deaconclgi

    Oddly, there is another developer on Nokia Developer asking if the person posting the Carl bugs is really testing with Carla….hmmm strange. Also, reading over the bug report, I don’t see how they can test a joystic bug on a device that does not have a joystic…

    Maybe I am missing something.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Joystick is on E6 🙂

    • SLAYER

      anyone can add a comment once they are logged in.

  • Alex Kerr

    Carla firmware is listed as 112.010.0404 2012-01-03, tested on the 701.

  • ddd

    are there any ui changes for symbian carla? no swipe no purchase! and swipe is coming to wp? or only low end nokia phone/n9?

    • I think Swipe UI (minimalistic, not full) already started in feature phones from C2-03 up to the Asha range.

  • MB

    Details of the carla bug reports here and here

  • stylinred

    my nokia developer login has been banned??? oO wth

  • yemko

    what is the point in smartphone without front facing cam? Skype will be of no use on 603 700

    • KeiZka

      I have ffc on mine, and I don’t use it. Why? Waste of time.

  • Linh

    I want to see more features, no rumor anymore, it’s waste time and only makes Symbian’s fan sad when heard about date and time.

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