Rumours: New Nokia Windows Phone designs, perhaps buttonless and tablets?

| February 7, 2012 | 10 Replies

Here’s an image you might have seen flying about yesterday.

Apparently this was taken at Nokia World. In that slide we can see today’s Windows Phone handset, but along side that we have tomorrow’s designs.

From left to right:

  • We have what seems to be that tiny square (reminds me of that windows device that turned out to be a name tag)
  • Then there’s a buttonless device
  • There’s a blackberry style portrait keyboard thing going on there (although there is already portrait slider). More interesting is the aspect ratio of the screen.
  • Back to today’s style with buttons
  • Another larger buttonless device
  • A tablet.

I’m not quite sure about a Windows Phone tablet when we’re expecting Windows 8. Some people have speculated that they might be the same thing when Apollo arrives.  When Microsoft introduced Windows 8, they said it would go on everything, but always conveniently never said the phone.


Given the metro panoramic nature of Windows Phone it is something that actually would translate extremely well to a larger screen tablet.

The portrait QWERTY monoblock would be interesting. It’s still a useful form factor which still has room for innovation. Nokia is probably the next iconic user of this form factor after blackberry, though their Eseries do not (and never had) have the same recognition in terms of branding. It will be interesting to see how apps would translate to this screen ratio – and how in general windows phone could work in a more square screen.

Source:  techradar via wmpoweruser

Cheers meh for the tip!


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  • Viipottaja

    Would not necessarily read much into this – they more or less just listed almost all current form factors, possibly/likely just as illustration. Not necessarily implying they would use them (all). But let’s hope they/Nokia will diversify the form factor offering of WP!

    • inept

      I can’t believe that they wouldn’t ultimately deliver a tablet with Windows 8. In terms of hardware there’s very little to differentiate tablets from mobile phones and Nokia is as capable of producing the goods as anyone else. The problem with Nokia to date has always been the software.

      If Microsoft delivers software for the mobile space, no doubt Nokia will use it.

  • stylinred

    looks like theres a qwerty too

    • stylinred

      oh i should read the article first huh? 😉 maybe they’re just taking each symbian design and saying they’ll be making a WP equivalent hopefully in the future

  • migo

    Buttonless would be quite feasible, just have to have the OS support soft buttons and change the resolution. Would only really help for movies in 16:9, but would be neat nonetheless.

  • flop

    i have heard that no more windows after 8. Is it true?

  • Having a contender against the iPod Nano would be great. If Nokia made a small >3” touchscreen device, WP7 Apollo, a strong audio decoding cheap and long ass battery life, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

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  • Markus

    Well good to hear that Nokia is coming up with some NEW designs… I love the N900, N8 and the N9 designs… I am not hating the Lumia 900, but it would have been better for the Lumia 900 to go with a different design than to COPY the N9… Let us hope the next gen Lumia will be completely original and unique. In my opinion the N9 with MEEGO was the best that Nokia had brought out to date.