N9 PR 1.3 already in testing?

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Belle has been pretty much dominating the Nokia news this week. What about us that have the N9? Well the PR 1.2 update is just around the corner. But thanks to a Twitter post and a link to Harmattan-Bugs, there is a report or PR 1.3 in use. Doing a search with a few keywords that would show only PR 1.3 info, it seems this is the only info reported. Maybe an error? Or premature leak? Either way, it’s gotten me excited. I WANT PR 1.2 NOW! :p

We saw some recent news come out of the Symbian Bugtracker regarding Carla, so lets hope that this news turns out to be legit and Nokia are already working on the next update. I’m not going to link directly to the bug, since I don’t want to be responsible for people harassing the bug reporter for news on PR 1.3, but it’s not too hard to get the info.

Cheers to Ante for the post on twitter!


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  • Diogo

    I love my N9 pr1.1!
    Waiting for 1.2 and 1.3 🙂

    • Ash

      + infinity

  • Ali Alomary

    We want it today before tomorrow. I want the browser get improve and other stuffs to get update. I hope they do it in the next days.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      I don’t reckon 1.2 will be here before the last week of Feb

      • Pr@$h@nt

        Hi Michael ,

        what does PR stands for in PR 1.1 , 1.2 etc.

        • nabeel

          PR = Product release

          • Vitai

            The P stands for Platform, its Platform Release.

            • Pr@$h@nt

              Thnx nabeel & vitai


  • zlutor

    “Maybe an error?” – no… 🙂

  • aboodesta

    N9 Love :p

  • fff

    what to expect for 1.3?

    • ummNo

      If i remember correctly, it’s been said that 1.3 is more a bug fix patch. 1.2 is proper feature adding patch.

    • zlutor

      maybe bugfixes for PR1.2…

    • dsmobile

      zoom for video

  • efion


    • efion

      PR1.0 is 10
      PR1.1 is 20
      PR1.2 is 30
      PR1.3 is 49?

      • et3rnal

        RP1.0 = 10
        RP1.1 = 20
        RP1.1.1 = 22
        RP1.2 = 30
        RP1.3 = 49 !!! something big? or a preparation to Meltemi 😀

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  • nurver86

    i still dont know how to install PR 1.1 and 1.2, so if anybody knows it please tell me the secret.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Search on I posted a Flashing guide 🙂 Plus there are heaps on TMO and FMC

    • Shaun

      The correct way is to go to Settings, then applications, then Manage Applications and you’ll get a list of your applications.

      In the toolbar on the bottom of the screen, press the right hand icon that has an arrow in it pointing to the bottom left to switch to the updates tab.

      If your phone has an update available, it’s there. Press the refresh button in the title bar to refresh the page to check again.

      If there’s nothing there, your phone is up to date and there is no update available for your model of phone. Some people are stuck on older versions as localized versions for their carrier or country haven’t been made available yet.

      You can find out what is already installed by going to Settings -> About Product. It’ll say PRx.x under Version.

      If you’re still stuck with an old version then Michael’s advice to flash your phone is what you need.

      Make sure your phone is charged and if you’re doing an over the air update, you’re connected via wifi.

      • j

        Well the device didn’t show me pr 1.1 . Software updater did.

    • zlutor

      NOKIA software updater will help you:

      Install this software, connect your N9 and it will notify you whether update is available for your phone or not (yet).

      If update is available it will update your phone automatically..

  • aanand

    i was realy hurted wen i cam 2 kno dat n9 wont launch in INDIA. i den 2 go for samsung.

    • zlutor

      try to find out how to buy one N9 instead. It worth it… 🙂

    • sidharth

      well i am using it here in india. got it from dubai!! it’s beautiful. i’m loving it..hope they launch it here soon…

  • Shaun

    Good to see they’re cracking on with updates!

    I would guess PR1.3 is mainly bug fixes though.

  • reptile

    To whom it may concern, I finished translating that Cantonese video review of PR1.2 on the N950.

    • Jaydee

      Well.. lets not wait any longer.. Release them to MNB pls… THANX..

  • stefan
    • j

      Lol. What for? As if anybody will run android instead of meego.

  • et3rnal


    Today Vodafone Australia just put the N9 on SALE on $29 cup 😀 with 0$ payments

    • noki


    • John

      Are you sure about that???
      I can’t see it anywhere on the vodaphone site.
      I think they may have killed it! 🙁

    • John

      Did you mean virgin?$29
      Looks like even they may have stopped stocking.

      Nokia’s lent on them no doubt, to start filing their coffers with Lumias instead.
      Which is being announced on Monday.

      Voda stopped “officially” ages ago now.

  • Razus

    PR1.3 is a perf/stability/security/design fix release.
    Odd no. releases are usually focused around that.

    Although several devs have hinted that 1.3’s not a typical odd no. release.
    There’ll be more feature-adds than what is typically the case.
    But it will still be nothing like PR1.2…