Rumour: “The Largest Camera Sensor you’ve ever seen” in Nokia N8’s successor, Nokia 803?

| February 9, 2012 | 73 Replies

Here’s some great news if the rumours are to be believed. BGR reckons that the Nokia N8 successor may have “The biggest sensor ever seen on a mobile phone” – so bigger than the N8’s already huge sensor. Great stuff! Instead of just marketing pixels, Nokia are actually concentrating on things that IMPROVE picture quality.


The reported handset is apparently called the Nokia 803, a name you may have heard as it was rumoured a while ago. The Nokia 803 will run Nokia Belle, which BGR believes might be the last Symbian. This may be one of the handsets due for announcement at MWC.


Cheers all for the tip!


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  • lordstar

    Nobody from Nokia has confirmed that the N8 successor will be the last Symbian device right? I hate it that other mobile websites are assuming that this is true.

    • Azeem

      + 1,000,000

    • gajomau

      nokia said that the N8 were indeed the last Nseries.. not the last symbian.. but there are people that didn’t get that… or just misinformed by american junkie tech sites like engadget or gizmodo..

      • ArtV

        N9 was the last N series, not the N8.

      • And they did not say that about the Nseries, they only claimed that the N8-00 will be their last Symbian device in the flagship series as they shift to MeeGo. We all know how it turned out.

        • Banderpop

          Yeah. They killed off the Nseries! I don’t think anyone guessed that Nokia would give up on their high-end brand altogether just one phone later…

        • Viipottaja

          Plus Vanjoki backpedaled on that statement made by some lower down in the chain, saying that its possible there would be S^4 devices in the N Series.. distant history by now of course.

    • It certainly won’t be the last Symbian device, but maybe the last “flaghsip phone” running this OS.

    • samstacle

      Elop said it himself “the best symbian device, the last” kind of…its sad

      • migo

        That would be a good thing. Symbian would be way better off if there weren’t another phone after the N8, except maybe the E6 for people who really like that form factor. Nokia too for that matter, they wouldn’t have diluted their reputation for the best cameras.

        If they’re doing this for Symbian it suggests that WP can’t yet handle what’s necessary to do that kind of imaging (or Nokia just has to spend time fine tuning it, if they’ve been working on this camera for Symbian since launching the N8, which is quite possible, it’d take similarly long to get it on WP), then Symbian gets to spend a couple more years as the defacto pro-photographer platform, and will receive longer lasting developer support, particularly for the photography niche, but also just in general as the 803 will still be in use and worth developing for.

        • symbego

          I support that if Meltemi can replace Symbian (at mid-end), preferably at high end also

          • migo

            I doubt it’ll do anything at the high end. By the time that would come about the market will have completely changed, and we’ll get to see if it changed because of the future disruptions Nokia is aiming for or if someone else disrupts it.

  • 352×416

    I think there will be a few s40 announced at MWC12 as well.

    • Viipottaja

      there better be! 🙂

  • doom

    what about carla and donna. it definetely won’t be the last symbian phone. there are still 4 years till 2016, plenty of time to release at least 2 symbian high end flagships

    • dansus

      Support until 2016, not devices.

    • dsmobile

      2012 is year for last hardware updates with symbian. Very unlikely that Nokia would make any new symbian hardware in 2013. Symbian sales must sky rocket to make that happen.

      It will be meltemi and windows phones only.

      • sumodk

        hi dsmobile

        when n8 successor is going to launch?

      • bogdo

        Can you give us any info on Meletimi? Is it basically the next iteration of Harmattan?

      • belle or meltemi, which one do you think better?

  • Marianito

    Hey Montano, why you say that it could be that last symbian when you know is a rumour?

    • Jay Montano

      I said BGR believes because I have already made a post asking who on earth said it was the last Symbian.

      Note, that unlike BGR, I make no reference of this in the title of this post.

      • bogdo

        BGR’s “sources” are a joke. That site to rehashes stuff from other websites and claims they have “sources”.

        The rumor of an N8 successor having a large sensor has been around for months now, in fact i believe DS alluded to it a while back if I’m correct.

    • stevebarker66

      …probably because the whole thing is a rumour!

      We do know that Nokia are now selling less Symbian smartphones than they had hoped, so it is not unreasonable to predict that they may well be moving over from Symbian to WP7 faster than they had originally planned.

      If there is an ‘801’ or other high-end Symbian device in the pipeline it would’ve been in development for some time now, so Jay’s conjecture that this (alleged) device may well be the last high-end Symbian smartphone.

      • Marianito

        Yeah maybe, its a pitty they never gave the oportunity to symbian with a nice peace of cpu

        • migo

          Did the 1ghz chip in the 701 really make a difference?

      • symbego


        Source? I haven’t read any statement from Nokia that Symbian sales far below expectations.

        Symbian sales down 30% q-o-q since Feb 2011. Before that, the sales was still rising, even the marketshare declined.

        The reason why my friends are reluctant to buy Symbian is because rumor of dead OS.

        Elop killed Symbian to prevent it from disturbing WP sales.

  • Azeem

    It would not be last Symbian smartphone. Nokia N8 a mighty masterpiece. If the N8 successor is the last Symbian, there wouldn’t be any development of Symbian ‘Carla’ & ‘Donna’.

    • migo

      N8 will apparently only go as far as Belle. If the 803 launches on Belle it would get the same 2 major updates to Donna the N8 got with Belle.

    • symbego

      There is no clear statement that Carla & Donna are Symbian. They could be completely new OS

      • Unknown 2

        Carla and Donna are most definitely Symbian. However depending on how things go , Donna might never be released. Carla however is definitely coming.

  • Dafa

    I hope it’s hardware surpasses it’s symbian software requirement to get the phone all the way through Donna!

    Also I hope it runs Carla out of the box!

    The Lumia series is beginning to grow on me!
    this phone is probably the one that decides which OS I spend my money on for my next phone!

    • migo

      If the camera turns out to be hot shit my brother will probably get it and use it for 5 years. I don’t care enough about cameras to make use of it, but I do wish the Lumia 710 didn’t have such a shit shutter button.

  • stylinred

    the Galaxy S3 is rumored to have a 12mpx camera in it but the phone is also rumored to only be 7.5mm thick

    that cameras likely going to tank against the N8s sensor cant imagine what the successor of the N8 will do to it 😉

    • OSagnostic

      It’s rumoured to be 7.5mm at the thinest part, with a camara bulge (similar to the RAZR!).

  • James Scott

    Now if only they include a Carl
    Zeiss Tele-Tessar variable zoom lense like on the new Sony TX200V I would be real happy to trade in my N8. Wonder if I can convince my wife she needs a N8?

    • stylinred

      oh baby that would be drool worthy indeed

      • Optom

        It would be awesome but fragile! You drop it and the internal lenses will dislocate!

  • manu

    symbian may not be selling in europe and u.s but it still no. 1 os in india,devices like 603 or c5-03 sells really well here.also nokia india head told on an interview that they will be launching over half a dozen symbian device in 2012.

  • smis1

    They should call the last N8 successor a V8 with all the power it has.

    • stylinred

      lol +1

  • Stound

    I think Damian Dining denied this

    • Proof

      Some Proof would be nice.

    • he said about Lumia 910 and not anything about 803 on twitter..

  • reptile

    4in. is a little to big for me. Hope that part isn’t true…

    I like the other rumored specs and like others here, I was hoping it to already have Carla on it..

    • FireDragon

      As long as it is slightly larger than N9/N8, it is good because we will be getting larger screen within same size that carries 3.5 or 3.9 inches.

    • OSagnostic

      I would not like the width of the new device to be much bigger that the current one. Given the amount of unused space around the screen they could fit a 3.8 – 4″ screen.

    • migo

      I’m not a fan of big screens either, but I’d be willing to work with 4″. Also, that’s probably the minimum size for a flagship phone this year with even the next iPhone being 95% certain of bumping the screen size.

  • zymo

    Running with Belle? Didn’t dsmobile say it was running with Carla?

    • migo

      Either is possible, even on the new post-OPK faster release schedule Symbian updates are taking a while to come out.

  • Lax

    Carla will look like belle but with some improvements. Posibly screen pixel count, U.I smoothness and lastly swipe integration

    • reptile

      Some people are saying it’s browser improvements, widget improvements, etc.

      • migo

        Browser improvements are always welcome, although Opera Mobile is doing a damn good job of picking up Symbian’s slack there.

  • Where is dsmobile?

    She may know whether the 803 is the last Symbian device or not.

  • Doffen

    If it has 3.5″ screen diagonale and 640 x 480 resolution and a shitty Arm 11 processor Nokia should not bother to release it even if it has a superb camera.

    Lets hope the last real Nokia device is superb in all respects, i.e.
    – Modern high speed processor and GPU
    – Plenty of RAM
    – at least 4″ screen diagonal
    – at least the same screen resolution as the N9
    – and of course a camera that is a clear upgrade from the N8

    • migo

      854×480 would maintain the aspect ratio with 640×360, and would match that of the N9, benefitting the Qt transition they need to grow S40 into a smartphone platform. 4″ is probably both minimum and maximum to keep the most people happy without upsetting anyone. Will be interesting to see what backwards compatibility would get lost in a CPU upgrade, with device longevity in mind, 512 is probably a minimum, and also a maximum with Symbian devices otherwise having 256.

      • symbego

        Are you sure Meltemi can go 854×480? I’m happy if that is true

        • migo

          Depends on when the S40 to Meltemi transition happens. We’ve already got 1ghz chips in the Asha line, WVGA screens in cheap phones 2 years from now isn’t a stretch of the imagination.

  • lordstar

    Can dsmobile confirm if the n8 successor runs belle or carla? I still wanna know if Carla and Donna will still push through.


  • Razor

    If this rumor turn about to be truth then it’s sad. but let’s remind Nokia why symbian was failing badly against android and ios. Not only the UI/UX was bad and it was based on avkon which was made for non touch screen smartphone. And of course nokia’s hesitation to use latest processor plus gpu. And I still wonder why symbian didn’t support SOC (System on chip) which android and ios have that support four years ago. Of course symbian is still stuck at nHD resolution. My old Samsung omnia hd got 600mhz arm cortex a8 processor with power vr Sgx530 gpu. And it was symbian ^1 people with first mobile’s hd video recording. Maybe nokia should have
    rewrite the whole os and the kernel as well. But it’s to late for nokia to do anything right now. Let’s hope the n8 successor is better than n8 of course.

  • lordstar

    I hope meltemi will also be used for midrange devices as well and not just a replacement to the s40 series. Nokia fan but not a fan of windows phone. Now what to do? Haha!

    • symbego


      Hopefully for high end also

  • Viipottaja

    Pity the U8500 dual core chipset is (still) not ready.. 🙁

    • sure? 803 doesn’t use it?

      • Viipottaja

        AFAIK, no.

        • there will be at least one symbian phone uses U8500, hence 803 will not be last symbian phone? is this right expression?

          • Viipottaja

            I am not sure anyone knows for sure at this point. Hopefully Nokia will tell us more at MWC or at some later point.

  • Tak

    If the sensor really is even bigger than N8, I don’t care about processors. I will get it and enjoy the camera and battery life.

    • migo

      It would need the processor to be able to handle high resolution video.

  • arts

    YES. Seriously go try one. If you have an n8 bring it along and see how much smoother the dame thing is. Seriously why nokia no produce one ghz n8??????????????????????????

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