Rumour: Nokia 808 PureView – with CRAZY camera resolution *30-40MP*? (X-ray vision optional :p jk)

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Possibly the hottest news Nokia fans are waiting for is the much awaited N8 successor. I’ve grouped together our related posts on it so far (hopefully picked up most but feel free to link ones I’ve missed)

N8 Successor

Here’s another snippet of juicy gossip from none-other than our resident Nokia insider, dsmobile. Thanks dsmobile! He has been commenting some VERY interesting things that corroborates some info I’ve been sitting on for a while and frankly, I thought was very unlikely myself, so I was really surprised on hearing about it from more sources (there’s about 3 more now with such info) and now from dsmobile.

He says the Camera’s resolution is…crazy.

No info about the screen. But Camera’s resolution is …. crazy. :)


What’s crazy to you? 16mp? Nope. 24mp? That’s around DSLR territory perhaps (well most are around 18Mmp).

What about 30MP? 40MP? 41MP :P?

If true, then this is PRECISELY some big Nokia guns they needed to show. This is precisely what we need from the N8 successor, especially since we did not see one in 2011.

Other thoughts

  • Thank goodness the public are not really aware of what makes good cameras. They think more MP = Better. But wait, I’m not interested in fooling them because…
  • Thank goodness this camera phone is made by Nokia and obviously headed by Damian Dinning. That guy doesn’t mess around with what Nokia puts in their flagship camera phones. What goes in is only what is done very well (e.g. why Nokia waited to put 8MP in N86, why we waited a while then to see a flagship camera in N8 which of course to this DAY whoops the camera in every other phone and even many point and shoots).
    • However, hopefully these file sizes won’t be too big (Nokia’s pretty excellent on compression
    • Hopefully also they won’t take too long to process. Nokia loves showing the in between shot times of the N9. We’ll be looking for something similar.
  • True Zoom – won’t say too much on this but it might be obvious now. Optical zoom or…
  • Symbian? Whilst Nokia NEEDS this handset to be WP for the sake of their new strategy, this will please many Symbian fans looking for a proper update and they deserve such a handset. Well done Symbian for picking up the slack where WP just can’t get to at the moment. To heck with doing your best work on WP. Do your best work, Nokia on a Nokia. Yes make sure your WP is better than other manufacturers, but don’t artificially weaken one thing for another. This has been the problem necrotic core at Nokia for the past few years. When something is good, deliver it to market in any way possible. With Nokia Belle (or Carla), it brings Symbian up to a very usable stage that I really couldn’t say about S^3 or Anna.

What about video? Damian has said many times before (and apparently has said recently) on the indication that when Nokia does 1080p it will be done PROPERLY, not some craphash that we see from some Droids (some btw are acceptable for me, some look like, WTF was the point in that).


Such a high resolution will certainly make attention grabbing headlines (perhaps even to traditional news media) should it come to a reality.

We have heard rumours (and possibly it’s common sense knowing Nokia) to expect the N8 successor to have the largest camera sensor ever on a phone. We were told a long while ago (2010) that upcoming Nokia camera phones would/could replace DSLRs. We saw in some instances the Nokia N8 doing precisely that. Elop has said what we see in N8 is just a small fraction of what Nokia’s capable of in their labs and his job is to get stuff like that to market (and not stuck there doing nothing). Just back last year, we also heard rumours that this will be a SUPER camera phone. Super camera phones and Crazy MP count seem to go hand in hand right?

(Trace it back info we know/suspect:

N8 Successor)

Now again, MP is not what makes the picture. But being the NOKIA camera phone flagship and Damian Dinning on the helm you know we can rely on Nokia to deliver on QUALITY too. The same questions were had about the N8’s 12MP. Why was the resolution so high at the time? But the N8 proved Nokia’s point. It was useful. It did DELIVER in awesome quality photos. It also allowed for other stuff like optical zoom quality like zoom :p

Oh, one last. Being a super camera, xray vision (as films portray it) wouldn’t be too far fetched, no? Haha, dsmobile is joking around.

Oh man, MWC is going to be awesome. Even more of a kicker that I’m choosing not to go due to uni commitments. When it does arrive though we will tell you all about it and eventually, hopefully get a hands on too.

This is certainly one way to go back into MWC in a BIG way 🙂


These are all of course, just rumours :).  And there’s so much more to be excited about:p


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