Nokia finally going at MWC in a BIG way next year.

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Mark Squires, an all around cool guy and Comms Director at Nokia tweeted something pretty interesting.

We’re going to Mobile World Congress Barca in a big way next year, Nokia to exhibit at AppPlanet & our CEO @selop will also keynote #MWC12


Mobile World Congress is a huge mobile event on the calendar where many new upcoming phones and tablets (and maybe even partnerships) are announced. For the last couple of years it has also been pretty much an Android Convention. Nokia does attend, albeit away in their own area away from the main hubbub, with not really much news in the way of devices to be memorable.


2012 is going to be different. Hopefully. Nokia are going to be in MWC in a BIG way. Nokia will exhibit at AppPlanet and Stephen Elop will also have his keynote. Flagship Nokia Windows Phones at the ready with the Nokia stamp?Β We know 2012 is when Nokia will finally get their Windows Phones out properly. The first batch may not actually be all that spectacular specs wise (just possibly good enough for mass market – manufactured by Compal apparently) as it takes time to make a flagship.

What to expect?

  • Will we see perhaps some WP Tango from Nokia?
  • Would it be too early for Apollo, the next major upgrade equivelant to Mango? Note, Nokia may finally be integrating their assets and expertise fully into Apollo.
  • What about a sneaky glance at Nokia Tablets?
  • Just to reiterate some past information again, Nokia Windows Phones will be coming out in 3 month waves, totalling 12 Windows Phones for 2012.
  • There most definitely should be some more Symbian handsets too since they’re supposed to be delivering 6 more right? (10 in the next 12 months from June this year, of which 4 we already know about. Not sure if any TD-SCDMA handsets would be included in that number)
BTW 2012 will be the first year since 2005 that we will NOT have Nseries devices (as all that letter branding has been scrapped – and oddly has been picked up in a way by Samsung).

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  • momchil

    well, this year was the same – elop was one of the speakers and nokia had dev sessions at app planet.

    • Jay Montano

      But with devices πŸ˜€ New devices πŸ˜€ Devices that are possibly current to 2012.

      • momchil

        i hope so πŸ™‚
        nokia promised volumes of wp devices and maybe will show the first batch (after searay).

  • nokia have done a great deal with microsoft, but they have to support meego as well!

  • #(84& WP7!!

    Sure~ Everything with WP7 will big considered BIG for nokia. Anything else they’d just throw it asside and leave it to rot. I’m hoping the N9 dosn’t ends up like the N8 with promised updates being delayed a full year long~

  • elop! your ass

    where is apple?

    • Bosh

      Maybe swimming in their pool full of cash πŸ˜›

  • Ninja

    Expect the Symbian camera phone flagship that’s coming next year to feature there. It will be interesting how they position it, since of course they won’t want to out-gun their new WP phones, but that will be difficult not to given how underpowered those devices will be.

    Underpowered how, you ask? Sure you can stick a fast CPU in them (and they’ll have to to make WP work properly) but due to failings in WP, will Nokia’s WP devices at the show have amazing cameras? Doubt it. USB on the go? Nope. HDMI out? Ha ha! Not a chance. And so on.

    This is Nokia’s fundamental difficulty – when Symbian and MeeGo are inherently better in all ways than Windows Phone, how on earth do they make it look like the other way round?

    Expect much noise around their WP devices, while the much more powerful and better Symbian devices and the N9 sit on smaller stands off to the side somewhere and only get talked about if someone comes up and asks.

    Yep Nokia, your move to WP still makes no sense, and is still insanity. Hope your shareholders are happy…because your users sure aren’t.

    • N00-00

      I think the N8 successor will be announced in October this year during the Nokia World in October..

      • Ninja

        Hmmm, I’m not so sure. It’s not out until next year and they’ve said they’re not going to preannounce devices long before their release. I reckon you’d be looking at 6 months minimum delay between Oct and when it was released, and that was what people complained about with the N8.

    • Harangue

      Not calling it a lie, but I’m just too hard pressed to belive a ‘flagship’ device is coming out with Symbian.

      It could have been too far in the works to kill, but it would just send out such a weird message to the world if they still use Symbian for flagship devices.
      It’ll be just wait and see, but until I see it I’m tending not to believe it.

      • Ninja

        Well, it’s flagship in terms of the camera on it, definitely. It will be strange if it’s downgraded in other respects. And it’s not really that strange if you think about it, Nokia are desperately trying to rescue Symbian prospects from the Feb 11th screw up, and WinPho devices won’t be capable of flagship status for a year or more from now (not sure if you all realised that?). The first devices are pretty much a toe in the water.

        Whatever way we look at it, and whatever the future holds, the Feb 11th announcement was the most almighty screw up in a LONG time for any big company. The only way it was not incompetence was if Elop intended to drive the share price super-low to benefit a Microsoft buyout. Then it was a good move.

        • Ninja

          > It will be strange if it’s downgraded in other respects [i.e. not a flagship]. And [on the other hand if it really is a flagship] it’s not really that strange if you think about it…

          Ah, if only we had a post-editing facility….

  • GordonH

    Hoping to see Elop and co’s reaction if and when Ms decides to buy up RIM.

  • MichaelP

    Elop has been consistent, whether you think that’s been consistently bad, that’s your opinion. If Elop listened to all the people that made comments we’d end up with a product that resembled that car that Homer designed in the Simpsons that no one would buy.

    Windows Phone 7 is coming to Nokia, hopefully it will come when promised, Symbian is going away eventually, like it or not, it was killing Nokia slowly.

    Go WP7! I actually wish they had never released the N9, just Sea-Ray. This one phone is going to confuse the average consumer about Nokia’s direction.

    • N00-00

      They had to release the N9. There was no other phone to be the flagship in 2011 (N8\E7 was in late 2010 even though E7 was released early this year) and Nokia WP flagship (not the compal one contracted for this year) won’t be ready until Mid 2012 (about the time frame when WP devices will get the “Nokia Stamp” and this device will be announced in WMC).. They had to have a flagship until then..

      Moreover, I think most of N9 customers will be either N900 owners or Symbian power users who aren’t happy with WP. If the N9 wouldn’t have been announced, these customers(like me) would have gone to other OSes (Android mostly or WebOS(Me))..

    • Ninja

      > Windows Phone 7 is coming to Nokia, hopefully it will come when promised, Symbian is going away eventually


      > like it or not, [Symbian] was killing Nokia slowly.

      Wrong. This was a myth and untrue when it was first said, and it is still untrue. Don’t believe me? Read Tomi Ahonen’s various long blogs on the subject. Symbian was NEVER killing Nokia, slowly or otherwise. It is STILL the most advanced mobile OS in the world, and prior to Elop shooting it in the head on Feb 11th, sales of Symbian devices were rising rapidly and it was selling extremely well in light of the new S^3 devices, and it was bringing in decent profits for Nokia.

      Sorry dudes, but I’m not going to sit here and see these lies propagated about Symbian and Nokia. This is how bullshit myths start and become accepted as reality.

      > I actually wish they had never released the N9, just Sea-Ray.

      I accept this as your opinion and recognise your logic, but a LOT, a LOT of people would disagree with you. You’re essentially saying that a superior product should have been killed so that an inferior product could have it’s day in the limelight. Hmmm. Like telling a leading F1 driver to back off in a race so his inferior team mate can win points for the team. Actually worse than that.

      I think the best product (obviously N9) and the product people want the most (arguably N9) should win out over the inferior product (obviously WP phones) and the one people want much less (arguably WP phones given their current sales disaster).

      • Hypnopottamus

        NO ONE in the tech sphere cares about Symbian enough to be excited about it anymore. Certainly not enough for it be featured at MWC. Whether or not you want to accept this is up to you. Hardware wise, Nokia will always be ahead of the curve. But as a mobile OS, Symbian just isn’t up to par w/ other smartphone OSs. The reason why Symbian handsets were doing well was because it was in a way brand new (finally optimized for touch).

        As for MeeGo, I think it is tragic that it is being swept under the rug. It seems to be the real deal. Don’t know much about WP7, but hopefully this can bring Nokia back into the game. I’m not confident that it will,

      • Harangue

        Tomi Ahonen, as credible as he ways in the past, is slowly but gradually killing his own credibility like Elop is purportedly killing Nokia.

        The man (Tomi) is obsessed with getting rid of Elop and reinstating the old strategy. Just a bad, bad move IMHO. Tomi used to write very well based pieces that were an absolute joy to read and were nearly always right on the money.

        But Elophate clouded his judgement and he is now just ranting on and on. But I guess that’s what happens if your a passionate Fin.

        • Ronnie Raygun

          Maybe you would like to enlighten us blind Elophate people why we are so wrong about Elop? Because what has happened certainly support Tomi’s view of things. The numbers are there too.

          Where are your or Flop’s facts and numbers? Haven’t seen them at all. Just this mindless American blogosphere’s mantra that Symbian is not selling and is bad/old/sucks/whatever. Nothing substantial whatsoever. Just empty talk that we are dissilusioned Elop/WP7 haters and then the religious mantra: “Symbian’s bad. Symbian’s bad, M’key.” Never any real facts, numbers and analysis. Just that Symbian’s bad m’key and everything Elop’s done had to be done. And then the totally delusional view that it’s somehow better now with the WP7 strategy, than it was before February 11 with the Symbian/MeeGo/Qt strategy when profits were still flowing, market share good, share price rising, credit rating ok and Nokia’s name was not tarnished by the Microsoft Man.

          Where’s the business logic in Flop’s actions? Where’s the logic in discrediting your own products? Where’s the logic not selling most wanted phone and making lots of money with it? Where’s the logic destroying you share price? Where’s the logic destroying your smartphone share? Where’s the logic not making your WP7 phones Qt compatible? Where’s the logic sabotaging the good press and buzz that your new innovative phone gets? Where’s the logic killing your current smartphone OS while having nothing to put in it’s place for almost a year? Where’s the logic making big loss instead of profit? Where’s the great business in all those actions? How do they help Nokia? There’s no logic if you look at them from Nokia’s perspective. They only hurt Nokia.

          The fact is Symbian^3 was selling well and Nokia was making profit. And the fact is that Ovi Store was and is growing fast and getting bigger and bigger download numbers. And now…Nokia making loss, share price down the toilet,credit rating gone and N9, truly innovative, buzz creating Nokia’s Jesus phone, sabotaged by Nokia’s own CEO! Meanwhile WP7, the future Nokia OS, has a worldwide OS share of just 1% and going down. And Microsoft’s app store is well behind Nokia’s in apps and downloads. Their daily download numbers are so abysmal that they don’t even publish them.

          • outdated os

            HP ceo didn’t call their WebOS a burning platform.

          • jim

            And where are your facts and figures?

            There are a few here you might want to look at


            • Ronnie Raygun

              All over this blog for example. Everything Elop has done has been well documented. So has the quarterly sales numbers and OS shares. Tomi Ahonen’s blog also have a lot of quarterly results and analysis. Recommended reading to all who think Nokia was worse with Symbian than now with Elop’s WP7 strategy.

              Your example is nice, but not in the way you think. Nokia’s smartphone profits grew in Q4/2010 compared to Q3/2010, but most importantly Nokia still made PROFIT before Feb 11.

              “Devices & Services gross profit (reported and non-IFRS) decreased 12% to EUR 2.5 billion, compared with EUR 2.8 billion in the fourth quarter 2009, and increased 19% compared to EUR 2.1 billion in the third quarter 2010.”

              How’s that now after Elop’s magnificent Microsoft strategy? How are the Devices & Services profits compared to Q2/2010 and Q1/2011? I’ll tell you. They dropped almost one billion resulting to loss. That’s how good Elop’s strategy has been. And you people claim with straight face, that Nokia was in trouble with Symbian/MeeGo/Qt strategy in Q1/2011! Talking about delusional.

              Where’s the logic I was asking? No explanation in your post. Could it be that there is no logic?

              • jim

                Firstly, I’m only taking issue with your points about how symbian was fine blah blah. I’m not commenting on Elop or his strategy (which could well be awful.) I’m saying Symbian was NOT performing and if it was the BoD of Nokia never would have agreed to can it…

                You guys don’t seem to get it at all. You keep raving about how their sales were going up in a bull market. Yeah no surprise there, HOWEVER, it is about how they are performing RELATIVE to their competitors. And relative to their competitors they were getting creamed. They lost 9% market share, and safe to say it wasn’t Nokia’s sweet hardware that people weren’t interested in.

                It’s like saying hey look guys my stock is up 5%!!! Meanwhile every other stock in the market is up 40%.

                • Hypnopottamus

                  “it is about how they are performing RELATIVE to their competitors. And relative to their competitors they were getting creamed. They lost 9% market share”

                  Bingo! You’ve hit the nail on the head. Yes, Nokia was making profits. Yes, Nokia was selling more devices. But it’s about how Nokia (w/ Symbian) is doing relative to other platforms.It should be crystal clear to anyone that bothers to look at the numbers that the trend Nokia was in WAS NOT SUSTAINABLE.

                  I think the only reason why sales were good for Symbian^3 was because it was suppose to be the “new and improved” version of Symbian for touch screens. Of course Symbian fans would want to try it out. However, as many reviewers in the biased techspere (engadget etc.) and as well as fan sites (Symbian-guru, Nokia Experts, etc.)pointed out, it was more of the same with a slightly better UI. In other words, sticking w/ Symbian would be certain suicide.

                  Regarding MeeGo and WP7, I agree with others that “ditching” MeeGo may have been a dumb move. WP7 doesn’t seem to be a game changer either, but it is too early to tell. Nokia’s S40 strategy seems pretty solid, though. Unfortunately, Symbian can’t compete in the upper end smartphone market.

          • MIP

            You wrote a whole paragraph of valid/reasonable questions.

            Unfortunately non of the WP zealots will even try to provide an answer to any of those questions, instead they will continue with the only “argument” they have and know of: “Symbian sucks”.

            • Harangue

              Well, unfortunatly it does kind of sucks on my N8. Not saying that it will suck for someone else. Someone else could very well like it who knows.

              However, while Symbian or Elophate can have a lot of valid reasons and questions so can WP. I’m not going to list them since that’s not what I want to convey here.

              The thing is, both the Symbian love camp and the WP love camp have their valid reasons. But oif you like WP you are a zealot, fanboy, idiot or whatever. So far I haven’t seen many of those kind of remarks aimed at Symbian lovers. Not counting Ninja though, he does seem to collect a few fanboy callouts every now and then.

              I don’t see why people call eachother names over what he or she likes. And I definitly don’t understand when it is over something so little. The strategy choice of a large company that most commenters are only invested in by the device they carry.

          • Harangue

            I’m not saying Elophaters or Eloplovers(?) are wrong or right. I just said that Tomi Ahonen went from a very credible and BALANCED source of information to blind hate. Whether or not that is justified is irrelevant, what is, is the fact that as an analyst you can’t be so emotionally engaged about the topics you write about.

            That’s what I meant in my post, I don’t care about what platform is better or worse for Nokia. I just want a phone like I always had from them. Nice and solid, both in and out.

      • jim

        lol, Ninja spreading his web of BS as usual.

        It’s irrelevant that symbian sales were slowly growing in a massively expanding market when they were rapidly losing market share.

        A hypothetical example to make it clear for the very slow and highly biased Ninja –

        Nokia has 50 users
        Android has 0 users

        market expands introducing 150 new users

        Now Nokia has 100 users (50 more)
        Android has 100 users (100 more)

        Now according to Ninja Nokia is absolutely creaming things because they have doubled their user base (and is the only part of the story he will ever tell), where in reality they are on the path to extinction.

    • Just Visiting

      @MichaelP…Agree. Nokia would have been in breach of contract with Intel if they had not released the N9, so they were obligated to put it out there. Now that the obligation has been filled, they can truly focus on the primary OS, WP7; there are a lot of folks waiting on a Nokia WP device (of which I am one), and the news about MWC 2012 is very exciting πŸ™‚

  • Weirdfisher

    Will nokia be bought by m$ like google did to moto?

    • Ninja

      Practically no chance.

      • Tom

        Q3, Q4 and Q1 are going to be abysmal for Nokia, assuming Elop has his way. The stock price will be even lower. I predict it happens this winter.

    • Viipottaja

      Very very unlikely.

      • Ronnie Raygun

        Very very likely. Unless Elop is kicked out, then it might be Samsung. But as long as Elop is around Nokia is on its way becoming part of MS.

    • Mac

      The logical question that one should ask is, does it make financial sense either as a diversification aspect or for monopolistic reasons? NO! Why bother! They have struck a deal with Nokia to use their patents to build their os that has effectively roped in Nokia to the os for long term. Any court disputes involving the ms os would have nokia backing them tooth and nail. This goes for all those that make wp7 devices too. Anyway nokia wouldnt even burn that bridge with ms because of personal interests with the os that will rake in money for them. Elop sealed the faith of nokia with ms but they can still do their sideline things too but ms would be here to stay. Why buy a transitioning company for so much that is still bleeding money by the throught? Yes patents is one reason but must they pay so much and then fork out even more to keep the ship afloat after taking it over. They are running losses remember! So ms has to take out their own cash for who knows how long until they turn things into the black. That would mean they pay what? 25B and who knows where that stops with the losses. So why buy their losses? Let them bleed i’d say, then take everything for a penny! That would be worth the risk then.

  • me

    How’ll Elop screw up this time? He’ll have a hard time beating his record of brand destruction.

    Perhaps he introduces Nokia WebOS phones launching in 2013, with 2012 and 2013 being transitional years… or any other failing phone OS.

    • Heh..

      Don’t underestimate him. Elope WILL find a way… As long as its not WP7 related of course.

  • ssdh

    All I hear are Windows phones, Windows 8, Mango, Tango, Apollo, crap…

    • MIP

      Of course, this site supports Nokia, remember?

  • Mac

    On a side note. Nokia is incurring heavy losses and they are talking about whats to come 6 months from now?! Would they even make it till then? They need to do something now and stop talking. Release that n9 pronto along with the belle devices. Ditch the anna update. It isnt even going to stem the tide that much and belle should be ready by now. Heck it should have been ready last year! Dish it out. Get the phones of the shelves with something totally fresh and hip. Were are the Qt s40 devices? All i see is the same old s40 with new icons. Common Nokia. Reinvent yourself. What have you learnt in all these years? Lets hope it isnt ‘how to die a painfull death’. Enough of this. Alot of us cant bare to watch you implode! It is just sad and painfull to watch. Deliver now. Forget mwc for now. Fix your current dillemma first.

  • XFCE-Desktop

    Elop will need to drive down Nokia’s value faster by not releasing a good phone this year and destroy the N9 by not releasing it globally before Microsoft can buy them. That’s his only mission at Nokia.

    • Harangue

      And if Nokia is bought by MS, how is that utterly bad? As long as they keep their values up; good hardware and generally the best PHONES out there I won’t moan.

      As a customer what would you lose if MS bought Nokia? (Considering they would maintain to manufacture as they do) Perhaps MeeGo efforts would be halted but other than that, what would you precisely lose?

      The hatred for MS is just madness, most of the people writing those comments do it on MS powered machines. Heck, perhaps even this blog is powered by a MS powered server.

      BTW; I’m not a MS fanboy by far, I only own a Windows 7 powered desktop that is all. But the hatred the commenters here display at times is just insane.

      • Just Visiting

        @Harangue..So true.

      • I think more people are bothered by the fact that MeeGo is going away for MS, not MS by itself. Once people saw how outstanding the N9 came out to be, imagining that they wouldn’t have it is detrimental. But I personally would not want Nokia bought out by MS, not really because of the OS’s but the research and technology Nokia brought to the table was/is leagues beyond other manufacturers, so to have a company take that over, I don’t see the quality going up.

        • Harangue

          If you were to drop in to Nokia related news just since a few months I can understand some people wanted to see the N9 and future siblings come along.

          But… The N9 was nowhere to be seen at the time of the MS announcement. Yet the rage already ensued from that day forward. I’ll admit I had it initially as well, but that was before reading up on WP and partialy because I wanted Nokia to go it alone.

          But after reading more and more about both Nokia, MS and the general status of the market the whole deal makes more sense. Admittedly I would still like to see the N9 make some headway but I can also see that the N9 is not suited for the less tech savy people.

          Far to much freedom, hence things to go wrong. WP is excellent for the masses, at least the philosophy behind it. The UI is still up for debate, I’m not fully sold on it either. However, Molly Wood (Cnet) was given a WP device coming from Android and loved the ‘at a glance interface’

          Something MeeGo should have also presented according to Marko Ahtisaari. People needed to look up from their screen again. Granted, the N9 does bring a fast way to interact with your device, but I don’t see how it is built with ‘at a glance’ in mind. Besides the swipe concept it is much the same like either Android, iOS or even Symbian. (leaving the sheer power aside)

          Not meaning to be pro WP here btw, but I’m just so amazed every time I open the comment section here and read the utter rage of people either against MS or WP for reasons that are often so petty or based on experience with something unrelated that the joy of coming here has been diminishing by the week. Heck, I’m even holding of on writing something here just because of the level of hate lately.

          You can love the N9, you can love WP or you can even love both. But is it really necessary to love one and hate the other? I don’t think so!

          • Hypnopottamus

            What an excellent post! I too am very turned off by the anti WP7/MS vitriol that seems to permeate the comment sections lately. It is one thing to be critical of WP7, which there is much to be critical about, but it appears that anyone who comes on here just uttering the word WP7 or MS immediately gets labelled a fanboy. It has gotten so bad someone even called for Elop’s assassination! Unreal!! Hopefully, over time people will get cooler heads about this merger. I will say, though, the writers here @ MNB have been very level headed about this merger and has become a very valuable source of Nokia info (including, thankfully, WP7).

          • MIP

            “The N9 was nowhere to be seen at the time of the MS announcement.”


            By all accounts Nokia had a MeeGo device ready to be launched around last Christmas, which Elop canned.

            But since it doesn’t support your theory it’s much easier to completely avoid that fact.

            • Harangue

              Was there any sign of the N9 you see now? the N950 yes, but the N9? Or the Swipe UI?

              Nothing was seen of that in early february.

      • Tom

        Never mind actual problems with the evil empire’s products.

        Here are a few reasons to dislike Microsoft that come to mind.

        1) Unlawful monopolistic practices
        (found guilty in the US and Europe)
        2) Environmental record
        (17th of 18 according to Greenpeace, Nokia=#1)
        3) Sendo and other phone vendors
        4) Censoring in China

        There is a reason everyone is using a MS computer with office and IE. You don’t actually think it’s because they were the best do you?

      • Ronnie Raygun

        It’s bad for Finland, which is the country I live in. Nokia is important in this country, both economically and techologically. And it is important as a great achievement from a very small nation of only 5,3 million people. So yes, Microsoft buying Nokia would be very bad indeed. Elop is the biggest mistake Nokia has ever made. One that will most likely end Nokia.

        It’s bad for customers, because you can kiss goodbye to MeeGo & Qt (and any future open source OS) and the freedom that open source culture, that has been part of Nokia, gives you. It will be closed and restricted when Microsoft gets it’s way.

        It will be end to true innovation that Nokia has always been doing regardless of the bad management not taking properly advantage of it.

        It would be bad for doing environmentally frienly and ethical business. Both of which Nokia has been known to care about but MS (or American companies in general) not.

        Then there’s the monopolistic concerns that it would create. Why would anyone want MS to be in the same position in mobile than it is in PC? One company ruling both markets is very bad for all kinds of reasons.

        I would like to see Nokia survive Elop and continue as a great, different and independent mobile company with its own OS’s. And if someone were to buy Nokia then it’s better if it’s Samsung than Microsoft.

        • Ash


          Although I would not like Samsung either. I hope Nokia weathers the storm Elop has created. Yes, they were on a slide but more so now that he has taken over as CEO.

  • Calvin H

    My guess is that it will be very awkward for Elop to explain why Q4 smartphones numbers are still in decline, why they haven’t been able to sell their 2 million WP7 phones and why Nokia won’t back Meego harmattan even though they’ve sold all their stock.

    • JD!

      Dont worry, shareholders are too dumb to react! They are already frozen on the Feb11 announcement. By the time they wake up… Nokia will be subsidary of MS.

      • Sa

        You are too dumb, shareholders are there to make money. And they have keen eye for profits. Calling them dumb makes u seem a troll.

  • first of all guys especially ninja one i don think the symbian 1 and 3 devices were making decent profits,
    i live in india and no where in the world u can find such peoples who are such a great fans of nokia bt frm the march of this year the things had started changing here even the lower end of nokia is not at all safe here bt frm yesterday when the shops were hitted by the new dual sim devices the some relaxation was here as i found out with in an hour 56 and 89 c2-03’s were instantly sold off frm two shops bt things before yesterday were outcasted by companies like gfive, micromax,etc has 36percent market share of feature phones here(india), and losing the ground in smart phones nokia did had market share of 39 percent this year bt this year it’s dropped down to 22 percent,
    and relatively market share of samsung increased in smartphones to 17.6 percent and still in the shops here there are more galaxies than symbian,
    now guys u c frm a country frm which nokia earn so enormous profits is also losing ground then there might be some need for a change and wp7 is the most agressive turn over of nokia bt it’s really sad that at same time they have underestimated meego and also closed symbian almost which they should have nt done by nokia either they should have extended their ecosystem of meego along with wp7 and same time they should nt have closed symbian bt have reduced it’s number models and wud allow the few gud developers to make a further development in symbian as it’s fans will run out to buy those also,
    my lone and only advice to all of you abt this post is that nothing to expect in next year frm nokia at mwc 12 as it will make u more happy when it will be announced next year as a surprise for everyone(even rival companies) bt still i expect a dual core nokia n8 successor.

  • i m really sory for faulty spellings ar i did typed this frm numeric mobile keypad.

  • i wud like to correct myself that it is c2-02 not c2-03.

    • Viipottaja

      Good to hear for Nokia that the dual sim phones are selling well in India.

      Perhaps Nokia’s financials will start leveling out from Q3 with the costs savings at home starting to take real effect, the inventory issues largely resolved, new S^3 phones’ pricing in place, dual sims out, N9 preordes to carriers and consumers starting to ship (hopefully) and to retail, the 500 is out and shiiping, and hopefully a trickle of the 600, 700, and 701 as well. Might even break even! πŸ˜€

  • XFCE-Desktop

    Here’s a great little piece from a Nokia fan in the UK:

    • Viipottaja

      I never knew so many Brits were so angry nowadays… Perhaps he wrote it on a break from rioting in London? Btw, the Devil (aka Elop) must have orchestrated those riots too, what with the reported destruction of many phone shops as well, just to make sure as few Symbians would get sold as possible.

      • BrownN9cover

        People like me bought Nokia because it was independent and not American. If it goes American there’s no more independence.

  • Ole

    If Nokia is to release WP phones only then it is godbye Nokia. F***k the americans. They can have the WP phones to them self…

    • Viipottaja

      Where will you go though?

      Well, I gather a Meego phone will eventually sometime in 2012 come out (N9 is not, its Harmattan-Meego) from an Asian manufacturer. Unless Meego dies altogether before that, of course. Oh and of course Meego is largely American.

      • Jay Montano

        Samsung and Bada.

      • Doffen

        Anything but MS WP and iOS will do… But Android is the best alternative unless MeeGo is supported by Nokia or another company in teh future.

    • outdated os


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