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I want those stands!

A few hours ago I was privileged with attending the Sydney launch of the Nokia Lumia 800 (and also the 710, which was announced at the event). Although, like most die hard Nokia fans, I knew most of the stuff they were talking about and could answer almost any question, I still learnt a few things, and had a really good time.

A few things that came out of the event:

  • Both Lumia 800 & 710 to come to Australian market in March.
  • Lumia 800 RRP approx AUD$699 with 710 RRP at AUD$379
  • Lumia 800 will come in Black, Magenta, Cyan and WHITE!!! (Pictures don’t do the White any justice. Such beauty!)
  • Purity HD will also be released in March

Something I didn’t know, was that ALL the games available through the XBox tile, have a free trial demo. ALL of them. I knew free trials existed for apps, but on all games! That is something that strikes me as being a game changer. (Excuse the pun.) Also, they said Nokia Maps was becoming available to all WP, via a Marketplace download. Also, I asked about the White L800 case in the box. Unlike the N9, it is not a leather pouch, it is in fact the same black case as for the Black 800 🙁

What has lacked from launches has been statistics, whether device related, or app related. Although there is no hard proof, it was stated that;

  • Over 1 million Lumia devices shipped in Q4 2011
  • 93% satisfaction rate of the Windows Phone Mango experience
  • 90% recommendation rate
  • 300 new apps added to Marketplace daily
  • Fastest growing app store
  • 15 Million tracks already on Nokia Music

As with other Lumia launches, the same themes echoed;

  • Lumia 800 is an extension of the N9’s beauty
  • Nokia’s Location Assests are the biggest differentiating factor
  • Lumia design means exceptional RF
  • Unique Music Offering (Nokia Music, mix radio etc.)
  • Targets both consumer (social networking, apps, games etc.) and enterprise (office suite, hardware acceleration, IRM, Microsoft Lync etc.)
  • Hardware and Software is important, but by joining with MSFT, Nokia have tapped into that ecosystem
  • MSFT thrilled with partnership, due to Nokia’s unrivaled knowledge of the mobile industry
  • Best thing is all key features are built-in and there isn’t a need to have “an app for that” like its competition
  • Extension of the User Experience many have been used to using Windows PC for years

For the Australians reading this, there is already a lot of local content being published, such as a Taxi app, that lets you book, and track its approach all from the device, as well as a Pizza Hut app, where you can order and then track that order. The Lumia 800 will be on all major carriers (Vodafone, Telstra, Optus, Virgin) and most retailers, so there is choice for operator which is good. Sadly, if you’re interested in the 710, it will only be on Optus and Virgin. Luckily though, at AUD$379, you wont be out of pocket too much.

As always, asked a few questions here and there, but nobody really revealed too much. There was talk about the Apollo leak and where the WP Platform was going in the future. Especially with aligning the PC/Tablet/Mobile experience thanks to Windows 8. When it came to devices and software updates, I was told to keep an eye on MWC. Let’s hope it isn’t a let down.

Something that came across as I wandered the event was the marketing strategy that needs to be implemented. It was the general consensus that the Ads need to show the device in action. I made the suggestion of having the “Smoked by Windows Phone” style ad, showing the ease and speed of the devices, as well as showing features like “Pocket to Picture in under 5 seconds”.

Here is a little photo gallery I have from the event, complete with Lumia M&M’s and all. Unfortunately, they ran out of gift bags, but one is apparently on the way to my house as I type this. I know there won’t be a device, but maybe something else like Lumia Macaroons or Lumia Chocolates wouldn’t go astray :p

Were you at the Launch event today? Or have you been to a launch in your country? Let me know in the comments below

Update: Got the info pack, here’s its contents;

Info sheets on Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and Purity HD, Two Movie tickets, Coloured Notepad with Post-it notes, 2GB "Nokia" USB with datasheets, press info etc., Lumia M&M's and Lumia Sherbet Lollies

Huge thanks to Fuel Communications and Nokia for letting me be there.



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