UK’s White Nokia Lumia 800 at Phones4U by March 6?

| February 14, 2012 | 11 Replies

Esphoneblog reports on news that the White Nokia Lumia 800 might reach UK shores by March 6th.

Phones4U (one of two retailers on Nokia UK’s page in addition to the major mobile networks) shows this date on their site.


Note the delivery date says March 6 though there’s no clearer indication that you won’t get this until then as you can possibly pass through the entire order process unaware of this.


Esphoneblog Via WMPoweruser


Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!


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  • Steve Barker

    Why wait for a white, blue, red or even green Lumia 800 when, for just over £10, you can buy a genuine Nokia soft-case to transform your existing black device?

    I bought one of the green variety yesterday and within seconds of walking out onto the High Street I had fitted it and changed the theme to ‘Lime.’

    Voila! Instant new-phone feeling.

    These cases fit so well and add so little to the device I can’t see the point of waiting.

  • Jax

    And yet it’s still almost impossible to find a white N9 anywhere.
    Gee, I wonder why that is….

    • Jax

      And black 64GB availability always been piss-poor.
      And the other models not much better.

    • Mark

      i just got one today

      • Jax

        Well, it’s only officially available in a handful of countries.
        I too can get one here if I really want to…
        But doing that is nowhere near as good as having it officially available.
        I’ll prolly get it here from a specialist importer + the caveats that entails.

    • benjimola

      because no one is buying them… it makes no sense making what only fanboys want

      • Jax

        That would make sense if it had decent availability to begin with, alas no.

        Logic fail.

  • Lovely!

    Personally I prefer black – it mises into Windows Phone Metro UI so nicely.

    • Jed

      That’s been my issue. I have a black N9 which I think I should have gotten in cyan because I think a cyan Lumia or any colour other than black might look better with certain tiles and worse with others. Minor gripe though, I can’t bring myself to have a black N9 and black Lumia, so the Lumia will be cyan. Not totally sold on the glossy white, however glossy white and 64gb might sway me…

  • Markus

    Personally I’d rather wait for the Lumia 900…Or if possible to get a white N9. At least it is good to see that the Lumia’s are starting to globally coming out… On a different note, great that Nokia has the genuine Nokia soft-case for the 800, but I love the idea of having a variety of colours to choose from than just the stand black. This to me will help Nokia as it has done in the past with the N8 and the N9. When I do cover my phone I will either use a clear case or one of those clear full body skins.

  • Steve