Video: Nokia’s Social Screens, a Command Centre View on Social Media with Agora

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Agora – a Greek term for congregation.

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Here’s something interesting from last week. Nokia understands the impact of Social Media on their marketing organization. They have some of the best bunch of guys on twitter, facebook and various blogs for communicating and organizing events in the community and with Agora, have a way to visualise these online conversations. I love that Nokia does connect with everyone and as many people as they can get back to on the web. I always find it cool whenever I tweet a company or not even the company, just mention them or their product and someone gets back to you on your query.

There are 6 ‘windows’ as it were (not that kind of Windows). Note this video was produced back in August last year it seems.

  1. Nokia’s content
  2. Work from Nokia’s social channels (twitter/facebook/blogs)
  3.  Planning and editorial side on their global presences – gives a clear view on what’s coming up on the campaign calendar
  4. Content created by Nokia consumers (youtube videos/vimeo, flickr pics etc)
  5. Focusing on specific Nokia products and services, understanding the sentiment and volume of the conversations.
  6. Snapshot of how the Nokia brand is performing in media across the world.

Lol, look who got a mention here. Those TabCo guys who played on the possibility that they could be Nokia. Another year to dream for a Nokia tablet perhaps.

It’s a tool mainly to let Nokia know how they’re doing, what’s working, what went well and possibly what they could do better. Where are users interacting?

Agora, a social visualizer and conversation tool, brings online conversations to life in a new way at Nokia. With the help of Agora, employees from all across the company can come together to discuss, engage and understand the impact that social media is having on Nokia’s brand and products.

In ancient Greece, Agora was an open meeting area where citizens could come together, receive the latest news, and ultimately go away more informed. Nokia’s Agora is a 21st century replication of this. It is a physical manifestation of Nokia’s commitment to social media.

I want this screen set up. :p

I love consumer engagement.

Highlight people who like your campaigns and products, but also make sure you get in touch and assist those who might be having issues (like hey, Amazon delivering to wrong address and charging me for free postage! But that’s a one off for now as they’ve had an excellent track record with me. They’re a great example I think of another company that is looking after their consumers. You just feel more trusting of them and would more likely use them again. We’ll see if Amazon gets to sort this out tomorrow when their phone lines are back). As it said in the video, it’s not filtered.

In the screenshot below you have the @NokiaHelps on twitter. Nokia also communicates via several accounts (as well as through blogs and facebook), as well as localised accounts and then individual employees joining the mix of the ever vibrant Nokia community.

BTW, thanks Nokia for the mentions for MNB 🙂 I’m sure the people there are wondering what on earth this MNB ramble is all about that keeps popping up on screen 6 :p.

Cheers HaugMedia for the tip!


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