Gartner’s 2011 Marketshare numbers, Nokia on top for Phones.

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Just a heads up for you, Gartner has released their marketshare numbers for Q4 and 2011. They report that there was a 47.3% increase overall in global smartphone sales in 2011 vs 2010, with smartphones making up 472M units.

Total phone sales for Q4 2011 is 111,699.4 (thousands of units)  or 111.7M vs 92.7M. About 19M difference Q4 2011 vs 43M difference in Q4 2010. Samsung is also making significant leads in phones as well as smartphones. I distinctly remember a Channel 5 episode last year, or perhaps 2010 looking into a battle between some sub £50 phones where the Samsung won :(. I was quite surprised.

On the upside. Nokia has increased sales from Q3 2011 as they have been improving in their portfolio (Q3 2011 was 105,353.5). Remember Nokia had lagged behind in dual sims at the start of the year (as well as relatively weak smartphone portfolio), Q2 2011 sales was 97,869.3. Their Q1 2011 numbers was 107,556.1, so at least for 2011, Q4 managed to be an improvement considering the strength of the competition (and Samsung actively pursuing all methods to dethrone Nokia as the number 1 manufacturer of phones in the world – hence gradual ramp ups in sales). Note, Nokia’s own numbers for Q4 2011 was 113.5M.

For the year, Nokia has about 108.6M phones ahead in sales over Samsung.

For those interested, IDC’s report published last week is here.

Smartphone market share is as expected.  Note the numbers for Symbian isn’t just Nokia (hence 32M in Q4 2010). With all the other manufacturers combined, Android has 50.9% marketshare in Q4 2011.

Increase in sales must be in line with the increase of market growth and Nokia for the most part hasn’t been able to keep up with either. I don’t know how far back we have to go (just off out for dissection at 9 so I can’t check) but Q1 2010 we can see a sharp decline in Symbian already despite sales increasing, just because Android was selling that much more and Symbian was not able to compete in that regard. 27M at 27% in 2010 compared to 24M at 44%. Oh, btw where are the phone share details or do we have to work that one out? Anyway, have to go…


Source: gartner via gsmarena

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