WOAH! Nokia Teases Pure View? (possible N8 successor footage?)

| February 21, 2012 | 164 Replies

Getting straight to the point, Nokia just released this video that teases their ‘Pure View; Pure Detail” the video ends with “Feb 27th” which is the date of Nokias MWC Keynote speech; something tells me this is going to be LEGENDARY

Note: the video is in 1080p I get the feeling that this is actual footage shot on the 808 or whatever it’s being called! #SoExcited

The video description:

Stay tuned for the latest news from Nokia at Mobile World Congress, February 27th to March 1st 2012. For real time updates from the event, follow us on Twitter at

Side Note: I love the new teasing that Nokia has started pulling off (first with the flash second ads of the N9 then all the WP/Nokia teases- builds the tension and brings people in; they’re doing it right.

Update (Jay) Just a little reminder on this image from Saturday.

Now look at it in the context of pureview 😉



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