Holy Moly: I have Nokia N9 PR1.2 Update available for my N9.

| February 27, 2012 | 133 Replies

Talk about Nokia News Overload.

Nokia N9 PR1.2 Update is on time as promised and as mentioned by Michael. Earlier than the 29th Feb expectation.

I’ve also got a bunch of other updates. Skype yay :) I don’t have to wait around for the 900.

Cheers Antti for the tip!

Make sure it’s charged. It won’t update in case it runs out of juice. Even if it looks like you’ve got enough.

Now it’s ok


Right – off to uni.

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  1. dsan9 says:

    I’ve got my update using commands in developer mode (apt-get update & apt-get dist-upgrade, as root (devel-su -), via ssh).

    Disappointingly, there is NO Skype Video yet – and that’s a bloody rip-off from Nokia’s part.

    • knut says:

      hi, I am a bit reluctant when it comes to do the flash update using phoenix, and navifirm files, especially since antivirus programs could destroy files and lead to a bricked phone. This way of forcing upgrades through developer mode and shell commands seems better !! what are the excact commands you used in shell, and in what order ??

  2. JB says:

    Finnish phone in US, wifi only (not on a carrier) — update available and worked, now at 1.2PR 1.2. Haven’t had much chance to play around with it so far but seems good — just wish they’d eliminated my one major gripe of insisting on a screen lock when you set up an exchange account (oy….).

  3. Bob says:

    Also in the US here – I used the NaviFirm tool to download a global PR1.2 update for my 64GB black N9. Using flasher it updated quickly and after initial slowdown (due to logging and syncing everything back to the phone) everything seems to be working flawlessly. YMMV, but it worked OK for me to go from 1.1_PR005 to 1.2_PR001.

    I haven’t gotten too deeply into it, but the folders functionality is quite nice and i’m glad to have it. Some of the other changes (video calling) I haven’t seen yet.

    The only issue so far i’ve seen is that I had to reinstall some dpkg’ed apps and reset tweaks (which is fine by me as I messed around far too much with the tweak tools anyways ;-) An unexpected advantage of flashing a global firmware, versus waiting for the Canada region (which is where my phone was initially flahed) was it did not disable wifi hotspot functionality out of the box.

  4. Roma says:

    Chines version No updates in Greece

  5. Fritz says:

    I’m from the Philippines. Nothing yet :)

    • Fritz says:

      Forgot to post an update but Philippines got ours on March 2. Updated mine and also had the battery drain problem as do some of the guys who got the update OTA. Peeved but still observing it to this day.

      • Kartos says:

        Surprising to see so many people posting battery problems after the PR1.2 update? My phone lasts about 3 days now, after I updated to PR1.2 while it lasted only a day, before I did this update.

      • CLiNT says:

        March 2? I’m in Phils and it’s still not available for me today… I don’t know if it’s because I’m here in mindanao…

        • Saul says:

          ["March 2? I’m in Phils and it’s still not available for me today…"]

          It’s not as simple as what country you’re in.
          Try reading some of the extensive threads at talk.maemo.org etc.

  6. Jashor says:


  7. Robbie says:

    in the US on tmobile. white n9 from Thailand. just got the update notification XD

  8. pat says:

    Im from the philippines, update OTA workin fine now!

  9. Kartos says:

    Got my firmware PR1.2 update yesterday morning in Singapore. The phone battery performance has improved 3 fold after the update. Awesome new features like folders, notifications, camera. Kudos Nokia for such an awesome phone!!

  10. Chinmay says:

    i bought my n9 in australia…. but i m in india for a while and got message on my screen abt update being available….and i successfully did it…new camera feature for 8 shutter…folder option in main menu…new colour schemes…and could be few more…yet to discover those… *happy-happy*

  11. David says:

    I updated my Phone but it didnt updated fully and shut down how can i re update again?

  12. santiago says:

    Someone knows if in Argentina it will come up this new update?
    And my phone is from Tierra del Fuego , what do you recomend me?Wait or flash it?

  13. sundarraj says:

    i am using n9 16GB black bought in UK but using in here in India still didnt receive the device update notification.

    Any idea about device update in India….

  14. DIL AGHA says:

    I my name is Dil Agha i am from Afghanisan

    I updated my Phone but it didnt updated fully and shut down how can i re update again?

  15. anne.lones says:

    i haven’t updated my n9 yet. do i need to update it to pr1.1 before pr1.2 or can i just update it to pr1.2?

    • Saul says:

      Why the hell are you necro-ing?
      No you don’t…..
      Don’t post here, research at talk.maemo.org.

      • anne.lones says:

        what do you mean by “no you don’t” didn’t catch that right

        • Saul says:

          You don’t have to update to 1.1 1st…
          If you’re getting the notice for 1.2, just bloody do it.
          I jumped from 1.0 to 1.2 no issues whatsoever. It’s called streamlined updates, they’re a common modern phenomenon.

          • anne.lones says:

            i see…

            i’m not really a techie person, that’s why i have no idea with such stuff…

            thanks for helpin me out, tho.. :D

            • Saul says:

              If you’re getting the update notice then you’re one of the lucky ones.
              If you weren’t then you’d have to research how to manually update/flash to PR1.2.
              Not common, but it does happen to a small subset of users for various reasons.
              It’s not scary or hard to do though, & there’s plenty of info out there to help you.
              But as you’re getting the notice just update to PR1.2 via it.
              I would recommend doing it over WiFi though, not 3G.
              Best to be plugged into to power outlet too, just to be safe.

            • Saul says:

              No more Qns here please, take them to talk.maemo.org.

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