Holy Moly: I have Nokia N9 PR1.2 Update available for my N9.

| February 27, 2012 | 133 Replies

Talk about Nokia News Overload.

Nokia N9 PR1.2 Update is on time as promised and as mentioned by Michael. Earlier than the 29th Feb expectation.

I’ve also got a bunch of other updates. Skype yay :) I don’t have to wait around for the 900.

Cheers Antti for the tip!

Make sure it’s charged. It won’t update in case it runs out of juice. Even if it looks like you’ve got enough.

Now it’s ok


Right – off to uni.

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  1. Rahul says:


    You got an OTA update? Nothing here ….

    And no hard feelings about the name mate. :)

    • addict says:

      @Rahul :
      you’re right, an OTA update, nothing via NSU yet.
      30.2012.07-1 file size : 283.7 Mo.
      Anyway, I can’t download it atm. Maybe the servers are overloaded.
      Here are my device details : 20.2011.40.-4_PR_001
      When I bought it in Geneva, it was a _PR009 variant but after flashing it came back as _PR001. Read somewhere that there are very few differences between these two.
      Sorry for poor english, I’m French…

      • Rahul says:

        Did you flash it to a generic version or are you still on the Swiss variant? And your English is more than fine, it is good.

        • addict says:

          I didn’t flash my device, Rahul, Nokia did via their technical support at http://www.sacel.fr I wasn’t able to update via NSU nor OTA to PR1.1 last November. So I had to send it for care. Originally, it was a …. PR_009 and it is now a PR_001. Nokia changed the software variant. Who knows why…

          If you need some help, you can trust SACEL. Your Nokia device (if bought in EU, Switzerland, Turkey and Iceland) will be repaired for free for two years – Proof of purchase and IMEI needed, of course).

          Nokia Care centers are unable to provide tech support for Nokia N9.

          Good news : PR1.2 installed. Worth the price (I’m kidding). Via data plan : OK. Via Wi-Fi : KO.

  2. Ping says:

    No updates for Taiwan too : (((

  3. Chris P says:

    Wheres PR1.1 for the Swedish handset?? Let alone PR1.2. Ridiculous.

  4. Mohammed Ayman says:

    nothing here “I bought my device in Saudi Arabia” and nothing is on navifirm as well

  5. hosam eldin says:

    i am in saudi arabia and until now we dont have any updates also

  6. Tiago Silva says:

    I have it available on Portugal (but mine is an Austrian model bought on Amazon.de). I’m doing a backup as we speak.

  7. hosam eldin says:

    android app available or no at the new update ?

  8. Ville says:

    Updating in Finland… Can’t wait to get my hands on to some new features…

  9. Charlie says:

    so far ive found it extremly laggy the new features are there but after upadate the N9 is extremly slow!!

  10. Kamo says:

    Any word if that Account issue has been sorted (losing password etc)

  11. W-A says:

    mine was slow as well, turning it on and enough and disabling the gmail account solved it. Afterwards you can reactivate the gmail account, but it’s trying to sync something that slows it down in the beginning.

  12. Thomas F says:

    Do you have video call ? just updated my n9, i have folders, dropbos, and other stuff, but no video calling :-(

  13. Tiago Silva says:

    It’s lagging a bit but it’s still updating applications. My slooooow WiFi at work…

  14. jtron says:

    im in US, i think my n9 is from australia or something, not sure. im trying to refresh update list and its taking forever. when it finally refreshes, no PR 1.2 update. whats up with that?

    • Stephens_Eloped says:

      My N9 shows nothing as well, but common sense dictates that not all country variants will be released at the same time. If they originally said end of Feb, I’d wait a few more days before you throw your N9 out of the window in a fit of rage. Remember Symbian Anna took MONTHS…..

    • incognito says:

      What’s the country code of your device? (You can read it on the bottom of the micro-SIM tray)

      • M says:

        hey which firmware do you recommend to flash to… i was thinking either Central European or maybe the Global one

        • incognito says:

          There’s no global firmware for the N9. To this day it appears that the Finnish variant always gets the updates on the day one, which is why I’d recommend that one, unless you need some specific keyboard mappings not available in the Finnish firmware (but then again, you can add them on top of it if really needed).

  15. danilka3250 says:

    I got mine today too! From Estonia

  16. Black N9(wish it was 950) 16GB - waiting for the white one says:

    Not available yet on my Middle east variant. I guess it would take a week or so more just like the PR1.1.

  17. Shaun says:

    Not unsurprisingly my N9 update landed before my C7 Belle update which is still ‘awaiting approval’.

    After giving the update a while to settle and all the updates to download and data caches to update it’s running great for me.

  18. Joana says:

    Dear Nokia, as you can see N9 turns on emotions of ppl from all over the world. Some call this howling succes, while others call this “last phone of this kind”. How about to start thinking about making money on product we sell instead of keep paying for marketing of product which is poor and unwanted? Who cares about unwanted products? Marketers pomping up money into FUBAR creap to call it marwelous? King is naked. Time to get back to work from fantasies – how do you think WHAT PEOPLE ON THE MARKET WANT? Another N9 successor (hmm… first one rather) or another strange something in role of gadget to use in marketing of dead body? Have you seen the movie with party at Bernie? The actor has won Oscar prise but contrary to All-We-Know-Which-System he had something to show, and he was gifted, not marketed for to hudge money, which could be spend reasoneably for something usefull. Greettings to Nokia’s buyers belowed CEO! All comedies ends at one day with writtings: THE END.

  19. M says:

    Ok so I have what I’m guessing to be an Australian country variant. Any suggestions on which is the best to flash it to?

  20. Yemi says:

    Singapore version here in U.S with no update yet. Im guessing it will be here by 29th. I hope!!

    No flashing for me. I even waited for my E7 Anna and Belle updates patiently.

  21. Derek says:

    australian variant here and no update and nothing in navifirm either.

  22. noyon says:

    I’m from BANGLADESH! and I love NOKIA N9!!!!

    ”no update yet//

  23. Ricky says:

    No update available for Malaysia until now. :)

  24. Khoa says:

    No updates available yet for the Vietnam variant.

  25. slw says:

    Norway’s waiting too..

    • knut says:

      Indeed ! pretty annoying that We here in Norway are the last european country to receive the update. I have product code 059L7S2 16 gb black, I think that is a swedish product code, since it is bougth through a swedish internet site\store, but still no luck. I see that the update is available on navifirm, but no OTA or NSU update for us poor N9 owners here in Norway ?!?!?!

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