Nokia 808 PureView has 1/1.2″ sensor, 2.5x the size of N8. 5 years in development. (Sample photos)

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With the amount of information about Nokia and the Nokia 808 PureView it has been rather overwhelming getting all the details in. I feel Nokia undersold it during the presentation. This 41mp sensor in a phone has our much loved xenon AND  LED for video.  If you have the time, please read:

As we had hoped, Nokia doesn’t just play with numbers for the fun of it. They take imaging seriously. (3X lossless zoom in 1080p video, 6x in 720p, 12x in nHD) We have seen from N8 how amazing the zoom is. This steps it up even more.

The Nokia N8 had the largest sensor ever in a mobile phone and even several point and shoots at 1/1.83. The Nokia 808 PureView is 2.5 times that.


The Nokia PureView Pro comes is equipped with an even larger sensor, 1/1.2” approximately 2.5 larger than the sensor used
in the Nokia N8. The result is an even larger area to collect photons of light. With PureView we’re continuing to make choices focused on performance rather than pixels for pixels’ sake. Fewer but better pixels can provide not just better image and video quality, but better overall user experience and system capability.

Anyone have comparison charts with other cameras regarding sensor size? Definitely eating pocket cams and mega zooms.

Here’s an article at Wikipedia:

Someone commented that this was a sample photo.It’s not even an official one, cloudy day. This isn’t full size (and in PNG).

Here are apparently proper sample photos. Not full size either.

The max output should be 38MP. But what we’re really interested in is how this looks in the more usual resolutions in various conditions. I want to see night photos. This sensor is huge. It should be even better at low light (sans flash) and even more so with flash that’s apparently brighter than that of the N8 (it was smaller than N82’s flash and weaker – the N8’s sensor assisted a lot in bringing in the light, as should this 1/1.2″ beast).

Hey, 808 looks nicer in this pic. Reminds me a little (as a few have commented) of the N97 at the back. It makes sense it looks like that. Nokia has been developing this phone for 5 years.

Remember from the first link, Nokia was just waiting for the processing power to meet what they required-

“PureView imaging technology is the result of many years of research and  development and the tangible fruits of this work are amazing image quality, lossless zoom,  and superior low light performance…

…One of the reasons the Nokia 808 PureView has taken so long to develop is down to processing power.

We simply couldn’t get hold of enough. Even the most powerful mobile chipsets have an upper limit of
around 20Mpix image processing capability. The Nokia 808 PureView eats up more than double that.
For video, the amount of pixels handled through the processing chain is staggering — over 1 billion
pixels per second, and 16x oversampling. That’s a throughput of pixels 16 times greater than many
other smartphones.






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