Official Untouched Nokia 808 Sample pics from 41MP sensor. Zoom in and enhance! (38MP samples)

| February 27, 2012 | 77 Replies

Got a message from Adam that they have a sample pictures available.  Note these are bad crops I quickly did in paint. Check out the full size yourself.

Click to download

Also note, the file sizes vary from 9mb – 13mb. Actually, the 9MB is the 38MP shot. That’s absolutely not bad at all. My old Sammy point and shoot took some 7mb files for 12mp and I can see my N8 had much more detail in smaller file sizes (superior compression and optics)


Pretty neat stuff!


Crickey (cheers abcd)

More over at

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  1. arts says:

    Faith in Nokia : RESTORED.

  2. kaung says:

    This is shocking!

  3. TheBootroo says:

    Now the same in N9 form factor (button free) and with Maemo 6 harmattan or even Maemo 7 Meltemi, with Qt5 and QML 2 and it would be EPIC WIN !

  4. Srikanth says:

    I just cannot digest this news!

  5. Srikanth says:


  6. lordstar says:

    That’s crazy zoom right there. Makes me think that Nokia has a plan b with their windows phone strategy.. haha

    • Tor Slettnes says:

      Unfortunately Elop the MS Puppet was hired specifically in order to transition from Symbian and Maemo/Meego to Windows phone. So despite several technical glitches and PR fiascos (such as many of their Windows phones not being able to run Angry Birds due to inefficient memory ussage, frequent crashes, etc), there is simply no way to stop the train wreck with him in charge.

      Nokia’s Board of Directors have also been running around like headless chicken for many years — predating Elop by quite a bit. We’re not likely to see any sense from them.

      Really, really too bad. Symbian was (and in many ways still is) the most sophisticated phone OS out there – period. If they put some cohesive effort into it (support multiple CPU cores, polish the UI much earlier — Belle is great but about 2 years late…), they would still be unbeatable.

      I like Nokia and Symbian. The 808 Pureview camera is just out of this world. Still, I face a serious dilemma in whether to actually get this phone now that the OS is going to be unsupported and application developments as good as halted, or if I should go with a Sony Xperia Ion — the next best thing as far as cameras are concerned, but a bit more future proof (4G, large screen, HD screen resolution, and still a very respectable image sensor with good low light performance). Android, at least, is here to stay for a while.

  7. mitun says:

    how much is this beast going to cost?
    My contract ends next month in netherlands.
    So I want it.
    And when is it going to be released?

    • incognito says:

      Released in May, target price (incl. early-adopters tax): 450€ before VAT. If you can be patient till August/September, you’d probably be able to get it for 400-450€ incl. taxes.

      • mitun says:

        August or september are u kidding me.
        I will get it when it is released.
        I have nokia X6 now.
        It is slow but it gets my job done of”Good camera , browsing, email, Nimbuzz”
        I dont need a dual core I need a Nokia .
        This phone is amazing.

  8. noki says:

    Ok I’m impressed The phone is ugly as well as a nokia 808 but the photos are amazing.

  9. Zhi says:

    This is like the Susan Boyle of phones! Maybe they should call it Symbian Boyle?

  10. J says:

    N9, Lumia 800, Lumia 900, 808…

    I don’t know why I have to buy every quality phone they release but I just do…

  11. yang says:


  12. Jack says:

    WOW!….as i was about to buy an iPhone….*thinking hard!

    kudos to nokia!

  13. Niclas says:

    Really AMAZING!!!!

    Sick camera, all others HW options a mobile needs, as well as Xenon, HDMI, xenon-blitz, memorycard, NFC, Belle OS, FM-transmitter, Nokia Maps, what more can we ask for ???

    This will be my next mobile:-)

  14. Cosmin says:

    Nice try but that is FAKE !

    You can not have in same photo everything in focus no matter how many pixels!
    So… you can zoom in the guy, but then the girl in photo (which is for sure more far away) should be out of focus and you can not zoom on it and stay crisp !
    Even then… it has a little lens and no anti-shake… where it was the guy shooting that picture – looks like an heli to me… so how is this picture so perfect?

    • sml says:

      Sorry, but your argument is invalid.

      Think about the fixed focus cameras. How come they don’t need to be focused at all, and still make sharp pictures from varying distances? Then go and learn about the “Depth Of Field” and how aperture, lens and sensor size affects it.

  15. Samarth Singh says:

    I own a Nokia N8 and I had an internet talk to Sir Damian Dinning earlier.
    I once suggested the “real zoom”, to resize the image as per zoom levels, with no upscaling.
    Glad to see it implemented now, albeit with a different approach than what I gave.

    My ownership experience with N8 was amazingly good, like no other phone before.

    If this PV 808 has good headphone audio quality (like N8 or better), then I’ll purchase it.
    As far as 808′s camera is concerned, I’m convinced.

    OS is also one of the safest in the market, so its good, but it just needs some more free apps for basic tasks. N8′s camera is still amazing and will remain so.

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