Accessories: Colourful Nokia Portable Charger sticks, Nokia DC-16

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More cool Nokia accessories!

This is the Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger DC-16. Basically it’s a pocket portable charger. I’ve got some from other manufacturers (before Nokia began making their own) and they’re so useful! If you know you’ll be using your phone heavily for a long period of time and that might be quite away from a charging source, then something like this would come in handy. e.g. travelling or video recording for long extended amounts etc.

The Nokia Unversal Portable USB Charger DC-16 (Oh Nokia, why no memorable name) is an unconventional design, it’s like a stick of dynamite or a big long battery.


It comes in Nokia’s usual four bright colours, blue, pink, black, and white and comes with it’s own short microUSB cable that matches the colour of the battery pack. Thank goodness it looks like a thick cable as often, they might come in a weak retractable cable that breaks should you look at it the wrong way.

I might show you my other portable chargers tomorrow to see what they’re like. Quite important is the amount of charge it holds – for something of this size, Nokia has managed to pack 2200mAh. They say that’s enough for 2 cycles (though most likely will depend if your phone has zero charge, what’s being used etc).

  • 23.3 mm x 23.3 mm x 120 mm
  • 75g
  • LED charging status indicatorPower indicator key
  • Fast charging with 950 mA output < quite high for a tiny device.
  • Up to 3 months standby time with up to 75% capacity

Here’s a video of it.


Thanks Sym^3 for the tip


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  • Nonikhanna

    Its sexy and it knows it…..

    • Ruben


  • Meade


  • With Nokia DC-16, Nokia would have took the center stage of today’s MWC 2012

  • can’t be helped

    dildo shape?

    • delanz

      multi purpose ehh…

    • kiff

      So, it provides juices to cell phones and…another things?

      Jokes aside, it looks really nice, Nokia had one of these chargers, I think it is called DC-10 or DC-11, but it is way bigger. This one seems more portable.

  • Twig

    I have the flat Nokia charger that fits in a front pocket, but these are cool looking? They do look like something else though,dont they? It do,it do!! Sexy and it knows it. lol

  • stylinred

    2 Cycles?! i thought nokias page simply said 1 full charrge? this is awesome a definite must have (never trusted the 3rd party ones0

  • S2Korpio

    How the heck did you guys manage to relate these to a sex toy is beyond my imagination.

    • DesR85

      Probably need a psychonaut to enter into their minds to get an idea. Or to put it simply, they hung out on the net for too long. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • stylinred

      i know right? i was thinking it looked like a Tampon it didnt even dawn on me about a vibrator


  • Jonathan

    I guess that this will be fine with the N9, but both it and the N950 both conform to the USB Dumb Charger standard. I bought a Veho pebble and using a standard USB lead, it wouldn’t negotiate to give enough current to charge the phone. Nokia confirmed this and that using a shorted out USB lead (the solution according to Google) voids warranty.

    Would be great if Nokia could confirm this will work with the N9

    • Pekka (from DC-16 team)

      DC-16 charges N9 nicely and fast, like any other micro-USB device ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jonathan

        That’s great news. Any idea roughly when we’ll be seeing these in the shops?

        • Pekka (from DC-16 team)

          Availability depends on your location but we start shipping on early April. Ask your local retailer to take it fast ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ruben

    Hi Jay!

    Any idea on how much this costs? They look really cool.


    • Pekka (from DC-16 team)

      Street price is decided by the shops itself. We would expect it to be something like 25 to 30 Euro. Good deal for you money!

  • raunstat

    Works well pretty excellent for my galaxy S3.. multifunctional and high power output

  • totally wastage of money! i can charge my lumia 520 ontly upto 85 to 90% (one time) and afterthat, its charge gets empty!


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