Nokia 808 Smokes Windows Phone

| February 28, 2012 | 45 Replies

So after getting back from the Nokia Keynote we all got a chance to walk around the MWC floor and take a good look around at the other booths; I came across the familiar Windows Phone Challenge where they see which phone can preform faster (your phone or a Windows phone). SO having my recently acquired PROTOTYPE 808 in my pocket I decided to compete against the Lumia 800 (all fun and games between Nokia devices); the challenge was taking a photo while the phone was in your pocket and sending it in a text message- (of course earlier today Damien Dinning told us that the 808 can capture a photo from the lock screen in less then a second) so I went at it and the 808 smoked the lumia 800; I got a 100 euros for winning and all :) – don’t know if the video will be uploaded or not but I hope so (also the camera launch is slow in this prototype so imagine how the real thing is)

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