Will You Buy the Nokia 808 PureView?

| February 28, 2012 | 161 Replies

It’s not even 24 hours, but there’s been quite a lot of info on the new Nokia 808 PureView.


Do you think you will be buying this handset? Are you looking for a different Nokia PureView? Or are you interested in a completely different phone still?

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  • Sayumi

    I think this would be the best in the Series…

    Looking back at the N8 up to X7 line up… For me N8s the best!

    But still hoping a higher spec PureView phone… Matching the Dual(Quad)Core and higher RAM etc etc of other Brands…

  • lolwat

    After having had the N8 for a long time, I will be looking forward to owning the 808 without question. I’m actually glad it’s Belle and not WP, although I was kind of hoping to get a taste of WP. Regardless of what OS would’ve been on that phone, I would buy it.

    It’s so… sublime.

  • DesR85

    I chose maybe a different Pureview phone. Just didn’t like the design of the 808. Hopefully Nokia will come up with a a better design for future Pureview devices.

    • Saul

      Is it really the “design” or just that you don’t want to try/use a 2nd/3rd OS?

      • Saul

        Remembering that this is a very diff. best (even more-so within 12mth) to even 1st gen Symbian^3 devices.

        • Saul


      • DesR85

        I said design. No more, no less. Never said anything about what OS its running, so why did you assume I did?

  • Lee

    Almost Certainly once my current N8 contract expires in September. The camera on this is a beast!

  • I have one question: Can I use it with MeeGo? If yes then this is OK with me.

  • Deaconclgi

    Definately, no doubt about it. I am saving up already and I have a friend that owns a mobile shop that can fast track one for me when it goes on sale!

    Good times are ahead.

  • npo4

    Nope, I’m considering the Nokia 700 now, but I might wait until it gets cheaper first.

  • Jesse

    I am thinking about it. No way I can use it as my primary phone but it would be awesome for days out where I know I will be taking pictures!

  • jake20

    if i can buy in sim free and use it in the states on AT&T netowrk, then YES!!

  • D Harries

    The problem with multiple phones for sale is I could have just bought a Lumia with a 2 year contract, and then this just gets announced.

  • rueaka

    I was inclined to get a N9 but now …
    Difficult choice, if only it was a meego device :\
    Any hope for an “experimental” “Qt flagship device” with PureView ?

  • Thomas F

    My guess is that if this technology has been in the pipeline for the last 4-5 years, this technology will have been prepared for the Meamo/meego platform. Up until a year ago Meego was the future Nokia Platform ( hope is actually still is) and therefore i do not think that they would not have done this integration already. The problem/challenge is Elop and his blind WP fascination. Nokia needs more than one high end platform, Symbian is ok for now, but a new system is neded and that is where i see Harmattan. Harmattan is not 100% ready yet, it still lags many of the functions that makes Symbian so versatile, but give Nokia 1 year, and it will be perfect.

  • Bharathesh Acharya

    I still use nokia 5610 XM . . . i need a replacement ASAP, was thinking of N8 but i guess i’l wait for this 🙂

  • Rustyknight17

    Definitely will get this , though I may wait a few months for the price to go down a bit …I think the design , though not as original as the N8 , is certainly handsome , even … friendly , for lack of a better term .
    I also think this technology willshow up in WP , though certainly not before Apollo , if then . As for Meego , I rather suspect it can , with the 808’s hatdware specs , handle PureView . I’d love to see a N9 successor with PureView and hopefully a QWERTY physical keyboard !

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