Poll and pics: Nokia 808 PureView – White, Red or Black?

| February 29, 2012 | 45 Replies


Now that we’ve established pretty much a significant proportion of the voting MNB Readers want the Nokia 808 PureView, the next decision to make is which colour. We haven’t seen that many comparisons yet for actual pics, but here are the press ones. As you can see, they display the curve edge of the screen. Sometimes, the way the light bounces off the glass makes it seem like there’s a raised edge. The more I’m seeing it in videos, and more pictures and more angles – the nicer it looks as I’m getting a better appreciation for the curves. The back has a bit of a Jennifer Lopez thing going on there. I’m guessing, based on the tweets and feedback, this is one of those phones that looks much better in person.

Anyway, we’re not here for the design so much but for the colour choice. The colour scheme is newspaper – black, white and read all over :p. (Oh dear :p) No, we’ve got the very classics white, red and black. You could almost think of this combination as silver, red and black, a very macho, masculine. It reminds me of sporty things, speed, motorcycles, a ferrari.

The camera portion stays black, and the front of the device is black with glass overlaid. The rest of the body comes in either white, red or black.

We’ve added ‘other’ on the poll also if you’re perhaps not content with these three options. Who knows what other colours Nokia might add into the mix. Perhaps some classic nokia blue?

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  • mattnola

    Regardless of the color, the 808 looks like an N97 with the 5800s buttons. Impressive technology, though.

  • Gerii

    I’d love to see it in blue.

  • MKnowles

    I’d definitely get it white… reminds me of a stormtrooper from star wars, although I’d love to see it in classic Nokia Blue or the Orange from the N8

  • Al Pavangkanan

    I’d go white with a black case

  • mg

    Out of the available choices. definitely go with black. I don’t care for two-tone color schemes and white ends up getting dirty.

    But, if blue was available, I’d totally hit that.

  • playboy

    i would love blue..hope it cmes in tat also

  • b4b4.4l1

    My top choice isn’t here, which is Blue.

    But White could be a good alternative, as long as we can keep it clean :3

  • Ztuka

    Red is the color of love. 🙂

  • i will go with white.. 🙂

  • wakabajasi

    I would also like blue one!

    It would be great if Nokia would “tease” with let’s say 2 new colors some weeks prior to release 😉

  • Prince

    huge clash for me between white n black..

    red not possible its too kiddp