Awesome N9Apps/hacks: Nokia N9 animated wallpaper, touchless kinect like swiping and more!

| March 4, 2012 | 28 Replies

Here’s something pretty cool. I noticed it in his other video but I forgot to post about it but a separate was just uploading showing the animated wallpaper in action.

Further more it appears there is now touch free, air swiping, a bit kinect like. This reminds me of those apps for the old N95 that used to use the front camera for gestures (and later N900 that used the proximity sensor to act as an additional air button).


The rotation is slightly choppy and I do prefer seeing the swipe animation with one sliding over another. Taking cues from Lumia, the volume buttons play a part in music controls (though they do not show the controls, they’re for skipping tracks when pressed simultaneously).

This videos showcases some cool and rather impressive apps

Homecreen Settings – Allows you to lock the orientation of the screen as well as setting your homescreen background. There’s a choice of live wallpaper ‘sine wave’ or your wallpaper image

Air Ui – using gestures to control the phones functions(so far only works for gallery) without touching the screen

FM Radio – Radio app that allows you to tune into your favorite FM station 

Media Keys – allows you to control music using the volume buttons such as skipping forward or back and controlling volume



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  • Mate

    The Kinect style picture changing was available on Symbian (N82 in my case) too. I think it was from Beta Labs, but I don’t remember.

    It’s cool, but completely useless.

    • stylinred

      these are not the droids you’re looking for

      • lol


        Exactely! “You will go home, rethink your life”

        Jedi move

    • amoshydra

      Handwave by Aikon Lab?

      I am using one for my N8

  • M

    How’d you get that initial background on your phone. I wonder if there’s a way to get the background to not match the wallpaper on Home screen settings.

  • Satanlovesyou

    I can’t find fm radio app at ovi store using search.
    Can someone help me please, where can I get this app?

  • Justin

    [Borat]very nice, high five![/Borat]

  • Diego

    i just cant belive Elop killed this device with so much potential…

    • Shallor

      More tragic is that if it had remained full steam ahead*

      We would’ve received a N950 at the same time as the N9 or slightly before, & a 3rd Maemo6x device would’ve started shipping by now.
      It would’ve used the U8500 or a OMAP4-based SoC…

      Then in Jun/July the 1st Medfield phone w/real MeeGo would’ve been announced.
      The pace would’ve really started to pick up from then onwards.
      Ramping-up for ARM and x86 devices going forward.

      *i.e. harmattan team grew substantially instead of being shrunk by 75% in the past yr.

      • MeeGo/Swipe Lover

        Fuck Elop for killing MeeGo!

        • Sameer Ramesh

          He screws a good platform and also gets to have sex? What kind of justice is this? 😛

          • MeeGo/Swipe Lover

            LOL, hahaha!

  • blue787

    This is absolutely awesome man. You’ve solidify my decision to purchase a white N9 soon. This is what an OS should allow, forget 500K fart apps. Awesome N9, can’t wait to get mines. How do i get this functionality on my N9 ? what sites would i find the good stuff ?

  • masood.alkhter

    shame its dead

    • Steve

      Troll much.

  • gabriel9

    Every day we see something new for N9 and people still say it is “dead”. Please stop. 🙂
    BTW here is nice review for N9:

    • BTW the phone being reviewed in the video belongs to me !!! 😀

      • gabriel9

        🙂 Nice.
        But you should leave him to play some more time with it. He was really excited.

  • gabriel9

    Also i forgot to say, there is MeeGo tablet. Well now it is called Mer but that is not important.
    Based on this article the preorder is closed because of high demand.

    Can you say now that MeeGo is dead? 😛

  • Markus

    I believe Steven Elop should keep Meego going… Both Meego and WP7 can co-exist… I think it is greedy for Microsoft to just have one OS in the U.S… If they have variety than they will make people happy. WP7 is still a hard sell and they have already lost so many fans to it. I think to date that the N9 is the best designed phone with an amazing OS. I am willing to give WP7 a try, but I see so many amazing things being done with Meego. So I thank those who keep developing amazing apps and hacks for Meego!

  • Scott Deagan

    I’m trying to buy an N9. Can’t find a reputable seller who promises next day delivery. Might try the High Street stores on my lunch break.

  • xallapo

    hey! where can i find the media key app??? ovi store doesnt have it

  • Otto

    N9s will become the best phone one ACL becomes available!

  • ivankkolev

    nqkoi moje li da mi kaje kak da si go napravq i na moqta N9

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