Nokia 808 PureView Q&A with Product Managers Damian Dinning, Andrew Flowers and Vesa Jutila

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Nokia Connects have the transcript of the Nokia 808 PureView Q&A with Damian Dinning, Andrew Flowers and Vesa Jutila.

If you’ve been following the 808 news, then most of this will just be a refresher as opposed to new info. It’s good to hear that the 808 should be able to edit all the images/video it takes on the phone itself.

Below are the questions I thought were most interesting, but make sure you check the link out for the full Q&A.

Q: Can the amount of RAM cope with the demands of the system?

A: The RAM system on the Nokia 808 PureView is extremely powerful. In video mode, for example, the image processing pipeline handles over 1 billion pixels per second!

Q: Who makes the camera sensor?

A: The optics and lenses are co-developed by Nokia and Carl Zeiss, but not the sensor.

Q: How much more light does this oversampling get you compared to 41 mpx? How do these figures compare to the N8?

A: We don’t have final figures there yet, this is an area we are still working on. Currently the difference is significant. In daylight with full wide-angle/maximum oversampling there is no visual noise in 5mp images, yet the detail is far higher than previous devices.

Q: Would the user of the Nokia 808 still be able to make full use the video and picture editing build-in software from Symbian S3?

A: Absolutely! There’s never been a better opportunity to these editing tools. We actually have some improvements to the editing software on the Nokia 808 PureView, with a simplified video editor and an enhanced still image editor. You can also crop images directly in the full screen gallery view.

Q: Was there any specific reason Pure View was launched on Symbian over WP7?          

A: We’ve heard this question many times! This is a great example of how we’re still investing in Symbian by bringing innovation on top of that platform. But as we’ve said, you will see PureView technologies coming to future products as well.

Q: What is the name of the GPU chip?

A: We typically don’t disclose who our suppliers are of various components. What we can say though is that Nokia was one of the co-developers of the companion chip

Q: Is it possible to get RAW pictures with the 808 PureView?

A: No raw support, but it is possible to capture the full resolution images which correspond to the aspect ratio in use. You can also select a higher quality JPEG setting.

Q: What kind of capture delay is there based on the higher image size? Also is it possible to burst capture and what is the maximum burst speed?

A: You can capture continuously by holding the capture key, there’s no dedicated burst mode. Shot to shot in full resolution is similar to N8

Q: What is the shutter lag time on the 808 PureView?

A: The shutter lag is now just 0.09 seconds

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