WhatsApp Beta coming next week for Nokia N9? [community project]

| March 16, 2012 | 42 Replies

Despite the huge support from the petition, Whatsapp is not coming officially to Nokia N9 yet. But it is coming in some form as the N9 community it seems are going to port WhatsApp themselves. The Beta supposedly is going to be available next week.

Source: MeeGoExperts

Cheers Rob G for the tip!

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  1. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    It has been in the works for a while. The community project can be followed here

  2. zack says:

    Whatsapp is a paid app after a year. Will this be free since it is an official app?

    • zack says:

      I meant to say unofficial. I have been using Whatsapp on my E6 and it is very useful to communicate with my family and friends. One thing that holding me from considering N9 is the lack of Whatsapp. So will it be paid or free as it is unofficial app?

  3. baem says:

    Did whatsapp want the project become official? No! They wouldn’t.. This is community project!

  4. lovemeegoi says:

    next project viber?

  5. flyingbathtub says:

    @Zack: just have to buy the Whatsapp client once on a iDevice, that will gives you 10yrs licenese to use.

    • zack says:

      Rather than buying iDevice just to get a 10-year license I would rather buy a yearly license which is less than my lunch meal:)

    • incognito says:

      Wait, it’s a paid app (I mean on other devices)? :o

      Who the hell in his right mind would want to use that when there is already a plethora of IM protocols available for practically every platform (GTalk (and other XMPP-based IMs), Skype, Live Messenger, even ICQ/AOL/Yahoo!), including desktop availability, which are equally if not more competent and you don’t need to pay a dime for them? And it’s been like that for years.

      I still have hard time understanding why would anyone use a proprietary reinventing the wheel, let alone to pay for it. But I did sign a petition, and will support any software that appears on the N9 as I am aware some people just cannot live without those things, for whatever reason.

      • zack says:

        It is free but after a year you have to pay. I am still not paying though. Just would not mind to pay for USD0.99/year.
        It is very popular here in my country (Malaysia). The Symbian version is always on, you can’t shut it off so basically you know that your message will reach the recipient immediately. And it seems to consume less power.

        • yemko says:

          I usually close whatsapp completely using jbak taskman
          Whatsapp is listed in “All programs with rules”, by just ticking “kill by memory clean” with kill button…

      • zack says:

        To add my point. I think most Asians are getting richer and would not mind to pay:) I know people who spend money to play Facebook Zynga games!
        I think one of Apple’s contributions is affordable app. I have owned Palm, Windows Mobile and UIQ devices before and their apps were expensive. So people pirated stuff. Microsoft still charging expansive Windows but look what Apple has done for new OS upgrade.

        • incognito says:

          It has nothing to do whether people are rich or not – it’s completely mental to pay for things that you have for free, especially when free things are better and more spread, no matter how rich you are.

          And even if they were better, we should strive for standards, not proprietary solutions where with a downfall of a company/solution maker a complete market is left out in the cold. XMPP (especially the latest updates to it for scheduled package distribution etc.) is more than enough to cover pretty much anything and there are implementations of it for pretty much every platform imaginable. For free.

          • Saul says:

            I’m yet to come across a XMPP-based app that actually does the things whatsapp does.
            Have you actually used whatsapp or ebuddy*?
            I’d strongly suggest trying them…
            They’re not like the IM protocols you mentioned.
            For one it uses no un + pw it works by mobile no, & the differences don’t end there.

            I do agree with your sentiments though.
            All the whatsappp guys did was take XMPP and butcher it for their own ends.
            If there was a truly F/OSS solution to arise that had the same huge user base I’d gladly jump.

            *it’s decent on iOS/Android, but still needs more polishing on meego.

  6. erzhik says:

    Maemo community doing what they do best.

  7. Sam says:

    That link to the community is broken? Last time I read about this, I thought they had reached a stumbling block with regards to speaking to a whatsapp API guy..?

  8. maria says:

    Is been on work for weeks/months. I read it on allboutn9 http://www.allboutn9.info/2012/03/there-we-go-whatsapp-soon-on-n9.html and maemo talk. I’m so thankful to the community! Good news for N9

  9. sidharth says:

    hope Nokia makes it official for n9 in the future updates.

  10. Heron says:

    Not bad. The N9 vs Lumia 900 purchase just got a little harder.

  11. baem says:

    Btw, nitdroid alpha version going to release soon! MNB, spread this news please!! :)

  12. nabs says:

    In my country, more than 80 percent of iphone owners hack their iphones to get free(pirated) apps.

  13. lovemeegoi says:

    hope it does not consume much battery power as symbian version does! otherwise i will advise my friend to use ebuddyxms!

    how come whatsapp does not add call feature?
    and how come skype does not support push notification technology?

  14. Karan says:

    hi jay,

    the main problem i also see with whatsApp is the battery, i hope it gets sorted in the new version…

    my favourite Techdoll has something to say about Whatsapp…


  15. niloofar says:

    like it

  16. Bechara says:

    Still Waiting …;)

  17. lolo says:

    wheeeeeen ??!!!!!

  18. hamster says:

    is there a release date for whatsapp on N9 yet?

  19. Ebrahem Alandijani says:

    I believe that the establishment of the program from scratch takes time
    Why Whatsapp . Co
    Why all this insistence on the update does not work for the particular Nokia device N9

  20. Saul says:

    Getting this working nicely “unofficially” might finally be the impetus whatsapp needs to pull it’s finger out & support Maemo6x (MeeGo-Harmattan) users.

  21. lolo says:

    16 for 30
    2 weeks
    too late
    please when ?!

  22. Adrian says:

    When the fuck will it be out for the fucking Nokia N9!!!1 Its been months…for fuck sakes

    • Saul says:

      Are you dumb?
      Why would you post in ancient story to find your answer?
      If you’ve been keeping up-to-date w/MNB posts or in the thread/s at TMO.
      Then you would’ve had your answer long ago…
      Which is that it’s been out for over a freaking wk.
      And it’s been undated several times in that short time too.

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