NFC for Nokia Lumia 610?

| March 17, 2012 | 10 Replies

Oh Hurrah! The Nokia Lumia 610, the most affordable of all Lumias (well launch price anyway) could have NFC.

NFC is Near Field Communication – quick communication when brought in close proximity. This is one of the geeky features, which we have said before, might actually be very beneficial to the newbies if you consider some of the ways this could be implemented to simplify basic tasks – such as pairing a bluetooth device. No settings, just tap.

Nokia has demonstrated other capabilities of this before – quick business card sharing, ordering taxis, getting store offers, unlocking game levels, accessing the wifi connection (tapping the router or a card with that info), mobile payments from your bank, instant profile changing and so much more. This is something that would probably have a greater chance of being more widely used by the consumer than say, USB OTG.

Elop had hinted before that Nokia would be bringing NFC to Lumia (as well as other things, such as Front cams, which is now present in the 900).

Found on the benchmarking app for WP7, WMPoweruser reports that the Lumia 610 is listed with NFC label. It might be highly unlikely that there’ll be some secret NFC chips (aka C7) in the 710/800 as those have been disassembled and apparently reveal nothing on that regard.

Perhaps if NFC is planned for Lumia, they should give it a more catchy meaningful name. S.E. named NFC as ‘smart-tags’. I’m sure Nokia would be able to come up with something more exciting and meaningful. Nokia PureLink? lol. Just add pure to stuff.

Source: WMPU

Cheers twig for the heads up!


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