Nokia Creative Studio Released for Lumia Phones (Panorama & Image Editor) + Review

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Nokia JUST released (today or yesterday I believe) an awesome new app for Lumia phones called ‘Creative Studio’ this app brings the much awaited Panoramic Imaging function as well as a bunch of other cool features to Nokia WPs.

The app includes some of the usual face warp features (alien, megasmile, ultra chin…) as well as some of the normal filters we’ve gotten used to- Cartoon, sketch, tilt focus… (none of the stuff you’d actually use in everyday life; but normal instagram editing options).

The Panorama part was what I liked best- the image quality doesn’t seem to have suffered to much (keep in mind this is the 800 not an N8 or 808)- but most importantly it didn’t take 3 hours to stitch the image together (I’m looking at you Nokia Panorama for Symbian); in fact the stitching was almost immediate. The one downside in the panorama app itself is that the maximum number of images that can be stitched together is 4; so that’s going to limit your creativity a bit.

(Don’t even ask why I had a drawing of Spongebob on my desk)

Test sample:

I'm quite proud of myself for this one- so go ahead and view in full size awesomeness

My only issue with the app as a whole is when capturing images with custom filters (like cartoon mode) there is a noticeable lag gap between the camera viewfinder and the actual image your looking it (like early Symbian phones)- I assume this is because it’s loading the filters ontop of the actual camera process but I think it could be smoother.

Some of the available filters on Creative Studio

Absolutely the coolest picture-taking, editing and sharing app, and it’s only available on your Nokia Windows Phone! Turn your snaps into great photos using a host of gorgeous effects and editing tools. Patented technology enables blazing fast, live, in camera effects so you won’t have to wait to see your pictures. You can even effortlessly create awesome panorama shots! Share your personalized pictures directly with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.


Sketch mode on the Creative Studio

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this app is mobile Photoshop because it’s obviously not. but if anyone uses Picasa on their computer this gives you about as much functionality and possibly even more (direct uploads to Flickr is always a bonus).

This is what a REAL football looks like - In cartoon mode

More Cartoon Mode Magic on the N8

Nokia Creative Studio is a LUMIA PHONE ONLY app (more reasons to buy Nokias) but for some reason it hasn’t been grouped under Nokia collection on the store yet- You can either search for Nokia Corporation on the marketplace or Just scan the QR code below to go directly to it (neat huh)




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